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Hilton Americas-Houston

Meeting room with tables and chairs
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Meetings and events

Our hotel is home to over 30 versatile spaces, including one of Houston's largest ballrooms with a pre-function area. Our team will oversee all the important details including room customization, audio visual arrangements, and catering selections.

  • Total event space
    91,259sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    39,093sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms

Event Space Floor Plans

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Capacity Chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.
Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Grand BallroomSquare Feet: 39,0932800--390021743558-
Grand Ballroom A-ISquare Feet: 29,0452160--291017152650-
Grand Ballroom D-LSquare Feet: 29,0452160--291017152650-
Ballroom of the AmericasSquare Feet: 25,7402070--258914382354-
Grand Ballroom D-ISquare Feet: 19,1541400--192011291745-
Grand Ballroom A-FSquare Feet: 18,5261380--186010951692-
Grand Ballroom G-LSquare Feet: 18,5261380--186010951692-
Grand Ballroom, Pre-function areaSquare Feet: 13,294650--1070---
Ballroom of the Americas ABCSquare Feet: 11,856880-12011906161092146
Ballroom of the Americas DEFSquare Feet: 11,856880-18411906161092146
Ballroom of the Americas, Pre-Function AreaSquare Feet: 9,800500--1025---
Grand Ballroom A-CSquare Feet: 8,635640--860508785-
Grand Ballroom D-FSquare Feet: 8,635640--860508786-
Grand Ballroom G-ISquare Feet: 8,635640--860508786-
Grand Ballroom J-LSquare Feet: 8,635640--860508785-
Ballroom of the Americas BCSquare Feet: 8,132610-12082042274894
Ballroom of the Americas EFSquare Feet: 8,132610-12082042274894
Ballroom of the Americas DESquare Feet: 7,931590-12079040972594
Ballroom of the Americas ABSquare Feet: 7,904590-12079040972594
Grand Ballroom BCSquare Feet: 5,885430--59034753675
Grand Ballroom EFSquare Feet: 5,885430-8459034853875
Grand Ballroom HISquare Feet: 5,885430-8459034853875
Grand Ballroom KLSquare Feet: 5,885430--59034753675
Grand Ballroom GHSquare Feet: 5,775430-8458032452875
Grand Ballroom ABSquare Feet: 5,720430-8458032452875
Grand Ballroom DESquare Feet: 5,720430-8458032452875
Grand Ballroom JKSquare Feet: 5,720430-8458032452875
Ballroom of the Americas BSquare Feet: 4,180320487042021538254
Ballroom of the Americas ESquare Feet: 4,158320487042021538254
Meeting Room 335Square Feet: 4,134220606040020934050
Ballroom of the Americas CSquare Feet: 3,952290486440020736752
Ballroom of the Americas FSquare Feet: 3,952290486440020736752
Ballroom of the Americas ASquare Feet: 3,724270446437519434350
Ballroom of the Americas DSquare Feet: 3,724270446437519434350
Grand Ballroom ESquare Feet: 3,080220407230016128054
Grand Ballroom HSquare Feet: 3,080220407230016128047
R24 Executive Rooftop LoungeSquare Feet: 3,080160--250---
Grand Ballroom BSquare Feet: 3,025220407237015827954
Grand Ballroom KSquare Feet: 3,025220407237015827947
Grand Ballroom CSquare Feet: 2,805210326028014525754
Grand Ballroom FSquare Feet: 2,805210326028014625847
Grand Ballroom ISquare Feet: 2,805210326028014625847
Grand Ballroom LSquare Feet: 2,805210326028014525747
Grand Ballroom ASquare Feet: 2,695200326027014024947
Grand Ballroom DSquare Feet: 2,695200326027014024847
Grand Ballroom GSquare Feet: 2,695200326027014024847
Grand Ballroom JSquare Feet: 2,695200326027014024947
Meeting Room 335 BCSquare Feet: 2,652130405026013722345
Meeting Room 335 ABSquare Feet: 2,508130405025013221545
Meeting Room 343Square Feet: 2,03512032-20095176-
Meeting Room 339Square Feet: 1,5668024361507213328
Meeting Room 336Square Feet: 1,5398036301607313524
Meeting Room 340Square Feet: 1,5088024361607413628
Meeting Room 335 CSquare Feet: 1,4437024301507713027
Meeting Room 335 ASquare Feet: 1,3657024301407212727
Meeting Room 337Square Feet: 1,3268030301406612124
Meeting Room 335 BSquare Feet: 1,248702430110609827
Meeting Room 346Square Feet: 1,064603630110549926
Meeting Room 344Square Feet: 1,045602430110529526
Meeting Room 343 ASquare Feet: 1,036601828100489020
Meeting Room 343 BSquare Feet: 1,026601828100479020
Meeting Room 430Square Feet: 99930121280-7010
Meeting Room 338Square Feet: 87040162280386916
Meeting Room 336 BSquare Feet: 81240182280376920
Meeting Room 339 BSquare Feet: 80640182280376720
Meeting Room 340 ASquare Feet: 80640182280387520
Meeting Room 340 BSquare Feet: 80640182280377320
Meeting Room 230Square Feet: 79830242469245818
Meeting Room 328Square Feet: 78430142880376720
Meeting Room 329Square Feet: 78430182880376720
Meeting Room 336 ASquare Feet: 7844018227536-20
Meeting Room 337 BSquare Feet: 78340182279366620
Meeting Room 339 ASquare Feet: 78340182275366520
Meeting Room 330Square Feet: 75630142880386920
Meeting Room 327Square Feet: 72830122475346314
Meeting Room 342Square Feet: 68440161875366513
Meeting Room 337 ASquare Feet: 64840182265305520
Meeting Room 346 ASquare Feet: 60930182262284720
Meeting Room 333Square Feet: 58830122058274915
Meeting Room 332Square Feet: 57230181854254612
Meeting Room 344 ASquare Feet: 56030182258274720
Meeting Room 344 BSquare Feet: 56030182255254420
Meeting Room 346 BSquare Feet: 55130182257264420
Boardroom 334Square Feet: 798-12-----
Boardroom 326Square Feet: 784-14-----
Boardroom 331Square Feet: 648-14-----
Office 432Square Feet: 120-2-----
Office 433Square Feet: 120-2-----


Our culinary experts use fresh and local ingredients to emphasize Houston’s vibrant flavors. Select from interactive experiences and creative food and drink stations.

Event Guide & Menus
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We can accommodate weddings, banquets, galas, holiday parties and more for any size group in our 30 venues of varying sizes. Our event planning staff is ready to help you make your celebration memorable.

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Events in our Rooftop Lounge

R24 Rooftop Lounge has 360 views of the downtown Houston skyline and signature cocktails, an intimate atmosphere for a private event or reception. Email for more details.

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Rooftop Lounge Area with seating and view

Festive Holidays

With 80,000 sparkling lights, 14-foot Champagne trees, and a life-size Santa's Minon Workshop chocolate display, we bring on the holiday festivities. Enjoy breakfast with Santa on weekends in December at 1600 Bar + Grille.

Christmas tree
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