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A Spa ExperienceRedefined

Discover the beauty of our private spa in Anguilla. The rich history of our 306-year-old authentic Thai house, coupled with our luxurious spa and wellness treatments, spark the feeling of a traditional Thai experience. From the newly blossomed bougainvillea bushes to the incense, essential oils, and therapeutic serums used by our staff, Zemi Thai House Spa boasts a one-of-a-kind sensory experience.

Singular lounger and pool

Vitality Pool

Located off the beaten path, the Vitality pool acts as a secluded outdoor oasis for its visitors. Sit back and relax as you sip on one of our specialty beverages all while enjoying the tranquil sounds of the island’s essence.

The pool is heated to body temperature to help soothe tired, achy muscles. With the addition of gentle jets, the Vitality pool completely relaxes you after an afternoon at the spa. Sunbathe on one of our comfortable lounge chairs or choose to float aimlessly atop the warm water as you melt away the effects of the day’s treatments.

Spa bar area

Juice Bar at Thai House Spa

Our Zemi Beach House spa features an array of cleansing juices at our very own Juice Bar. Crafted to energize our guests, each of our raw pressed juices features organic ingredients chosen for both their flavors and health benefits.

Thai House Spa Menu

The Secrets Rituals of Zemi

This treatment begins with an aromatic bath ceremony. Soak in a personalized water bath made of therapeutic essences that deeply relax and restore physical harmony and prepare you for your massage. The Royal Thai massage was created in conjunction with Polynesian healers and inspired by authentic Lomi-Lomi movements which incorporate a combination of deep pressure and long continuous movements to focus on energy lines and support overall body function. Be prepared to achieve BLISS.
80 minutes $250

Nuad Thai Pra-Kob

The ancient skill of Nuad - Thai massage, as listed on UNESCO’s prestigious heritage list. An authentic Thai treatment with herbal poultice (lemongrass, clove, kaffir lime & camphor), including passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, muscle relief and joint tension. The experience focuses your mind, promotes relaxation and spiritual growth.
80 minutes $250

Massage Rituals

Therapeutic Well-Being

Using intuitive touch, our therapists create a custom massage in tune with your body’s individual needs of the day after completion of an intake form. This concentrated treatment has been used successfully to work with chronic pain, soft tissue strains and sport injuries. *Hot stones only available for 80 minutes session.
50 / 80 minutes $180 / $250

Five Elements

Based on the five elements – fire, wood, earth, metal and water – renew your skin’s balance using Elemental Herbology’s (therapeutic massage oil blends) products and the expertise of our skilled massage therapists, tailored precisely to your physical and emotional desires. Enhancing blood circulation and relieving everyday aches and pains. True relaxation and a wonderful experience awaits!
50 / 80 minutes $170 / $240

Balinese Timeless

Experience techniques from this time honored Balinese massage ceremony. Enjoy a soothing massage with the addition of kneading and pressure point stimulation. Balanced stretching movements that restore your body’s equilibrium. A subtle and aromatic blend of Frankincense, Mandarin, Cedar wood and Lime. Encourages deeper breathing to calm and center the mind with this balancing combination of nourishing oils to reduce stress.
50 / 80 minutes $170 / $240

Por Dee

This contouring treatment combines the “fat burning” properties of caffeine with a unique invigorating massage to fight against cellulite on the legs, stomach, hips, back and arms, resembling a firming cutaneous gymnastics session. Followed by fresh, smooth and detoxifying Algo clay.
80 minutes $250
Fit and Firm

Nuad Fathoaw

Offer your tired and irritated feet an authentic foot vacation with a treatment palette of soak, scrub, wrap with an unctuous Chinese herbal and an arnica pain relief gel, including a foot massage ritual of coziness and comfort.
50 minutes $180
Light Feet Revitalizing

Nuad Sri-Sa

A treatment focusing on the three higher “chakras” mind, body and spirit. Improving the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen throughout the upper body, leaving you balanced, serene and completely aware of your surroundings. Leave your hair glowing with hydrating brilliance organic hair mask.
50 minutes $180
Organic Head & Scalp

Kad See Cha Whee Wan

30 minutes $80
Choice of Body Polishing

Smoothing Papaya Puree

Perfect to prepare your skin for sun bathing and most suitable for your over-exposed skin, Papaya Puree a ritual of Siam that will deeply cleanse and delicately exfoliate to reveal a beautiful and healthy tropical toned skin.

Refining Aromatic Scrub

This prescriptive aromatic scrub based on a centuries old North African ritual is the perfect antidote for tired and achy muscles. Ideal for the global traveler, active athlete or those with lingering pains. The warmth is soothing and the aromatic blends are deeply relaxing.

