Golden Leaf Resturant

Golden Leaf

Step into the elegant Golden Leaf for authentic Cantonese favourites. The understated atmosphere features carved teak and rosewood furnishings complimented by Chinese antiques.

Classic Cantonese Cuisine

Helmed by Executive Chef Tony Wan, our menu honors Cantonese culinary traditions.

Visit for dim sum and set lunch. For dinner, explore the extensive à la carte menu for barbecued specialties, noodles, rice, and more.

Golden Leaf Signature Abalone

Private Dining

Celebrate in style at Golden Leaf. Three private dining rooms are available for a maximum of 12 to 16 guests.

Golden Leaf Signature Dim Sum


11:30 am – 3 pm Monday – Saturday
11 am – 3 pm Sunday

6 – 11 pm daily


Chef's Signature Lunch

Dim Sum Platter

Steamed shrimp dumpling, steamed pork dumpling with abalone, deep-fried spring roll with prawn, steamed scallop dumpling with purple potatoes

Bird's nest simmered in minced chicken soup

Baked crab meat with onion served in crab shell

Sautéed fillet of garoupa with pumpkin in barbecue sauce

Poached seasonal vegetables with bamboo pith in superior broth

Signature fried rice

Sweetened almond cream with egg white

Business Lunch Menu

Deluxe Appetizers

Pan-fried mixed vegetables rolled with dried bean curd skins and sliced pork belly rolls in garlic sauce

Double-boiled bamboo pith soup with brassica, Chinese mushrooms, and Yunnan ham

Sautéed fillet of sole with fresh lily buds and greens

Sautéed king prawns with pineapple and hawthorn herbs in chili sauce

Yeung chow style fried rice with barbecue pork, shrimp, and preserved vegetables

Chilled fresh mango pudding


Jellyfish with sliced drunken chicken

Sliced pork rolls with cucumber and garlic sauce

Deep-friend prawn balls

Jellyfish tossed with spring onion and sesame oil

Marinated sliced beef shank with Chinese wine

Layered pig's ears marinated with oriental spices

Sautéed diced beef with spicy salt

Deep-fried diced bean curd with garlic salt

Pan-fried mixed vegetable rolls in dried bean curd skin

Barbecued Specialties

Roasted whole Peking duck

Roasted crispy duck served with plum sauce

Barbecued meat platter with suckling pig

Cold pigeon marinated with rice wine

Marinated chicken in soy sauce

Barbecued pork glazed with queen's honey

Barbecued suckling pig


Braised minced partridge porridge with bird's nest

Hot and sour piquant soup with seafood

Double-boiled clear broth with bamboo piths, black mushroom, and brassica

Braised minced beef soup with egg white and crab meat

Double-boiled chicken soup with fresh ginseng and snow fungus served in bamboo

Sweet corn soup with crab meat and egg white

Double-boiled clear broth with shrimp dumplings and bamboo piths

Bird's Nests and Bamboo Piths

Braised superior bird's nest with crab meat and crab roe

Steamed shredded abalone, Chinese mushroom, Yunnan ham, and seasonal vegetables stuffed in bamboo piths

Braised superior bird's nest with pigeon eggs

Pan-fried bird's nest with egg and crab meat

Steam bamboo piths with superior bird's nest

Bird's nest simmered in minced chicken soup

Braised superior bird's nest soup with fresh crab meat


Braised whole abalone in oyster sauce

Braised sliced abalone with goose webs

Braised fish maw, Chinese mushrooms, and sliced abalone in clay pot

Sautéed dried Kanto sea cucumber with spring onion

Braised sliced abalone with sea cucumber and seasonal vegetables

Braised sea cucumber with shrimp roe

Selection Seafood

Live fish

Pink garoupa, green wrasse, spotted garoupa

Fresh prawns

Drunken in Chinese wine, steamed with garlic, baked with spicy salt, poached with tangerine peel and diced vegetables in clear essence, or pan-fried with soy sauce

