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Embassy Suites by Hilton Nashville Downtown

Mossy Ridge Meeting Room Setup Theater Style
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Meetings and events

Our ballrooms, meeting rooms, pre-function areas, and rooftop settings offer plenty of possibilities for your business and social events. Our team can assist with all the details for your memorable occasion.

  • Total event space
    35,417sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    9,372sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms

Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Meadow BallroomSquare Feet: 9,372780--9406381027-
Meadow Ballroom ABCSquare Feet: 6,248500--626424682-
Meadow Ballroom BCDSquare Feet: 6,248500--626424682179
HarmonySquare Feet: 6,028375--450---
Riverbed BallroomSquare Feet: 5,124400--513337542140
Meadow Ballroom ABSquare Feet: 4,686380--470319513-
Meadow Ballroom CDSquare Feet: 4,686380--470319513-
Riverbed Ballroom BCDSquare Feet: 4,312350--431298479123
Riverbed Ballroom ABCSquare Feet: 4,144340--412282453111
Willow Pond BallroomSquare Feet: 3,700300--373249400103
Riverbed Ballroom BCSquare Feet: 3,304270--33022836794
Meadow Ballroom ASquare Feet: 3,124250--31321434590
Meadow Ballroom BCSquare Feet: 3,124250--31321434590
Meadow Ballroom DSquare Feet: 3,124250--31321434590
Willow Pond Ballroom ABCDSquare Feet: 2,997230--30020032382
Willow Pond Ballroom BCDESquare Feet: 2,960230--30020032382
Riverbed Ballroom CDSquare Feet: 2,660220--26618429576
Riverbed Ballroom ABSquare Feet: 2,492210--24617528273
Willow Pond Ballroom BCDSquare Feet: 2,257180--22215024262
Willow Pond Ballroom CDESquare Feet: 2,257180--22215024262
Willow Pond Ballroom ABCSquare Feet: 2,220180--22215024262
Riverbed Ballroom BSquare Feet: 1,652130373716511418347
Riverbed Ballroom CSquare Feet: 1,652130373716511418347
Mossy Ridge Ballroom ABSquare Feet: 1,593130383816011017746
Meadow Ballroom BSquare Feet: 1,562130373715710516845
Meadow Ballroom CSquare Feet: 1,562130373715710516845
Willow Pond Ballroom CDSquare Feet: 1,554120373715510717244
Willow Pond Ballroom BCSquare Feet: 1,480120--14410016041
Willow Pond Ballroom DESquare Feet: 1,480120--14410016041
Willow Pond Ballroom ABSquare Feet: 1,443120343414410016041
Sweet Shrub Ballroom ABSquare Feet: 1,40411034341419615540
VistaSquare Feet: 1,1109026261107612231
Riverbed Ballroom DSquare Feet: 1,0088024241007011029
Mossy Ridge Ballroom ASquare Feet: 891701717904810026
Riverbed Ballroom ASquare Feet: 81060181881509023
Willow Pond Ballroom CSquare Feet: 77760191978548622
Willow Pond Ballroom DSquare Feet: 77760181875518221
Willow Pond Ballroom ASquare Feet: 74060181875518221
Willow Pond Ballroom BSquare Feet: 70350171770497820
Willow Pond Ballroom ESquare Feet: 70350171770497820
Mossy Ridge Ballroom BSquare Feet: 70250171770487820
Sweet Shrub Ballroom ASquare Feet: 70250171770487820
Sweet Shrub Ballroom BSquare Feet: 70250171770487817
Bluestem BoardroomSquare Feet: 594-10-----
Cheekwood BoardroomSquare Feet: 494-12-----
The Overlook RooftopSquare Feet: 6,028---250---
Riverbed/Meadow PrefunctionSquare Feet: 6,000---500---