East Lobby Lounge

Stylish drinks and infinite views over the Indian Ocean.

Afternoon tea at East Lobby Lounge

Relaxed sanctuary with ocean views

Gaze across shimmering pools from the comfort of our large east facing terrace and watch as the horizon melts into the Indian Ocean. Relax in our lobby lounge while enjoying locally inspired cocktails, wines and beers while contemplating the rising moon’s mesmerizing dance upon the waves. East is the perfect place for a rendezvous for gourmet coffees, snacks and cakes.


OPENING HOURS: 8:00 AM – 12:00 Midnight

CAPACITY: 85 Seats


Small Bite

Tuna Crostini

with sambal matah
IDR 160,000

‘Rendang’ Pita Pocket

with balado dipping
IDR 185,000

Sate “Lilit”

eggplant baba ghanoush and micro greens
IDR 180,000

Fish Fritter

with garlic aioli
IDR 165,000

BBQ Chicken Wings

with honey glazed and roasted sesame
IDR 160,000

Chicken Lollipop

with melted mozzarella and spicy cheese dipping
IDR 165,000

Goong Sarong

with thai sauce
IDR 185,000

Pork Katsu

with sambal “embe”
IDR 170,000

Upside down Beef Burger

with black pepper sauce
IDR 185,000

Vegetarian Bite

“Perkedel” Corn

fried sweet corn, chili and fried shallot
IDR 150,000

Red Bean Nachos

ratatouille and cheese topping
IDR 155,000
(v) (s)

Soto “Ayam” Tempe

In a pocket
IDR 155,000

Sweet Potato Croquette

with almond crust and coconut laksa reduction
IDR 160,000

Tahu Gejrot

deep fried soya bean curd with sweet and spicy garlic aromatic sauce
IDR 135,000

Vegetable Samosa

with coriander and mint sauce
IDR 150,000

Mix Vegetarian Skewer

tempe, tofu, eggplant, paprika and onion with sambal parape
IDR 150,000

Roasted Nuts

Spicy Cashew Nut

IDR 110,000

Sugar Cinnamon Cashew Nut

IDR 110,000

Sweet Almond

IDR 130,000

Natural Honey

IDR 240,000/300gr | IDR 490,000/900gr

Kalindra Blossom

Coffee Blossom

Multiflora Blossom

Mango Blossom

Klengkeng Blossom

Adevy Blossom

Sumba Wild Blossom

Home Made Granola

IDR 110,000/180gr | IDR 260,000/450gr


Pumpkin Seed







IDR 90,000 (Small) | IDR 210,000 (Big)

Chocolate Chips Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies

Sable Cookies

3:00 - 5:00 PM | IDR 288,000++ for two

Get a taste of tranquility over a cup of tea and various sweet delicacies followed by an array of tasty savory snacks and warm homemade scones. Choose one item per person from the beverage options.


Equil – Natural

Equil – Sparkling

Coffee and Hot Beverage



Double Espresso


Café Latte

Hazelnut Latte

Coffee Press


Vanilla Cappuccino



Organic Loose Tea

English Breakfast


Earl Grey

Green Tea Sencha

Iced Tea

Iced Lemon Tea

Iced Mint Tea

Iced Lemongrass Tea

Afternoon Tea service includes 9 pcs of sweet and 9 pcs of savory items along with 2 scones served with clotted cream and jam.


Espresso | Double Espresso | Macchiato | Piccolo Flat White | Mochaccino | Cappuccino (Regular/Hazelnut/Vanilla) | Café Latte (Regular/Hazelnut/Vanilla) | Coffee Plunger | Hot Chocolate
IDR 60, 000


Robusta Jawa

Originated from Temanggung-Central Java. Notes of dark choco-late, nutty and fresh sweet tobacco
IDR 65,000

Robusta Flores

Originated from Kalimutu - Flores. Notes of nutty, dark chocolate with sweet and salty finish
IDR 65,000


Conrad Blend

Originated from Kintamani - Bali. Medium to high acidity, strong body with notes of citrus, roasted nuts, caramel and chocolate
IDR 65,000


Arabica Brazil Cerrao

Originated from Sierra De Salitre – Brazil. Low to medium acidity, full body with green apple, brown sugar, nutty and caramel notes
IDR 65,000

Arabica Ethiopia

Originated from Yirgachefe – Ethiopia. Medium to high acidity, medium body with Floral aroma, Jasmine with undertone of berry and brown sugar notes
IDR 65,000