Live crab

Steamed in Chinese wine, baked with spicy salt, baked with ginger and spring onion, or steamed with minced garlic

Live lobster

Baked with superior essence, baked with ginger and spring onion, steamed with minced garlic or sashimi

Fish & Seafood Favourites

Sautéed fillet of spotted garoupa with sweet and sour sauce

Pan-fried scallops stuff with minced shrimps in superior broth

Sautéed king prawns with chili and barbecue sauce

Steamed fresh crab claw with minced ginger and rice wine

Sautéed king prawns with pineapple and hawthorn herbs in chili sauce

Braised eggplant with minced shrimps and chili sauce

Sautéed fillet of garoupa with pumpkin in barbecue sauce

Sautéed prawns with vermicelli, ginger, and spring onion in clay pot

Sautéed fillet of sole with asparagus in black bean sauce

Sautéed sliced sea whelk with Yunnan ham and seasonal vegetables

Sautéed prawns with pineapple and pine nuts

Deep-fried prawns stuffed with scallops and minced shrimp

Baked crab meat with onion served in crab shell

Poached fillet of sole with dried shrimp and preserved vegetables in clear broth

Baked sea whelk stuff with diced seafood, abalone, chicken, and onion

Vegetarian Dishes

Sautéed fresh asparagus with bamboo piths

Braised dried bean curd and chili sauce

Stewed mushrooms and fungus with bamboo piths

Sautéed mixed vegetables with sliced lotus roots in potato nest

Braised superior vegetables with sliced bean curd

Braised diced vegetable soup with mushrooms and sweet corn

Sautéed diced mushrooms with water chestnut, pine nuts, and ginkgo


Braised twin vegetables with fresh crab meat and Yunnan ham

Poached baby white cabbage with sliced Yunnan ham and superior broth

Assorted dried seafood and mixed vegetables and superior broth in clay pot

Braised bean curd with mushrooms in oyster sauce

Stewed twin vegetables with sliced bean curd and ginkgo

Sautéed string beans with preserved vegetables


Poached chicken with superior chicken broth

Baked sliced chicken with black bean sauce in clay pot

Shallow-fried crispy chicken

Sautéed diced chicken with walnuts and chili sauce

Braised chicken with preserved vegetables in clay pot


Sautéed sliced pigeon with lily buds and black bean sauce

Poached whole pigeon in soy sauce

Stir-fried minced pigeon and bamboo shoots served with lettuce

Roasted whole crispy pigeon


Sautéed pork with spring onion and ginger

Baked spare ribs with spicy salt

Baked spare ribs with brown vinegar

Minced pork with stewed eggplant in clay pot

Sautéed diced pork with fresh asparagus in XO sauce

Braised spare ribs with Chinese herbs

Sweet and sour pork with pineapple and bell peppers


Braised beef ribs with turnips

Chinese style wok-fried beef tenderloin

Sautéed diced beef with fresh asparagus and macadamia nuts

Braised bean curd with minced beef and chili sauce

Pan-fried fillet of beef with black pepper and honey

Stir-fried sliced beef rolls with enoki mushrooms in oyster sauce


Fried rice noodles with shredded chicken and abalone

Braised noodles with abalone sauce

Fried noodles with assorted seafood

Braised E-Fu noodles with shredded conpoy and enoki mushrooms

Fried rice noodles with prawns in black bean and chili sauce

Poached noodles with shredded fish in fish soup

Braised E-Fu noodles with mushrooms in truffle paste


Fook Kin-style fried rice with shredded conpoy

Fried rice with shredded conpoy, egg white, and spring onion

Golden Leaf fried rice

Fried rice with minced beef in shrimp paste

Fried rice with cuttlefish and dried chicken in abalone sauce

Pan-fried turnip cake with egg, onion, bean sprouts, and minced pork

Yeung Chow-style fried rice with barbecue pork, shrimp, and preserved vegetables

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