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Embassy Suites by Hilton Charleston Airport Hotel & Convention Center

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Meetings and events

Our hotel is directly connected to the Charleston Area Convention Center with event space suitable for 10 to 10,000 guests. Catering and banqueting services are available.

Ballroom C


We’re connected to Charleston Area Convention Center, the largest event space in Charleston, and can accommodate over 10,000 attendees. We specialize in association meetings and provide on-site catering.

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Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Exhibit Hall - A, B & CSquare Feet: 76,9606415007695481010990
Exhibit Hall ASquare Feet: 27,0402253002704169038630
Ballroom - A, B, C & C HallwaySquare Feet: 24,9601600002500130026000
Exhibit Hall BSquare Feet: 24,9602080000156035660
Exhibit Hall CSquare Feet: 24,9602080002496156035660
Ballroom CSquare Feet: 10,5606000010565008500
Ballroom ASquare Feet: 7,200350007503507000
Ballroom BSquare Feet: 7,200350007203507000
Ballroom C HallwaySquare Feet: 3,720000200000
Ballroom C2Square Feet: 2,73615005027415025040
Ballroom C1Square Feet: 1,99512005020010017540
Ballroom C3Square Feet: 1,99512005020010017540
Meeting Room 10&11Square Feet: 1,914100443919010818036
Meeting Room 6&7Square Feet: 1,914100443919110818036
Meeting Room 12&13Square Feet: 1,856100443918610818036
Meeting Room 8&9Square Feet: 1,856100443918510818036
Meeting Room 3Square Feet: 1,2905028361294010030
Meeting Room 1Square Feet: 1,0505028361054010030
Meeting Room 10Square Feet: 99040222299367518
Meeting Room 6Square Feet: 99040222299367518
Cooper RoomSquare Feet: 97240223080307524
Meeting Room 8Square Feet: 96040222296367518
Ideation RoomSquare Feet: 93602525025016
Wando RoomSquare Feet: 93640223080307524
Meeting Room 11Square Feet: 92440222292367518
Meeting Room 14Square Feet: 92440222292367518
Meeting Room 7Square Feet: 92440222292367518
Meeting Room 9Square Feet: 89640222290367518
Meeting Room 13Square Feet: 86440222286367518
Meeting Room 4Square Feet: 71340222270307518
Meeting Room 5Square Feet: 71340222270307518
Meeting Room 12Square Feet: 67240222299367518
Meeting Room 2Square Feet: 48002000000
Executive BoardroomSquare Feet: 34201200000
Edisto RoomSquare Feet: 3000600000