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Rebalance and revitalize the body and mind during your stay at Waldorf Astoria Doha Lusail. We offer premium services and amenities at our spa and fitness center, to allow you to fully immerse into a world of restoration and relaxation.


Encouraging optimum well-being for the body and mind lies at the heart of ESPA Life. Discover our philosophy of restorative wellness with premium treatments designed to relax and revitalize.

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Fitness Center

Our state-of-the-art fitness center is equipped with the latest cardiovascular and strength equipment, free weights, and a resistance training area. Discover the Zen Wellness Yoga Zone on the terrace and My Equilibria instinctive wellness training installation.

Open daily | 6 am – 10 pm

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Experience the exceptional world of hydro-thermal facilities, advanced fitness, nutrition, and grooming services, when you become a member at Waldorf Astoria Doha Lusail. Enroll now to be part of numerous privileges including access to our private beach and swimming pools.

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Both live and virtual classes are run in the studio including reformer pilates, barre, yoga, and spinning. If you have specific goals, are preparing for a sports event, or are looking for support with developing your fitness routine, we also have personal trainers on hand to help.

ESPA Life Menu

ESPA Nurture Ritual

Cradling you physically and emotionally, this deeply soothing treatment nourishes the mind and body. Combining exfoliation with a calming massage and a warm linen marine mud wrap, the treatment releases the energy flow of the heart chakra to foster greater feelings of self-love and appreciation. Featuring: Body exfoliation - Marine mud envelopment - Aromatherapy body massage
120 mins

ESPA Bespoke Beauty Intensive Facial

Deeply cleanse, hydrate and renew with this facial which delivers instant results. Tailored to your unique needs, complexions appear transformed and minds soothed so your skin looks naturally beautiful and inner calm is blissfully restored. Featuring: Triple cleanse and skin analysis - Facial massage - Mask - Scalp massage
60 mins

ESPA Embody Rest Massage

This portal to peace puts you on the path to a truly blissful night’s sleep. Beginning with guided breathing and visualisation to unwind from physical and emotional stress, this quieting journey is tailored to you with a relaxing massage releasing muscular tension using hot stones and the gentle pouring of our Restful aromatherapy oil over the body. A soothing scalp massage helps clear the mind so you switch off, ready for a restorative sleep. Featuring: Body massage with hot stones - Scalp massage
90 mins

Essence of ESPA Rest & Restore Massage

Immerse yourself in a relaxing escape with this deep - ly restorative treatment. Long sweeping strokes and powerful aromatherapy oils ease tension, calm the mind and nourish skin for an indulgent experience that balances the mind and body for a restored sense of harmony. Hot stones are used to melt muscle tension in the 90minute experience. Featuring: Nurturing body massage
60 or 90 mins

ESPA Signature Restorative Journey

Comforting both body and mind, our signature journey nurtures the complexion while supporting a sense of greater harmony. Targeted massage techniques are twinned with our Restorative aromatherapy oil for a bespoke back, facial and scalp treatment that leaves you feeling rebalanced and your complexion looking beautifully radiant. Featuring: Back exfoliation - Restorative back massage - Personalised facial - Scalp massage
90 mins

ESPA Mother Me Relax & Restore Massage

Cherish your changing body and calm your mind with this beautifully comforting treatment. Personalised to your needs and stage of pregnancy, the purest, most gen - tle formulas smooth and nourish your skin while expert massage soothes tight, tender muscles and invokes a state of blissful relaxation. Featuring: Back exfoliation - Focussed body massage - Scalp massage
60 or 90 mins

ESPA Mother Me Soothing Leg Treatment

Soothe and refresh tired, heavy legs and swollen feet with this luxuriously restorative treatment. Combining the revitalising properties of warm salt stones, exfoliation, gentle massage and a remineralising mask as well as a beautiful scalp massage, mothers-to-be are left feeling beautifully calm and rejuvenated. Featuring: Foot and lower leg exfoliation and massage - Foot mask - Scalp massage
60 mins

Recharge Salt Stone Massage

The salt plains of Qatar support a unique ecosystem and present a remarkable, diverse landscape. Formed and shaped by both ancient and present-day geological and environmental processes, this extraordinary wilderness offers spectacular scenery and breath-taking natural beauty. To acknowledge this distinctive geographical phenomenon our caringly crafted salt stone massage experience highlights the positive physical and emotional effects of salt therapy. Smoothing and nourishing to the skin, helping to reduce inflammation and ease muscular aches and fatigue, the mineral-rich and ionic qualities of the warm salt stones help create a sense of peace and deep relaxation. Featuring: Massage with warm essential oils and Salt Stones
90 mins

