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Waldorf Astoria Spa

Discover a sanctuary inside our spacious yet tranquil spa. Spanning two floors with 15,000 sq. ft., the spa is home to premium amenities including vitality pools, dry saunas, steam rooms, and relaxation lounges. We welcome individuals and couples to indulge in our collection of treatments including massages, body wraps, and wellness experiences.


10 am – 6 pm




Scrubs & wraps




Sports recovery


Spa Thermal Facilities

Saunas and baths

Take part in a centuries-old tradition when you slide into one of our warm, bubbling soaking tubs. Enjoy a quiet moment inside any of our dry saunas, or head to the steam rooms for extra humidity.

Spa Treatment Room

Relaxation room

Unfold into a sense of calm while we prepare your bath, or relax after a massage to savor its after-effects.


Elevate your full-body massage with hot stones and deep pressure. Body scrubs polish the skin’s surface, revealing a healthy glow. Our facials infuse moisture to restore natural luminosity.


For a complete wellness experience, join us for spa workshops and activities. Sign up for candlelit yoga, schedule a themed spa day, and more.

Fitness center

Indoor Pool

Indoor pool

Fitness Room

Yoga studio

Fitness Center Equipment

Gym equipment


Zents signature massage

This full-body massage is tailored to your needs using a mixture of light to deep pressures. Easing areas of tension with targeted techniques, de-stressing the mind with the scents of evergreen, pink pepper, and juniper. An application of magnesium allows muscles to recover and restore peak performance.
50 mins. $185+ / 80 mins. $280+ / 100 mins. $380+

The pregnant peach

A comforting body massage that has been carefully designed for our expectant guests to aid in relaxation and the tonicity of the skin during this special time. Available to book after 13 weeks of pregnancy.
50 mins. $190+ / 80 mins. $285+

Lymphatic leg therapy

Reconnect with your roots with our grounding foot treatment; a combination of hot towels, mountain pine and evergreen oils alleviate aches. An invigorating foot scrub, focused massage on your calves and ankles, and trigger point therapy releases tension throughout your body.
50 mins. $175+

Massage enhancements

Zents CBD treatment. RAD deep tissue. Hot stones. Keratin infusion boots. Dry brushing.


The garden

Relax in our luxurious Magnolia Suite during this indulgent time for two. Enjoy a sumptuous aromatic bath in your private soaking tub, perfumed with a veritable rose garden, while sipping champagne and enjoying a selection of chocolates and fruit. Followed by relaxing aromatherapy massages tailored to your individual needs.
80 mins. $600+

The bouquet

An invigorating back scrub followed by a customized pressure massage, you will be swept away by the aroma of a thousand roses as you enjoy this beautiful sensory bouquet. A mix of rose and geraniums, this sweet floral fills the air with the scent of romance.
50 mins. $430+ / 80 mins. $600 / 100 mins. $800+

Couples CBD bath

A relaxing bath for two, with a CBD bath bomb, epsom salts, and a relaxing scent. Enjoy using a dry brush on each other, while sipping champagne in our soaking tub.
30 mins. $255+


Forest therapy

Inspired by shirin-yoku (forest bathing), drift away into nature with our specialized. herbal poultice designed for its anti-inflammatory properties, made from native Georgia herbs, such as St. John's wort, comfrey, rosemary, and mint. This heated poultice is soaked in warm oil and used in a gentle pressure along your body, gliding and tapping away your cares. A heated mud mask is applied to the back to draw out toxins from modern stress and a UV lamp is used to give you the benefits of true daylight.
105 mins. $395+

Zents elemental journey

Treat your skin like Georgian royalty- a body brushing to encourage circulation of the lymphatic system, followed by a sea salt body scrub to exfoliate the skin; prepares you for a comforting massage with whipped peach body butter for a hydrating finish with a delicate scent.
105 mins. $395+

Enhanced sleep

Realign your circadian rhythms and enjoy deep, peaceful sleep- free from stress. Starting with an inhalation ritual to increase your oxygenation, flow into bliss with this light touch massage, soothing away stress and anxiety. Vetiver, sandalwood, and chamomile cast a gentle spell to lull you into deep rest. Perfect as an evening service, followed by a cup of chamomile tea.
75 mins. $285+

Luma lift body sculpt

A luscious body experience, that will instantly firm and brighten. Dry brushing prepares your body to welcome kombucha and sorghum, as they work in tightening and contouring your skin to a healthy glow. A light massage will lull your body, while drenching it with vitamin c, to give you the complexion your skin has craved. Wrapped in a lemon verbena silk mask, and cocooned in complete warmth, you will emerge with all your senses feeling refreshed and a body you can't wait to show off.
75 mins. $320+

Wellness packages

Ultimate zen*

Enjoy an entire day grounded at our spa. includes a 50-min. signature massage and 50-min. custom facial.
120 mins. $333+

Ultimate glow*

The perfect pick-me-up or a quick getaway. Includes 100-min. elemental journey and 50-min. deluxe HydraFacial.
180 mins. $612+

*Each package includes your choice of massage enhancement, up to four hours of spa access, a glass of champagne, and free valet parking.



A resurfacing and anti-aging facial utilizing Hydradermabrasion technology, this facial benefits all skin types by improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, hyper-pigmentation, congested pores and uneven skin tone. Our Deluxe treatment includes a thorough exfoliation, extractions, LED therapy and exceptional hydration through antioxidant, peptide and hyaluronic acid infusions.
50 min. $275+


All-encompassing facial with an intensive anti-aging focus. The Platinum not only focuses on retexturing your skin, it also includes a lymph drainage massage to relieve puffiness and support toxin elimination, as well as an exclusive hand treatment to combat the signs of aging.
80 mins. $350+

Auteur luxe

This high-performance facial utilizes high-active AUTEUR formulas to reset, recharge and regenerate the skin's function and appearance. This customized hands-on facial enhances and promotes the long-term health and vitality of the skin. Emerge recharged, revitalized, and visibly sculpted.
50 mins. $210+ / 80 mins. $240+

Vitamin C glow

Supercharge your skin with Vitamin C - nature's most potent- and proven- skin brightening treatment. Combined with our signature Alpha-Beta peel system, this facial is designed to combat environmental damage, and restore luminosity for brighter skin.
50 mins. $185+

Hyaluronic marine hydration

Replenish hydration with this ultra-hydrating facial that gives skin an instantly plumped, smoother appearance. Includes Dr. Gross's signature Alpha-beta Professional Peel.
50 mins. 185+

Facial enhancements

Knesko eye, lip, or face mask. Knesko lip or eye perk. Keratin infused boots or gloves. NuFace micro current. Light therapy.

Body treatments

Zents elemental scrub

Listen to vour body and choose from three distinct sensory experiences: sun, water, or earth. This full-body polish exfoliates your skin using a mixture of fine sea salt and sugar. An application of intensely hydrating butter nourishes, leaving you silky smooth.
50 mins. $185+
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