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Hilton Washington Dulles Airport

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Meetings and events

From spacious ballrooms to foyers with floor-to-ceiling windows, our hotel is suited to an array of events, big or small. Our catering team will offer an innovative, customized service, and our free airport shuttle can pick up traveling attendees.

  • Total event space
    39,797sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    7,923sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms
Private Outdoor Events

Special Events

Our event venues include elegant ballroom space, a bright foyer, and smaller breakout rooms suited to varied sizes of celebration. Work with our culinary team to plan a delicious meal, from hot and cold canapés to traditional plated dinners.

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Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Belmont BallroomSquare Feet: 7,9236501000760545800650
Belmont Ballroom II, III, IVSquare Feet: 6,04860076130750461667122
Belmont Ballroom I, II, IIISquare Feet: 5,75755971120700430621114
Potomac BallroomSquare Feet: 4,700300100135450270504120
Belmont FoyerSquare Feet: 4,5003300041527600
Belmont Ballroom III & IVSquare Feet: 4,088414529051831946085
Belmont Ballroom I & IISquare Feet: 3,876197478224628541276
Belmont Ballroom II & IIISquare Feet: 3,876376488247028941876
Red FoxSquare Feet: 3,6002000025001750
Potomac Ballroom I & IISquare Feet: 3,1002400030020036080
Potomac Ballroom II & IIISquare Feet: 3,10024008030020036080
PiedmontSquare Feet: 2,226150405020010020050
Belmont Ballroom IISquare Feet: 2,065188244423514520938
Red Fox FoyerSquare Feet: 2,00000075000
Belmont Ballroom IVSquare Feet: 1,920197254424615121940
Belmont Ballroom ISquare Feet: 1,881182234422814020337
Belmont Ballroom IIISquare Feet: 1,881185234423114220538
SullySquare Feet: 1,845164214020512618033
Potomac Ballroom ISquare Feet: 1,60010030521508018036
Potomac Ballroom IIISquare Feet: 1,60011045501508018036
Colvin RunSquare Feet: 1,50010036402006014035
Potomac Ballroom IISquare Feet: 1,50012004015010018040
Potomac FoyerSquare Feet: 1,50000075000
Piedmont ISquare Feet: 1,1137020251005010025
Piedmont IISquare Feet: 1,1137020251005010025
MosbySquare Feet: 1,10211014252005110022
ChrysalisSquare Feet: 84060201870548018
TararaSquare Feet: 84060201870508018
VeritasSquare Feet: 84040101450365514
Parlor 1Square Feet: 73501502001510
Parlor 2Square Feet: 73501502001510
Parlor 3Square Feet: 73501502001510
Parlor 4Square Feet: 73501502001510
Parlor 5Square Feet: 73501502001510
Parlor 6Square Feet: 73501502001510
Colvin Run IISquare Feet: 72050182450305020
Colvin Run ISquare Feet: 67250182450305020
Fairfax RoomSquare Feet: 6514001875305015
Executive Boardroom IISquare Feet: 43201200000
Executive Boardroom ISquare Feet: 38401200000
SterlingSquare Feet: 264201602015014
CorcoranSquare Feet: 24010601512256
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