ESPA Immune Fortifying Ritual

Feel boosted in the face of everyday life with this treatment developed to encourage greater resilience. Drawing on lymphatic compression massage, Thymus tapping and our Fortifying aromatherapy oil, the body is left feeling stronger and lighter and the mind brighter. Featuring: Body Ballancer lymphatic compression massage - Fortifying body massage
120 mins

ESPA Build Resiliance Body Ritual

With both a purifying and stimulating effect, this detoxifying treatment leaves you feeling revitalised and empowered. The body is brushed, exfoliated and cloaked in naturally cleansing algae followed by an invigorating massage with our Fortifying aromatherapy oil that leaves your whole being feeling energised. Featuring: Exfoliation - Algae envelopment - Body massage
120 mins

ESPA Natural Facelift

Reveal healthy-looking, visibly resilient, youthful skin. This specialised facial is the complete approach to skin health using cutting edge pre and probiotic technology combined with the same benefits of physical exercise to detoxify, invigorate, sculpt, and relax. Powerful age-defying techniques inspired by Japanese Kobido massage, along with stimulating Jade rollers, give instant results to leave the skin firm, lifted and beautifully radiant. Featuring: Double cleanse and skin analysis - Four-stage lifting facial massage - Lift and smooth mask
90 mins

ESPA Fortifying Cryo Facial

Optimise your skin so it feels stronger and firmer and looks fresh and glowing with this high-performance cryotherapy facial. Combining targeted cold vapour, potent active ingredients and Marma and meridien massage, your complexion is recharged, and mind awakened with a renewed clarity. Featuring: Triple cleanse and skin analysis - Cryotherapy to face - Facial massage - Mask - Cryotherapy scalp massage
90 mins

ESPA Cryo Eye & Scalp Treatment

This reinvigorating treatment harnesses the ice cool power of cryotherapy and targeted massage to address dark circles and puffiness, stimulate sinus pressure points and release tension throughout the forehead and scalp. Instantly clearing and refreshing, your mind experiences a new clarity, and your eyes appear refreshed and rejuvenated. Featuring: Double eye and face cleanse - Cryotherapy eye massage - Mask - Cryotherapy scalp massage
45 mins

ESPA Embody Strength Massage

Transform your mind and body, release muscular tension and rediscover a sense of wellbeing with this empowering massage. Inspired by the arduous migration of the Painted Lady butterfly, revitalising aromatherapy oils, yogic stretches and deep muscle work boosts energy levels and supports the immune system so you emerge feeling stronger and more resilient, ready to face life’s journey. Featuring: Reflex zone foot massage - Back massage - Sinus release - Scalp massage
90 mins

Essence of ESPA Resilience Massage

Discover lasting clarity for your mind and empower your body with this aromatherapeutic treatment. Tailored massage with hot stones unravels nagging muscular tightness and discomfort while pure, aromatic essential oils envelop the mind to relieve stress and recharge your inner reserves for a feeling of rejuvenation. Featuring: Resilience hot stone body massage
60 or 90 mins

ESPA Chakra Crystal Ritual

Respond to the need for profound relaxation with this deeply restful ritual which channels the power of crystals and your own awareness to transport you to a liminal space. Softly settled between the conscious and the dreamlike, this powerfully meditative experience blends a full body and scalp massage with guided Yoga Nidra and crystal singing bowls to encourage a transcendent sense of tranquility. Featuring: Full-body crystal massage - Guided Yoga Nidra - Crystal singing bowl vibrational therapy
90 mins

ESPA Poultice Frequency Ritual

Calm active minds to make way for reflection with this uniquely harmonising treatment. Tuning into the vibrational energy from frequency therapy and using warm poultice massage over the body, hands, feet and scalp, this soothing ritual evokes comfort and connectedness, leaving you feeling more at one with the world around you. Featuring: Frequency therapy - Full-body poultice massage
90 mins