Ko Bi Do Supreme

An ancient Japanese manual face massage. Indulge in this luxurious facial that provides an instantaneous face lift. Rare oils and botanicals are utilized to provide an aromatic escape while fine lines and wrinkles are virtually erased. Skin is left firm, dewy and luminous.
80 minutes $280
Instant Lifting Facial

Oriental Skin Perfection

Inspired by Balinese princesses and utilizing the “Flowers of the Supreme Gods;” this facial offers a deep pore cleansing treatment with natural AHA fruit acids that gently exfoliate the skin resulting in a clear, radiant complexion. Facial skin is left perfectly balanced and purified. Imperfections are treated and a glowing skin is revealed.
50 minutes $160
Renewal Facial

The Ultimate Express

A 30 minute purifying facial for those with little time, but great need for a radiant skin ready for that special event or engagement. A deep pore cleansing, mask and moisture surge cream complete this express but beneficial treatment, enhanced with delicate scents of tropical flowers.
30 minutes $80
Purifying Facial

'Hammam Maghrebi'

The Moroccan Bath popularly known as 'Hammam Maghrebi' is a venerated Moroccan tradition which is practiced up to the present day where Moroccans regularly attend their local Hammams to cleanse themselves and socialize. The primary benefit of Hammam is to clean the pores of impurities using 'Beldi Black Soap' specialized mitt to remove the dry and dead skin, makes your skin absorb lotions better, applying lotions more quickly and evenly. Discover the ancient practice of Hammam detoxifying, we encourage you to choose from the different levels of this purifying traditional Moroccan ritual.


Treatment 1: Hot sauna Hammam, followed by a full body cleanse of North African beldi black olive soap. Finally, the body skin is expertly exfoliated with a natural cellulose Kassa glove to reveal a soft and satin smooth skin. An application of body oil completes.
30 minutes $90


Treatment 2: Enjoy all the benefits of treatment 1 and indulge in a full body Rhassoul clay mask that deeply purifies while drawing out toxins. An application of an exotic blend of traditional Moroccan oils offers a moisture surge and satin smooth body skin.
60 minutes $170
Hammam and Mud


Treatment 3: Enjoy all the benefits of treatment 1 and 2 and receive a sensational North African massage. Utilizing long stroke movements and lymphatic drainage techniques. Escape to bliss while the body is deeply detoxified and mind-body balance occurs.
1 hour 50 minutes $290
Hammam, Mud and Massage

Essence of Siam

Includes: Meditation, Papaya Puree Body Scrub, Nuad Thai Pra Kob Massage A beautiful ritual incorporating natural elements of Thailand. Enhance self-awareness and tranquility of mind through the process of meditation. A tropical Papaya Puree polish that deeply cleanses and tones your skin prior to a traditional Thai massage. An herbal compress releases the essential oils of the medicinal herbs, allowing them to penetrate the skin and enrich your sensual mood. Create a feeling of “Sabai” happiness, ease and balance.
1 hour 50 minutes $290

Balinese Boreh Spirit

Includes: Hatha Yoga Stretching, Body Scrub and Balinese Timeless massage An enveloping sense of well-being inspired by a traditional Balinese healing treatment. Experience a mixture of homemade “Boreh” spiced full body wrap, which will relieve your sore muscles. Complete the ceremony with a relaxing Balinese Timeless massage. A healthy Jamu quencher will be served upon conclusion of your escape.
1 hour 50 minutes $290

Ocean of Bliss for Two

Includes: Five Elements Massage and a choice of Body Polishing or The Ultimate Express Facial including Hand on Hand Massage Lesson Spark your romance with our couple’s spa experience. Begin this delightful journey with Five Elements Massage, followed with your preferred choice of body scrub or express purifying facial. This treatment is designed to encourage togetherness and valuable quality time. Finally let our caring therapists guide you through a hand on hand massage for your companion.
2 hour 20 minutes $550 - couple / $320 - single

Indulgent Touch

Includes: Dry Body Scrub, Detoxifying Body Wrap, Organic Hair Mask, Oriental Skin Perfection Facial and Classic Manicure or Pedicure An indulgent reward for that special occasion to rejuvenate and beautify. Start the journey with a dry body exfoliation and invigorating body wrap, whilst an organic hair mask is applied. Continue with an Oriental Skin Perfection Facial. A classic treatment that leaves and or feet feeling silky smooth. Includes intensive moisturizing therapy to fulfill self-love from top to toe.
3 hour $390

Add-on Rituals

*Receive any of the Add-On Spa Rituals for only $60 when booking any of our 50/80 minute treatments.

Blissful Enhancements

Enjoy a personal touch, allow our qualified therapists to take you through a perfect combination of massage techniques and treatments, focusing on your preferred areas of the body. Selected treatments include:
30 minutes $80

Papaya Purée

Aromatic Scrub

Back massage

Foot massage

Express Facial

Angel Hand Treatment

Nails Rituals

Classic Manicure

A relaxing treatment that leaves hands feeling silky smooth. Nails are cut and shaped, cuticles care, finished with a moisturizing lotion and polish.
30 minutes $60

Classic Pedicure

A relaxing treatment that leaves feet feeling silky smooth. Nails are cut and shaped, cuticles care, finished with a moisturizing lotion and polish.
45 minutes $75

Gel Couture Manicure

A perfect gel couture polish application that lasts up to fourteen days.
30 minutes $25

Gel Couture Pedicure

A perfect gel couture polish application that lasts up to fourteen days.
30 minutes $35

French Manicure

30 minutes $25

French Pedicure

Classic French pedicure for natural healthy looking nails.
30 minutes $35

Express Polish Application

Perfect for when you’re on the go. Nails are shaped, filed and buffed to perfection, and the nail polish of your choice is meticulously applied.
15 minutes $20




25 minutes $25

Upper lip

15 minutes $15

Full face

45 minutes $50

Under arm

25 minutes $35

Half arm

25 minutes $35

Full arm

35 minutes $45

Half leg

35 minutes $60

Full leg

50 minutes / $75


25 minutes $35


45 minutes $80


Shoulder & neck

35 minutes $45

Chest & stomach

45 minutes $55

Full back

50 minutes $80

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