Arabica Gayo Longberry

Originated from kampung Bintang – Aceh Indonesia. High acidity, medium body with notes of lemon, hint of strawberry, cinnamon and cacao nib
IDR 65,000


Arabica Bali 250ML

Originated from Belantih - Bali. Natural process with Mandarin orange, apple, lychee and chocolate notes
IDR 85,000

Arabica Kerinci 250ML

Originated from Sungai Penuh - Jambi. Full wash process with lemon, cocoa, cinnamon and tea-like aftertaste notes
IDR 85,000

Arabica Flores

Originated from Bajawa - Flores. Full wash process with chocolate, hazelnut and sweet caramel notes
IDR 85,000


English breakfast tea

IDR 55,000

Black darjeeling

IDR 55,000

Pu’er tea

IDR 55,000

Earl grey

IDR 55,000

Green sencha

IDR 55,000



Cellular nutrition good for clear skin and increase energy. With organic beetroot, organic cucumber, pineapple
IDR 80,000


Height of beta-carotene acts as an antioxidant to help slow down the aging cells. With organic carrot, green apple, orange juice
IDR 80,000

Clean Green

Build lean muscle, boost energy and immunity, and bolster the body’s natural detox system. With spinach, green apple, cucumber, celery, lemon, sunflower seeds
IDR 80,000


Fresh Juice

Please ask our server for seasonal fruit availability
IDR 75,000

Chilled juice

orange, apple, cranberry, lemon, pineapple, guava, mango, soursop or tomato
IDR 65,000


blend your choice of fruit with yogurt, honey and milk. Dragon fruit / passion fruit / strawberry /mango / avocado
IDR 80,000


blend your choice of fruit with ice cream and milk. Dragon fruit / passion fruit / strawberry / mango /avocado / Bali chocolate
IDR 80,000



Immune booster with bone health, regulating blood pressure and promote healthy digestion. With spinach, mango, banana, passion fruit, lime zest, coconut water
IDR 80,000

Berry Me

Provide a good dose of nutrients and antioxidants, supporting overall health and well-being. With raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, blackberry, yogurt, orange juice
IDR 80,000

Muscle Up

Immune booster with bone health, regulating blood pressure, muscle build and promote healthy digestion. With banana, coconut meat, dates, cacao nibs, cinnamon powder, oat milk
IDR 80,000


Catur Dewata Coffee

Hilton’s F&B Master South East Asia winning creation by our very own Pande, locally inspired Balinese style! Espresso, beetroot juice, carrot juice, jicama juice, vanilla syrup, soy milk
IDR 80,000

Trip to Tabanan

Sip the coffee likes you were brought to Tabanan Arabica ‘Bali Kopi’ americano, Bedugul strawberry, mint leaves, fresh milk
IDR 80,000

Chocolate Kopi

Do you love mochaccino? Elevate your favorite with this Arabica ‘Bali Kopi’ ristretto, hazelnut cocoa spread, chocolate syrup, almond milk
IDR 80,000

Gahwa Jahe

Enjoy the warmth of coffee in a cold version with ginger Arabica ‘Bali Kopi lungo, local ginger, pineapple juice, lemon juice, tonic water
IDR 80,000


Citrus | Lemon, Lime and Orange

Energy boost and vitamin C in lemon helps alleviate stress and fight viral infections and sore throats
IDR 60,000


Originally from India and Caribbean, respected as a household remedy, for digestion problems, gastroenteritis and high fever. A refreshing, yet calming tea
IDR 60,000


Ideal for digestion problems, headaches, inhaling, treating sinusitis and promoting sleep
IDR 60,000


Disinfectant, antispasmodic and stimulates the metabolism, eases congestion
IDR 60,000


Acqua Panna 500ml

IDR 80,000

Acqua Panna 750ml

IDR 110,000

Equil Natural / Sparkling 380ml

IDR 65,000

Equil Natural / Sparkling 760ml

IDR 95,000

San Pellegrino 500ml

IDR 80,000

San Pellegrino 750ml

IDR 110,000



Enjoy the refreshing of lemon and mint iced tea. With lemon juice, peppermint tea, fresh mint leave, honey
IDR 80,000


A fruity-style iced tea for you to enjoy the sunny day. English breakfast tea, mango pure, orange juice, lychee syrup
IDR 80,000

The Iceberg

A frozen iced tea-style inspired by the iceberg. Jasmine tea, blue curacao syrup, fresh milk, white chocolate rimmed
IDR 80,000

Anggur Bali

Sweet iced tea with Alphonse Lavallée grape which is one of the successfully red grape variety grown in Bali. With earl grey tea, red grape, lemon, pandan syrup
IDR 80,000