ESPA Mindful Facial

Soothe your skin and spirit as you alleviate stress and restore natural beauty with this immersive rebalancing facial. Guided breathing and visualisation blended with calming aromatherapy oils and deeply therapeutic facial massage supports your skin so it feels toned, nourished and back to its very best while encouraging a sense of inner peace and positivity. Featuring: Triple cleanse - Poultice facial massage - Mask - Scalp massage
90 mins

ESPA Embody Mindfulness Massage

Soothing stress and anchoring the body and mind in the present moment, this blissfully rebalancing experience restores a sense of positivity to the spirit. Calling on guided breathing, the power of visualisation and deeply therapeutic massage, this highly personalised journey supports the release of physical and emotional tensions to relax the mind and reunite you with a tranquil state of calm. Featuring: Massage to metamorphic zones of the feet - Flowing full body massage - Scalp massage with warm rose quartz crystals
90 mins

Essence of ESPA Reflection Massage

Nourish your skin, release tension and quieten your thoughts with the gentle reassurance of this holistic experience. Personalised to your physical and emotional needs, our Restorative aromatherapy blend balances and relaxes while massage eases away pressure, soothes chattering minds and evokes a profound sense of harmony. Featuring: Restorative body massage
60 or 90 mins

ESPA Signature Positivity Journey

Boosting both body and mind, our signature journey supports the skin while lifting the spirits. Targeted massage techniques are twinned with our Positivity aromatherapy oil for a bespoke back, scalp and facial treatment that leaves your mood brighter and your complexion beautifully radiant. Featuring: Back exfoliation - Positivity back massage - Bespoke beauty intensive facial - Scalp massage
90 mins

ESPA Detox Body Balancer Ritual

Awakening your vigour and leaving you feeling lighter, this treatment encourages cleansing with several different techniques to free your body of physical stagnation. Smooth waves pulsing from the Body Ballancer device create a relaxing lymphatic compression massage to address fluid retention and help stimulate circulation before the treatment moves into a Swedish massage with fast invigorating movements using our Detox aromatherapy oil to renew and refresh. Featuring: Body Ballancer lymphatic compression massage - Swedish style detoxifying massage
90 mins

ESPA Cryo Marma Body Ritual

Inspired by the opposing natural elements of fire and ice, this powerful body treatment combines the heat from intensive hot basalt stone massage with the ice cool temperatures of cryotherapy. Intensive kneading techniques and our Detox aromatherapy oil release tension in tired, hard-working muscles before the sub-zero chill of the Cryo device is worked over Marma points for a treatment that helps dispel sluggish energy and negativity, leaving your body and mind feeling renewed, lighter and stronger. Featuring: Detoxifying full-body massage - Cryotherapy energy point massage
90 mins

ESPA Intensive Regenerating Facial

Visibly diminish wrinkles and fine lines with this powerful age-defying facial. Noticeably toning, plumping and intensely hydrating mature skin, naturally renewing formulas are twinned with restorative massage for instant results. Your skin is left feeling beautifully refined, soft and supple to awaken a more youthful-looking radiance. Featuring: Triple cleanse - Age-defying facial massage - Mask - Scalp massage
60 mins

ESPA Cryo Eye Lift Treatment

Smooth, firm and hydrate the delicate eye area with this instantly revitalising treatment which harnesses the power of cryotherapy. Targeted massage, combined with the stimulating ice cool technology, smooths fine lines, quenches delicate skin and diminishes puffiness and dark shadows to revive the eye contour, so it feels firmer and looks deeply refreshed. Featuring: Double eye and face cleanse - Cryotherapy lifting eye massage - Mask - Cryotherapy décolleté, and shoulder massage
45 mins

ESPA Embody Energy Massage

Release feelings of deep-seated tension with this intensive therapeutic muscle massage. Contouring the whole body beautifully using warmed bamboo, free-flowing, rhythmical movements knead away stress to help energise you both physically and emotionally. Featuring: Full-body massage with warm bamboo - Scalp massage
90 mins

ESPA Active Deep Muscle Massage

Restore comfort and supple movement with this deep muscle therapy. Active stretching, specialised massage and expertly blended aromatherapy oils alleviate deepseated tension in the neck, shoulders and back for an instant and prolonged effect, helping address muscular discomfort, so you feel stronger and more energised. Featuring: Full-body massage with hot stones
60 or 90 mins

