Price Match Guarantee

If you find a lower qualified price on another booking site, we’ll match it and give you 25% off your stay. Submit your claim before you book or within 24 hours after you’ve made your reservation through an official Hilton booking channel.

This form cannot be used for claims submitted the day before or day of arrival. To submit those claims you must contact us by phone.

Start a claim with a current reservation

All fields are required unless marked optional.
If you don't know your confirmation number or can't find your reservation, request a call from customer support, Opens new window.

Start a claim without a reservation

We will try to independently validate your claim within 24 hours after you submit a claim. If approved you have 24 hours to confirm/decline the tentative reservation. If we do not receive a confirmation email response from you within 24 hours, your tentative reservation is subject to cancellation.

Once confirmed, you must add/modify a payment method to complete the reservation, this can be done through your Hilton Honors account or by retrieving your reservation at IF no confirmation response is received within 24 hours and credit card information is not added or modified as requested, the tentative reservation is subject to cancellation.

We cannot tentatively book a non-refundable rate until we receive verbal approval that you accept the price match. Our contact center will attempt to call you (up to 2 times/24 hours) to obtain approval and provide next steps. Non-Refundable rate claims are subject to sold out scenarios.