Timun Mint Julep

Coconut water, lime juice, cucumber, mint leaves, simple syrup, homemade lemon and vanilla foam
IDR 80,000

Spicy Fizz

Pineapple juice, lemon juice, kaffir lime syrup, local green chili shrub, soda water
IDR 80,000

Coco Pandan

Homemade pandan syrup, coconut cream, pink grapefruit juice, grated coconut
IDR 80,000

Bali F-Punch

Local tangerine, mangosteen, lemon juice, passion fruit syrup, mint leave, soda water
IDR 80,000


Soft Drink

Coca Cola ǀ Coke Zero ǀ Sprite ǀ Soda Water ǀ Tonic Water
IDR 65,000

Homemade Sodas

Getting fed up with common sodas in the world? Try our unique homemade sodas
IDR 70,000

Sencha Fizz

Sencha green tea, apple juice, simple syrup, natural fizz

Ginger Beer

Local ginger, kaffir leave, lemon, palm sugar, natural fizz

Floral Lilac

Rose water, pea flower tea, lemon juice, pandan syrup natural fizz

Cocktail by the Glass


Manggis Bali

vodka, triple sec, sweet sour mix, mangosteen and mint leaf
IDR 175,000

Conrad Temptation

light rum, pineapple liqueur, banana liqueur, pineapple juice and fresh lemon juice
IDR 175,000

Strawberry Hill

gin, fresh strawberry, lemon juice, topped with soda
IDR 175,000

After Bitter

vodka, Bali kopi espresso, orange juice, lemon juice and angostura bitter
IDR 175,000

Bali Beauty

tequila, soursop juice, orange juice, lemon juice and grenadine
IDR 175,000

Mr. Doyle's Specialty

Moscow Mule

homemade ginger beer, lime and vodka
IDR 175,000

Mr. Doyle chose to celebrate his 1000th Hilton night stay with us In Conrad Bali. He became a life time diamond member and we had the honor to celebrate with him

Brewery | Bottle

Bali Hai

IDR 75,000

Bintang Pilsner

IDR 80,000

Bintang Crystal

IDR 75,000


Kura Kura Lager

IDR 115,000

Kura Kura Island Ale

IDR 115,000

Stark Pilsner 1945

IDR 95,000



IDR 95,000


IDR 85,000


IDR 85,000

Spirit | Glass / Bottle


Absolute Blue

IDR 140,000 / IDR 2,100,000

Smirnoff Red

IDR 130,000 / IDR 1,900,000


Absolute Elyx



Havana Club 3 Y.O

IDR 140,000 / IDR 2,100,000

Bacardi Light Rum

IDR 130,000 / IDR 1,900,000


Ron Zacapa Solera 23 Y.O

IDR 230,000 / IDR 3,900,000


Jose Cuervo Gold

IDR 150,000 / IDR 2,300,000

Olmeca Reposado

IDR 150,000 / IDR 2,300,000


Patron Reposado

IDR 270,000 / IDR 4,700,000

Patron Silver

IDR 260,000 / IDR 4,500,000



IDR 150,000 / IDR 2,300,000


IDR 150,000 / IDR 2,300,000

East Indies Local Craft

IDR 145,000 / IDR 2,200,000


Bombay Sapphire

IDR 170,000 / IDR 2,700,000


IDR 170,000 / IDR 2,700,000

Tanqueray No. 10

IDR 190,000 / IDR 3,100,000


Johnnie Walker Red Label

IDR 160,000 / IDR 2,500,000

Jim Beam

IDR 165,000 / IDR 2,600,000

Jack Daniel’s

IDR 220,000 / IDR 3,700,000


IDR 140,000 / IDR 2,100,000

Canadian Club

IDR 140,000 / IDR 2,100,000


Johnnie Walker Black Label

IDR 240,000 / IDR 4,100,000

Chivas Regal 18 Y.O

IDR 445,000 / IDR 8,200,000

Chivas Regal 12 Y.O

IDR 240,000 / IDR 4,100,000

Wild Turkey 8 Y.O

IDR 260,000 / IDR 4,500,000


Beehive 3 Stars

IDR 220,000 / IDR 3,200,000

St-Remy VSOP

IDR 165,000 / IDR 2,600,000


Remy Martin XO

IDR 410,000 / IDR 7,500,000

Martell VSOP

IDR 340,000 / IDR 6,100,000

Suggestive Wine By The Glass | Glass / Bottle


Wolf Blass Bilyara Chardonnay

South East, Australia
IDR 135,000 / IDR 550,000

Wairau River, Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand
IDR 180,000 / IDR 850,000

