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Hilton Parsippany

Meeting Room With U-Shape Tables
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Meetings and events

Located across one level, our indoor and outdoor venues offer space for 1,200 people. We have A/V rental, catering, and free car and bus parking.

  • Total event space
    22,544sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    10,080sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms

Event Space Floor Plans

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Capacity Chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.
Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Nobel ASquare Feet: 2,520210506027015030050
Nobel BSquare Feet: 2,520210506027015030050
Nobel CSquare Feet: 2,520210506027015030050
Nobel DSquare Feet: 2,520210506027015030050
CobaltSquare Feet: 1,11610048401106012046
OxygenSquare Feet: 80540405075427035
AluminumSquare Feet: 64850322870407528
BariumSquare Feet: 64850322870407528
Boron RoomSquare Feet: 57640253050305020
Carbon RoomSquare Feet: 57640253050305020
Hydrogen RoomSquare Feet: 57640253050305020
Tungsten RoomSquare Feet: 57640253050305020
CopperSquare Feet: 48630202040245020
GoldSquare Feet: 48630202040245020
IronSquare Feet: 48630202040245020
NickelSquare Feet: 48630202040245020
SilverSquare Feet: 48630202040245020
TitaniumSquare Feet: 48630221550244520
Nobel ABCSquare Feet: 7,560-150100810450900150
Nobel BCDSquare Feet: 7,560-150100810450900150
Nobel ABSquare Feet: 5,040-10080540300600100
Nobel BCSquare Feet: 5,040-10080540300600100
Nobel CDSquare Feet: 5,040-10080540300600100
Elements BallroomSquare Feet: 2,304-806025012025060
Boron/Tungsten/CarbonSquare Feet: 1,728-75901509015060
Tungsten/Carbon/HydrogenSquare Feet: 1,728-75901509015060
Boron/TungstenSquare Feet: 1,152-50601006010040
Carbon/HydrogenSquare Feet: 1,152-50601006010040
Tungsten/CarbonSquare Feet: 1,152-50601006010040
NitrogenSquare Feet: 805-405075427035
ZincSquare Feet: 486-202040245020
Argon BoardroomSquare Feet: 450-12-----
Mercury BoardroomSquare Feet: 450-12-----
SiliconSquare Feet: 252-10-----
Nobel BallroomSquare Feet: 10,080---12006001200-
Nobel AssemblySquare Feet: 1,584---700---

Event Catering

Our catering experts will help you plan a memorable meal for your event.

Catering Selection