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Hilton Americas-Houston

Meeting room with tables and chairs
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Meetings and events

Our hotel is home to over 30 versatile spaces, including one of Houston's largest ballrooms with a pre-function area. Our team will oversee all the important details including room customization, audio visual arrangements, and catering selections.

  • Total event space
    91,259sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    39,093sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms

Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Grand BallroomSquare Feet: 39,0932800--390021743558-
Grand Ballroom A-ISquare Feet: 29,0452160--291017152650-
Grand Ballroom D-LSquare Feet: 29,0452160--291017152650-
Ballroom of the AmericasSquare Feet: 25,7402070--258914382354-
Grand Ballroom D-ISquare Feet: 19,1541400--192011291745-
Grand Ballroom A-FSquare Feet: 18,5261380--186010951692-
Grand Ballroom G-LSquare Feet: 18,5261380--186010951692-
Grand Ballroom, Pre-function areaSquare Feet: 13,294650--1070---
Ballroom of the Americas ABCSquare Feet: 11,856880-12011906161092146
Ballroom of the Americas DEFSquare Feet: 11,856880-18411906161092146
Ballroom of the Americas, Pre-Function AreaSquare Feet: 9,800500--1025---
Grand Ballroom A-CSquare Feet: 8,635640--860508785-
Grand Ballroom D-FSquare Feet: 8,635640--860508786-
Grand Ballroom G-ISquare Feet: 8,635640--860508786-
Grand Ballroom J-LSquare Feet: 8,635640--860508785-
Ballroom of the Americas BCSquare Feet: 8,132610-12082042274894
Ballroom of the Americas EFSquare Feet: 8,132610-12082042274894
Ballroom of the Americas DESquare Feet: 7,931590-12079040972594
Ballroom of the Americas ABSquare Feet: 7,904590-12079040972594
Grand Ballroom BCSquare Feet: 5,885430--59034753675
Grand Ballroom EFSquare Feet: 5,885430-8459034853875
Grand Ballroom HISquare Feet: 5,885430-8459034853875
Grand Ballroom KLSquare Feet: 5,885430--59034753675
Grand Ballroom GHSquare Feet: 5,775430-8458032452875
Grand Ballroom ABSquare Feet: 5,720430-8458032452875
Grand Ballroom DESquare Feet: 5,720430-8458032452875
Grand Ballroom JKSquare Feet: 5,720430-8458032452875
Ballroom of the Americas BSquare Feet: 4,180320487042021538254
Ballroom of the Americas ESquare Feet: 4,158320487042021538254
Meeting Room 335Square Feet: 4,134220606040020934050
Ballroom of the Americas CSquare Feet: 3,952290486440020736752
Ballroom of the Americas FSquare Feet: 3,952290486440020736752
Ballroom of the Americas ASquare Feet: 3,724270446437519434350
Ballroom of the Americas DSquare Feet: 3,724270446437519434350
Grand Ballroom ESquare Feet: 3,080220407230016128054
Grand Ballroom HSquare Feet: 3,080220407230016128047
R24 Executive Rooftop LoungeSquare Feet: 3,080160--250---
Grand Ballroom BSquare Feet: 3,025220407237015827954
Grand Ballroom KSquare Feet: 3,025220407237015827947
Grand Ballroom CSquare Feet: 2,805210326028014525754
Grand Ballroom FSquare Feet: 2,805210326028014625847
Grand Ballroom ISquare Feet: 2,805210326028014625847
Grand Ballroom LSquare Feet: 2,805210326028014525747
Grand Ballroom ASquare Feet: 2,695200326027014024947
Grand Ballroom DSquare Feet: 2,695200326027014024847
Grand Ballroom GSquare Feet: 2,695200326027014024847
Grand Ballroom JSquare Feet: 2,695200326027014024947
Meeting Room 335 BCSquare Feet: 2,652130405026013722345
Meeting Room 335 ABSquare Feet: 2,508130405025013221545
Meeting Room 343Square Feet: 2,03512032-20095176-
Meeting Room 339Square Feet: 1,5668024361507213328
Meeting Room 336Square Feet: 1,5398036301607313524
Meeting Room 340Square Feet: 1,5088024361607413628
Meeting Room 335 CSquare Feet: 1,4437024301507713027
Meeting Room 335 ASquare Feet: 1,3657024301407212727
Meeting Room 337Square Feet: 1,3268030301406612124
Meeting Room 335 BSquare Feet: 1,248702430110609827
Meeting Room 346Square Feet: 1,064603630110549926
Meeting Room 344Square Feet: 1,045602430110529526
Meeting Room 343 ASquare Feet: 1,036601828100489020
Meeting Room 343 BSquare Feet: 1,026601828100479020
Meeting Room 430Square Feet: 99930121280-7010
Meeting Room 338Square Feet: 87040162280386916
Meeting Room 336 BSquare Feet: 81240182280376920
Meeting Room 339 BSquare Feet: 80640182280376720
Meeting Room 340 ASquare Feet: 80640182280387520
Meeting Room 340 BSquare Feet: 80640182280377320
Meeting Room 230Square Feet: 79830242469245818
Meeting Room 328Square Feet: 78430142880376720
Meeting Room 329Square Feet: 78430182880376720
Meeting Room 336 ASquare Feet: 7844018227536-20
Meeting Room 337 BSquare Feet: 78340182279366620
Meeting Room 339 ASquare Feet: 78340182275366520
Meeting Room 330Square Feet: 75630142880386920
Meeting Room 327Square Feet: 72830122475346314
Meeting Room 342Square Feet: 68440161875366513
Meeting Room 337 ASquare Feet: 64840182265305520
Meeting Room 346 ASquare Feet: 60930182262284720
Meeting Room 333Square Feet: 58830122058274915
Meeting Room 332Square Feet: 57230181854254612
Meeting Room 344 ASquare Feet: 56030182258274720
Meeting Room 344 BSquare Feet: 56030182255254420
Meeting Room 346 BSquare Feet: 55130182257264420
Boardroom 334Square Feet: 798-12-----
Boardroom 326Square Feet: 784-14-----
Boardroom 331Square Feet: 648-14-----
Office 432Square Feet: 120-2-----
Office 433Square Feet: 120-2-----


Our culinary experts use fresh and local ingredients to emphasize Houston’s vibrant flavors. Select from interactive experiences and creative food and drink stations.

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Events in our Rooftop Lounge

R24 Rooftop Lounge has 360 views of the downtown Houston skyline and signature cocktails, an intimate atmosphere for a private event or reception. Email for more details.

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Rooftop Lounge Area with seating and view
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