The Wolftrap White Blend

Coastal Region, South Africa
IDR 180,000 / IDR 850,000

Hatten Wine Aga White

Bali, Indonesia
IDR 90,000 / IDR 350,000


Casa Silva Grand Terroir Carmenere

Colchagu Valley, Chile
IDR 215,000 / IDR 975,000

Two Island Shiraz

Limestone Coast, Australia. Vinified in Bali, Indonesia
IDR 135,000 / IDR 550,000

Matua Pinot Noir

Marlborough , New Zealand
IDR 350,000 / IDR 1,585,000

Hatten Wine Aga Red

Bali, Indonesia
IDR 90,000 / IDR 350,000


Hatten Rosé

Bali, Indonesia
IDR 90,000 / IDR 350,000

Wairau River, Rose

Marlborough, New Zealand
IDR 850,000

Chateau d’Astros Fullmoon Rose

Cotes de Provance, France
IDR 1,250,000


Two Island Chardonnay Brut

Limestone Coast, Australia. Vinified in Bali, Indonesia
IDR 150,000 / IDR 600,000

MAN Sparkling Chenin Blanc N.V.

Western Cape, South Africa
IDR 150,000 / IDR 850,000

Freixenet Cava Reserva Vintage Brut

Cava, Spain
IDR 1,350,000

Champagne | Bottle

Larmandier Bernier

Champagne, France
IDR 2,950,000

Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial

Champagne, France
IDR 3,250,000

Nicholas Feuillate

Champagne, France
IDR 2,350,000

White Wine | Bottle


Dominique Portet Sauvignon Blanc

Yara Valley, Australia
IDR 1,100,000

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand
IDR 1,250,000

Domaine Tariquet Sauvignon Blanc

Cotes de Gascogne lG, France
IDR 775,000

Tarapaca Sauvignon Blanc

Central Valley, Chile
IDR 735,000

Marques de Riscal Sauvignon Blanc

Rueda, Spain
IDR 1,250,000


Casa Silva Grand Terroir Chardonnay

Colchagu Valley, Chile

Two Island Reserve Chardonnay

Limestone Coast, Australia. Vinified in Bali, Indonesia

Jansz Estate Splash Chardonnay

Yara Valley, Victoria

Penfolds Max’s Chardonnay

South Australia, Australia

Wolf Blass Eagle Hawk Chardonnay

South East, Australia

Beringer Chardonnay

Nappa Valley, California

Wolf Blass Yellow Label Chardonnay

South East, Australia


Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio

Veneto, Italy
IDR 950,000

Leeuwin Estate Art Series Riesling

Margaret River, Australia
IDR 1,350,000

Two Island Riesling

Limestone Coast, Australia vinified Bali, Indonesia
IDR 550,000

Vidal Fleury Cotes du Rhone Blanc

Rhone Valley, France
IDR 1,100,000

Red Wine | Bottle


Santa Cristina IGT

Toscana, Italy
IDR 950,000

Susana Balbo Benmarco Expressivo Malbec

Mendoza, Argentina
IDR 1,950,000

Two Island Cabernet Merlot

Limestone Coast, Australia vinified Bali, Indonesia
IDR 395,000

Two Island Grenache

Limestone Coast, Australia vinified Bali, Indonesia
IDR 395,000

The Chocolate Block

Coastal Region, South Africa
IDR 1,550,000

Vigneti del Salento Primitivo di Manduria Zolla

Puglia, Italy
IDR 1,250,000

Hatten Sweet Syrah

Bali, Indonesia
IDR 350,000


Château de Rolland Sauternes Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon

Bordeaux, France
IDR 1,550,000

Pino De Bali

Bali, Indonesia
IDR 600,000


Penfold Max’s Cabernet Sauvignon

South Australia, Australia
IDR 1,250,000

Two Island Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Margaret River, Australia
IDR 895,000


Wolf Blass Yellow Label Merlot

South East, Australia
IDR 720,000

Jansz Estate Naked Range Merlot

Yara Valley, Australia
IDR 1,150,000

Yalumba Y Series Merlot

South East, Australia
IDR 1,100,000


Casa Silva Grand Terroir, Shiraz

Colchagu Valley, Chile
IDR 975,000

Wolfblass Grey Label Shiraz

MacLaren Valley, Australia
IDR 1,450,000

Penfold Max’s Shiraz

South Australia, Australia
IDR 1,250,000
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