ESPA Contour & Firm Treatment

Instantly smoothing and firming, your skin appears more toned and contoured with this invigorating, results-focused treatment. Sluggish systems are boosted with a detoxifying body wrap and stimulating lymphatic drainage massage while also targeting cellulite, so your skin is left looking and feeling divinely smooth. Featuring: Body exfoliation - Algae envelopment - Full-body contouring massage
120 mins

ESPA Targeted Hip & Thigh Treatment

Zoning in on the hips, thighs and legs, this resultsfocused treatment works swiftly to smooth skin for a more supple, beautifully toned appearance. A combination of powerful detoxifying actives are twinned with targeted massage to address cellulite and fluid retention, dispel toxins and boost circulation. Featuring: Targeted exfoliation to hip and thighs - Contouring and manual lymphatic massage
60 mins

ESPA Virya Abhyanga Ritual

Freeing the body and mind of lethargy, this dynamic treatment awakens the senses and brings a renewed feeling of physical vitality. The fusion of rhythmical rocking, bamboo tapping, stretching and massage helps to ignite a fire and warmth that shifts fatigue and reactivates your energy. Featuring: Foot ritual - Rhythmical life dance massage - Energising bambo tapper massage
90 mins

ESPA Active Nutrients Glow From Within Facial

Restore visible radiance with this nutrient-rich treatment which feeds your skin and mood, so your face glows with vitality. Concentrated on the scalp, face, neck and décolleté, dull, lethargic complexions appear brightened and refreshed with the power of a sweeping Gua Sha massage, steaming, exfoliation and multi-masking to maximise results for a lit-from-within luminosity. Featuring: Double cleanse and skin analysis - Gua Sha facial massage - Double mask - Gua Sha hand and arm massage - Scalp massage
60 mins

ESPA Depuff Eye Treatment

Vital radiance is restored to the eye area with this skin soothing treatment. Combining cooling crystal massage and our advanced peel-off mask, decongests the appearance of puffiness, smooths and enlivens skin vitality. Featuring: Double eye and face cleanse - Eye massage with rose quartz crystal - Lift and smooth mask - Scalp massage
45 mins

ESPA Embody Mindful Positivity Massage

Unwind and escape the pace of everyday life so you emerge experiencing a renewed sense of optimism and confidence. Calming both mind and body through guided breathing and visualisation, gentle strokes move across the feet using metamorphic techniques to rebalance and ground you before moving into a soothing full-body and re-energising scalp massage using warm rose quartz crystals. Featuring: Massage to metamorphic zones of the feet - Uplifting full-body massage - Scalp massage
90 mins

Essence of ESPA Vitality Massage

Rejuvenate the mind, release tension and nourish your skin with this revitalising experience. Personalised to your physical and emotional needs, our Energising aromatherapy blend awakens and reinvigorates while massage eases away pressure, clears your mind and evokes a sense of vitality. Featuring: Energising full-body massage
60 or 90 mins

Berber Hammam

The true spirit of the Hammam as an ancient wellness ritual is embraced with this ceremony that revives the senses and leaves skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth. Combining Kessa glove cleansing, a natural honey exfoliation and mint mask for the body and an argan scrub and green clay mask for the face, purification is profound and extends from top to toe with green tea purifying the hair and an invigorating foot bath. The treatment closes with sandalwood oil gracing the skin and argan serum infusing the hair.
90 mins

Gardens of Marrakesh

Inspired by the verdant havens of the Gardens of Marrakesh, this enchanting experience purifies the body and refreshes the spirit. After skin is gently buffed using a Kessa glove and black soap and lavender, the body is cloaked in a rose blossom Moroccan lava clay mask and an organic white clay is swept over the face. While you rest, minted bath salts exfoliate the feet and green tea cleanses the hair and scalp. Signalling the end of the treatment, you’re enveloped in a rose mist and skin is glazed in hydrating shea butter and jasmine for a fragrant feeling of divine softness.
60 mins

Traditional Hammam

Starting in the steam room, this signature Hammam invigorates, deep cleanses and nurtures for a treatment that feels truly restorative and relaxing. Skin is indulged with a combination of a neroli-enriched rhassoul mask, minted salt exfoliation for feet and a green tea cleanse for hair. Finally, while the face is cossetted in a pure argan elixir, the body luxuriates in an uplifting, fatigue-fighting oil redolent of the sweet oranges found in Marrakesh.
60 mins
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