Chef Richard Sandoval presents a Latin American menu brimming with seafood, steak, and spices. Take a tour of Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and beyond — sampling adventurous dishes that celebrate each country’s unique dining culture.


Open 7 – 11.30 pm

Closed Monday

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Latin American Cuisine

Order ceviche and starters to share with the table or take a seat at the bar for a craft cocktail.

Savour grilled steaks, fresh seafood, and crisp salads for dinner.

Join us for social hours, ladies’ night, live music, and more.



For the table

Smoked guacamole

Mexican mashed avocado and tortilla chips
V, G

Ceviche & tiraditos


Tuna nikkei, clasico ceviche, avocado tiradito, flame salmon, and beetroot salad
S, D, G, N

Clasico ceviche*

Sea bass, leche de tigre, cancha, and sweet potato

Seafood ceviche

Prawns, scallops, calamari, red onion, cancha, and aji amarillo leche de tigre
S, D

Tuna nikkei*

Soy sauce, sesame oil, spring onion, chili chimichurri, and white radish

Avocado tiradito

Cucumber, yuzu, soy sauce, virgin olive oil caviar, and cilantro
V, G

Sushi rolls

Flamed salmon*

Avocado, asparagus, tobiko, and chipotle mayonnaise


Beetroot salad

Goat's cheese, candied pecans, and sherry vinaigrette
V, D, N

Tamarind salad

Vermicelli, crispy onion, crispy garlic, rocoto tamarind dressing, grapefruit, mint, and basil
G, N


Fish tacos

King fish tempura, dynamite sauce, lemon jelly, and fennel salad
G, D

Crispy prawns

Panko breaded prawns, passion fruit sauce, arugula, mango, and red chili
S, D, G, N


Venezuelan sweet corn pancake, halloumi cheese, and sour cream
V, D, G

Lomo saltado empanada

Homemade pastry, sauteed beef tenderloin, and mozzarella cheese
S, D, G

Beef filet "anticucho" skewer*

Mirasol chilli, roasted corn, and halloumi cheese

Chef specialties

Salmon escabeche

Espesado-choclo, red onion, yellow chilli, coriander, and achiote oil

Beef cheeks

Eight-hour braised, purple corn, non-alcoholic red wine, and creamy polenta
D, G

Lomo saltado

Beef tenderloin, soy, red onion, tomato, crispy potato, and creamy rice
S, D, G

Australian lamb chops

Mustard seeds, orange, achiote, and chimichurri
S, D, G

Tacu tacu

Peruvian rice dish, canary beans, anticuchera sauce, and sautéed vegetables

Simply grilled

All steaks are served with Argentinian chimichurri and homemade BBQ sauce

Argentinian beef ribeye*

Argentinian beef tenderloin*


Carved at your table

Grilled octopus

Peruvian style with potato salad


Tres leches

Mango sauce, passion fruit gel, berries, and coconut ice cream
D, N, G


Goat cheese ice cream and dulce de leche sauce
D, N, G

Fruit platter

Assorted seasonal sliced fruit

Ice cream / sorbet

Vanilla, coconut, chocolate, goat cheese, strawberry Sorbet: mango, raspberry, or passion fruit
D, G / V, G

(G) gluten, (V) vegetarian, (VG) vegan, (D) dairy, (S) shellfish, (N) nuts. *Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

All menus are subject to change without notice.

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