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Audio visual

Acrobat Reader
Software that can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet to open files with graphics.

Across the Board
Includes everything; inclusive

Americans with Disabilities Act U.S. legislation passed in 1992 requiring public buildings to make adjustments meeting minimum standards to make their facilities accessible to individuals with physical disabilities.

Advanced deposit
Requirement by some hotels to receive full or partial payment in advance.

Sub-group holding a block of rooms or event in conjunction with the main meeting or convention.

Third party or meeting planning company that conducts business on behalf of the end user group.

Air walls
Moveable barriers that partition large meeting rooms into several smaller meeting rooms. May be sound resistant, but not totally sound proof.

Airport Property
Hotel located in proximity to an airport.

Space between sets of tables, chairs, or booths/stands to allow passage of attendees. Also referred to as: Gangway.

All Space Hold
All function space reserved for one client.

A requested number of rooms, for a specific period of time, at a particular hotel, that a leisure operator's group intends to occupy.

American Plan
A hotel rate that includes a bed and three meals.

Ancillary Conference Center
A readily identifiable conference center located within the physical plant of larger hotels and resorts.

An organized group of individuals and/or companies who band together to accomplish a common purpose, usually to provide for the needs of its members.

Negative difference between contracted block of guestrooms and number of rooms consumed.

Audience Left or Right
Directions relative to stage positions from the audience perspective reverse of stage left or right.

Auditorium Set Up
Chairs set in rows facing a stage, head table or speaker. Also referred to as Theater Set Up

Authorized Signature
Signature(s) of individual(s) who have the authority to charge items to a master account for a function or program.

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