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Hilton Atlanta

Upper Courtyard Setup for an Event in the Evening
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Meetings and events

Our convention hotel houses an extensive exhibition space, two ballrooms, breakout rooms, and pre-function areas, ideal for everything from small meetings to large conventions. Work with event professionals to configure the perfect venue and arrange personalized catering.

  • Total event space
    131,730sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    38,976sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms

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Event Space Floor Plans

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Capacity Chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.
Event Room NameBanquetConferenceReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
GALLERIA EXHIBIT HALL*Square Feet: 38,9761400-2000---
GRAND BALLROOM*Square Feet: 19,5751380-180011401914-
SALON*Square Feet: 17,0001120-160010201656-
EAST AND CORRIDOR*Square Feet: 11,890770-12005401092-
WEST AND CORRIDOR*Square Feet: 11,600770-12005401092-
GRAND BALLROOM EAST*Square Feet: 7,975540-750360702-
GRAND BALLROOM WEST*Square Feet: 7,685540-750360702-
SALON EAST*Square Feet: 7,081560-750510828-
SALON WEST*Square Feet: 7,081560-750510828-
301-302-303-304-305*Square Feet: 5,987410105550218370-
Galleria 5-6-7*Square Feet: 5,987520-690348570-
302-303-304-305*Square Feet: 5,13635090470186310-
301-302-303-304*Square Feet: 4,83532090445186310-
GRAND BALLROOM A*Square Feet: 4,73022046350210351-
GRAND BALLROOM D*Square Feet: 4,55822046350210351-
Galleria 2-3*Square Feet: 4,34936072400210450-
CRYSTAL BALLROOM*Square Feet: 4,180280-350186400-
302-303-304*Square Feet: 3,98426072365132250-
GRAND BALLROOM CORRIDOR*Square Feet: 3,915220-350180406-
303-304-305*Square Feet: 3,69627072340143220-
204-205-206-207*Square Feet: 3,58527090350174350-
301-302-303*Square Feet: 3,39523072315132210-
208-209-210-211*Square Feet: 3,32027090340168340-
GRAND BALLROOM B*Square Feet: 3,24522046350210351-
GRAND BALLROOM C*Square Feet: 3,12722046350210351-
Galleria 6-7*Square Feet: 3,10924072340135260-
GALLERIA 5*Square Feet: 2,86026048287180300-
204-205-206*Square Feet: 2,82022072280144280-
GALLERIA 2*Square Feet: 2,75022042276123270-
212-213-214*Square Feet: 2,61021072280144280-
GALLERIA 4*Square Feet: 2,60023060267152272-
309-310-311-312*Square Feet: 2,59419080265138260-
304-305*Square Feet: 2,59218054235132190-
CRYSTAL ABEF*Square Feet: 2,58518093230144263-
CRYSTAL BCDE*Square Feet: 2,58218078240126268-
209-210-211*Square Feet: 2,58022072270138270-
205-206-207*Square Feet: 2,54519072240114240-
302-303*Square Feet: 2,5441705423584190-
303-304*Square Feet: 2,5441805423584190-
GALLERIA 1*Square Feet: 2,49620030240120240-
208-209-210*Square Feet: 2,36019072230108230-
301-302*Square Feet: 2,2911405421097170-
309-310-311*Square Feet: 1,98015060205108205-
CRYSTAL ABC*Square Feet: 1,95014063200-209-
310-311-312*Square Feet: 1,94814060200102195-
204-205*Square Feet: 1,8751505419099190-
205-206*Square Feet: 1,7801405417084170-
210-211*Square Feet: 1,7761605419099190-
212-213*Square Feet: 1,7601505419099190-
206-207*Square Feet: 1,7101205216085160-
GALLERIA 6*Square Feet: 1,6721103616069144-
GALLERIA 8*Square Feet: 1,6381003010078174-
209-210*Square Feet: 1,6201405416078160-
213-214*Square Feet: 1,6001405617084170-
GALLERIA 3*Square Feet: 1,5961203615890130-
208-209*Square Feet: 1,5501205215069150-
CRYSTAL AF*Square Feet: 1,5401005515590150-
CRYSTAL CD*Square Feet: 1,5371004015572160-
GALLERIA 7*Square Feet: 1,5121103615069120-
Function Room 302*Square Feet: 1,44080401306912032
Function Room 304*Square Feet: 1,44090401306912032
406-407*Square Feet: 1,353904011563115-
404-405*Square Feet: 1,352904011563115-
310-311*Square Feet: 1,3341004014072140-
309-310*Square Feet: 1,3131004013572135-
313-314*Square Feet: 1,2981004013072130-
311-312*Square Feet: 1,281804012066125-
401-402*Square Feet: 1,250904011563115-
CRYSTAL BC*Square Feet: 1,222903812566134-
CRYSTAL AB*Square Feet: 1,219904312575129-
Function Room 303*Square Feet: 1,15290401056611032
Function Room 305*Square Feet: 1,15290401056611032
Function Room 202*Square Feet: 1,125804013066130-
Function Room 219*Square Feet: 1,121803614048110-
CRYSTAL BE*Square Feet: 1,045803811054104-
Function Room 220*Square Feet: 1,045803612048110-
Function Room 203*Square Feet: 1,040803411060110-
Function Room 204*Square Feet: 1,040803411060110-
Function Room 217*Square Feet: 1,014803012060110-
Function Room 222*Square Feet: 1,014803012060110-
Function Room 215*Square Feet: 988803610048110-
Function Room 224*Square Feet: 988803610048110-
Function Room 207*Square Feet: 9754024703070-
Function Room 211*Square Feet: 960803411060110-
Function Room 212*Square Feet: 950603411060110-
Function Room 206*Square Feet: 9454028904590-
Function Room 216*Square Feet: 920803011060105-
Function Room 218*Square Feet: 920803011060105-
Function Room 221*Square Feet: 920803011060105-
Function Room 223*Square Feet: 920803011060105-
Function Room 209*Square Feet: 9187028803980-
Function Room 210*Square Feet: 9188028803980-
Function Room 301*Square Feet: 851603480519024
Function Room 208*Square Feet: 8507024703070-
Function Room 214*Square Feet: 8507028904590-
Function Room 205*Square Feet: 8376028803980-
CRYSTAL BALLROOM D*Square Feet: 812502075368018
CRYSTAL BALLROOM F*Square Feet: 8125030754580-
Function Room 213*Square Feet: 8106028803980-
CRYSTAL BALLROOM A*Square Feet: 7285025754575-
CRYSTAL BALLROOM C*Square Feet: 7285020753680-
Function Room 404*Square Feet: 728402480338018
Function Room 406*Square Feet: 728402480338018
Function Room 402*Square Feet: 675502475337518
Function Room 403*Square Feet: 675502475337518
Function Room 313*Square Feet: 6505020653665-
Function Room 314*Square Feet: 6505020653665-
Function Room 310*Square Feet: 6485020703670-
Function Room 311*Square Feet: 6485020703670-
Function Room 309*Square Feet: 6245020653665-
Function Room 312*Square Feet: 6243020503055-
Function Room 405*Square Feet: 624402470337018
Function Room 407*Square Feet: 624402470337018
Function Room 306*Square Feet: 598402650275018
Function Room 307*Square Feet: 598402650275018
Function Room 308*Square Feet: 598402650265018
Function Room 401*Square Feet: 575402465306518
CRYSTAL BALLROOM E*Square Feet: 551402050-54-
CRYSTAL BALLROOM B*Square Feet: 4944018503054-
Function Room 315*Square Feet: 875-24--24-
Executive Boardroom*Square Feet: 864-16----

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