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Hilton Stamford Hotel & Executive Meeting Center

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Meetings and events

We have over 63,000 square feet of flexible event space. Our venues include the largest ballroom in Connecticut, a garden pavilion, and our light-filled mezzanine. Our expert planners are on hand to assist with A/V, catering, and special requests. We're certified by the International Association of Conference Centers.

  • Total event space
    63,407sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    10,240sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms
Pavilion with Round Tables and Chairs Setup for Event


Choose from our pillar-free ballroom or climate-controlled pavilion for your wedding celebrations, and have your photos taken in the surrounding gardens. Our planners will help you achieve your dream day with custom menus, event décor and specialist packages for Jewish and Indian weddings.

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Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Grand BallroomSquare Feet: 10,24095016025015005751200180
The Garden PavilionSquare Feet: 7,200600110100100025080090
GroveSquare Feet: 4,64042080130500250500100
Ballroom ISquare Feet: 3,440300527645018540062
Ballroom IIISquare Feet: 3,440300527645018540062
Ballroom IISquare Feet: 3,360300527645018540062
Grove ISquare Feet: 2,784240447030017030060
Grand FoyerSquare Feet: 2,600000300000
GlenSquare Feet: 2,3241607010025012025065
Grove IISquare Feet: 1,85617538602009020050
AspenSquare Feet: 1,68010860751809015060
Grove FoyerSquare Feet: 1,296000150000
Aspen ISquare Feet: 1,1207240501206010040
WillowSquare Feet: 1,040702020100306025
ElmSquare Feet: 1,008723240805010030
Glen FoyerSquare Feet: 1,007000100000
Willow TerraceSquare Feet: 990500080000
CoveSquare Feet: 936034360365536
SpringdaleSquare Feet: 936036360366034
Glen ISquare Feet: 896602840100457525
Aspen FoyerSquare Feet: 76000080000
WatersideSquare Feet: 741024280324024
Glen IIISquare Feet: 72848203575366525
Charter Oak BoardroomSquare Feet: 70401600000
High RidgeSquare Feet: 702024280244024
Long RidgeSquare Feet: 702024280244024
Glen IISquare Feet: 70048203575366520
BelltownSquare Feet: 684018240203618
EMC Break Room ISquare Feet: 672300035000
LindenSquare Feet: 60036202550305020
Aspen IISquare Feet: 56036202560305020
EMC Break Room IISquare Feet: 550200025000
ShippanSquare Feet: 520016200122416
AlderSquare Feet: 50436182050244024
Elm ISquare Feet: 50430202040204515
Elm IISquare Feet: 50430202040204515
BedfordSquare Feet: 500016200122416
WestoverSquare Feet: 494016200122416
Cove ISquare Feet: 468016200162518
Cove IISquare Feet: 468016200162518
GlenbrookSquare Feet: 468016200163016
Springdale ISquare Feet: 468020200163018
Springdale IISquare Feet: 468020200162518
Conference IIISquare Feet: 2210800000
Conference ISquare Feet: 960400000
Conference IISquare Feet: 960400000
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