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King Hussein bin Talal Convention Centre managed by Hilton

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Meetings and events

We’re the largest convention center in Jordan, with over 27 meeting spaces spread over three floors. We can accommodate conferences with up to 3,000 guests, large exhibitions, and business meetings. You’ll have access to WiFi, audiovisual systems, and translation services.

  • Total event space
    21,936sq. m.
  • Largest room setup
    8,261sq. m.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms

Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
PhiladelphiaSquare Meters: 2,54715003000180300015003000120
Dead Sea Hall 1+2Square Meters: 625400700-700-700-
Mount Nebo Hall 1+2Square Meters: 308180390-390-390-
Wadi Rum Hall 1+2Square Meters: 308180390-390-390-
Dead Sea Hall 1Square Meters: 3072003004230018030060
Dead Sea Hall 2Square Meters: 3072003004230018030060
Petra Hall 1+2Square Meters: 232180280-280-280-
Al-Harannah Hall 2Square Meters: 193110120541207212042
Al-Harannah Hall 1Square Meters: 174120140541407214042
Mount Nebo Hall 1Square Meters: 1528015018806015039
Mount Nebo Hall 2Square Meters: 1528015048806015039
Wadi Rum Hall 1Square Meters: 1528015048806015039
Wadi Rum Hall 2Square Meters: 1528015048806015039
Al-Harannah Hall 5Square Meters: 137801405414012014045
Pella VIPSquare Meters: 1288010048807210042
Petra Hall 1Square Meters: 11660100421006010033
Petra Hall 2Square Meters: 11660100421006010033
AqabaSquare Meters: 10750603660366027
Mou'taSquare Meters: 9350703680427030
Al-Harannah Hall 4Square Meters: 9140482448484818
Al-Harannah Hall 6Square Meters: 9150904290729036
Azraq VIPSquare Meters: 7240502440485018
Al-Harannah Hall 3Square Meters: 5930803650188033
YarmoukSquare Meters: 5320402440244018
Ayla VIPSquare Meters: 5130322430243218
AmraSquare Meters: 4020301830183015
JerashSquare Meters: 4020301830183015
Um QaissSquare Meters: 4020301830183015
Afra VIP 1Square Meters: 22101010109109
Afra VIP 2Square Meters: 22101010109109
Lobby Sea FloorSquare Meters: 8,261---700---
Lobby Ground FloorSquare Meters: 8,261-----700-
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