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We're opening in January 2024, but aren't accepting reservations yet.

Signia by Hilton Atlanta Georgia World Congress Center

Event space with banquet tables setup
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Meetings and events

Across four floors and our 13,000 sq. ft. Magnolia Green outdoor space, we offer event areas customizable for everything from small gatherings to conferences. We are available to help plan your function with catering, technology and all the important details.

  • Total event space
    141,842sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    76,340sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms

Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Triumph Pre-Function ALLSquare Feet: 76,340942--1300---
Triumph BallroomSquare Feet: 41,087285054102460028804578102
Georgia BallroomSquare Feet: 34,9451640--293013862160-
Georgia Ballroom 1-2Square Feet: 24,4021100--21108821476-
Georgia Ballroom 2-3Square Feet: 24,0701100--21108821476-
Triumph Ballroom EFGHSquare Feet: 15,385105054102180010201804102
Georgia Ballroom Section 2Square Feet: 13,195560--1290528945-
Triumph Ballroom EFGSquare Feet: 11,5607705410213007201312102
Triumph Ballroom FGHSquare Feet: 11,305770541021300720127102
Triumph Ballroom ABCDSquare Feet: 11,0416005410212506931247102
Triumph Ballroom IJKLSquare Feet: 10,8606005410212506931204105
Triumph Ballroom Pre-Function I-LSquare Feet: 9,59290--450---
Georgia Ballroom Section 3Square Feet: 9,375460--800405680-
Georgia Ballroom Section 1Square Feet: 9,250460--800405680-
Triumph Ballroom ABCSquare Feet: 8,29644054102950502899102
Triumph Ballroom IJKSquare Feet: 8,16044054102950504896105
Triumph Ballroom BCDSquare Feet: 8,11344054102950482870102
Dream BallroomSquare Feet: 8,08344054102840459816105
Triumph Ballroom JKLSquare Feet: 7,98044054102950423840105
Triumph Ballroom EFSquare Feet: 7,82049054102850450820102
Triumph Ballroom GHSquare Feet: 7,56549054-850450820102
Triumph Ballroom ABSquare Feet: 5,61228054102600315580102
Triumph Ballroom IJSquare Feet: 5,5202805410260031556099
Dream Ballroom 1-2Square Feet: 5,4872805410253032450499
Triumph Ballroom CDSquare Feet: 5,4292805410260031558096
Dream Ballroom 2-3Square Feet: 5,4282805410253032450499
Triumph Ballroom BCSquare Feet: 5,3682805410260031555196
Triumph Ballroom KLSquare Feet: 5,3402805410260031556093
Triumph Ballroom JKSquare Feet: 5,2802805410260031553293
Dream Ballroom Pre-Function 123Square Feet: 4,39322012-450---
Triumph Ballroom ESquare Feet: 3,995210-9035018032881
Triumph Ballroom HSquare Feet: 3,825210549035019832881
Triumph Ballroom FSquare Feet: 3,740210549030015028781
Triumph Ballroom GSquare Feet: 3,740210549030015028781
Magnificent 2Square Feet: 3,015100546625010520348
Dream Ballroom 2Square Feet: 2,891120486628016224057
Triumph Ballroom ASquare Feet: 2,867120306625010519651
Triumph Ballroom ISquare Feet: 2,820120366625012622451
Triumph Ballroom JSquare Feet: 2,820120366625012622451
Triumph Ballroom DSquare Feet: 2,745120306625010519641
Triumph Ballroom LSquare Feet: 2,700120486625012622457
Triumph Ballroom BSquare Feet: 2,684120306625010519651
Triumph Ballroom CSquare Feet: 2,684120486625010519657
Triumph Ballroom KSquare Feet: 2,640120486625010519657
Dream Ballroom 1Square Feet: 2,596120486626010821657
Magnificent 3Square Feet: 2,574100546625014423260
Magnificent 1Square Feet: 2,546100547225012621060
Dream Ballroom 3Square Feet: 2,537120486626010821657
Dream Ballroom Pre-Function 1Square Feet: 2,241140--200---
Magnificent Rooms 2 C-DSquare Feet: 1,506505460-7211254
Magnificent Rooms 2 B-DSquare Feet: 1,505603036-639930
Magnificent Rooms 2 A-CSquare Feet: 1,440603042-639039
Magnificent Rooms 2 A-BSquare Feet: 1,439505454-7211251
Peace Rooms 3-4Square Feet: 1,300403642-548842
Magnificent 3BSquare Feet: 1,2954024361205410427
Magnificent 1BSquare Feet: 1,260402436100548427
Magnificent 1ASquare Feet: 1,178402436100548427
Magnificent 3ASquare Feet: 1,170402430100548030
Magnificent 6Square Feet: 1,131202430100548030
Magnificent 4Square Feet: 962202430100547024
Magnificent 5Square Feet: 962202430100547024
Magnificent 7Square Feet: 962202430100548024
Peace 5Square Feet: 8513024--365621
Peace 2Square Feet: 780201818-274415
Magnificent 2DSquare Feet: 77020242450273024
Peace 1Square Feet: 754201812-274015
Magnificent 2CSquare Feet: 73620243050273030
Magnificent 2BSquare Feet: 73520241850272021
Magnificent 8Square Feet: 72520181850274021
Magnificent 2ASquare Feet: 70420242450273021
Peace 3Square Feet: 650201218-273618
Peace 4Square Feet: 650201218-273618
Magnificent 9Square Feet: 62420121850274021
Heritage Lounge 1Square Feet: 552301218-183218
Lightning BoardroomSquare Feet: 1,134-30-----
Washington Park BoardroomSquare Feet: 638-18-----
Mount Vernon BoardroomSquare Feet: 528-12-----
Georgia Ballroom + GalleriaSquare Feet: 67,177---5000---
Event LawnSquare Feet: 19,200---500---
Event DeckSquare Feet: 15,870---1050---
Triumph Ballroom Pre-Function A-DSquare Feet: 11,470---800---
Triumph Ballroom Pre-Function AEISquare Feet: 8,584---750---
Pool DeckSquare Feet: 8,051---500---
Heritage Lounge 3Square Feet: 784---1---
Lightning Boardroom Foyer 2Square Feet: 690---50---
Lightning Boardroom Foyer 1Square Feet: 325---20---
Peace Rooms 1-2Square Feet: 1,534----6090-

Outdoor Deck with City Views

Guests will enjoy city views from our refreshing pool lounge, expansive bar, and 11,200 square foot event deck.

 Outdoor Pool at Highball Restaurant