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Waldorf Astoria Spa

Awaken your senses and discover a renewed sense of wellness at the Waldorf Astoria Spa, featuring eight treatment rooms, three hammams, and two vitality pools. We have separate areas for men and women, including private arrival and consultation lounges.

Please contact us for details of our 6 or 12 months membership packages.

Spa VIP Couple Suite Hammam

Relaxing Rituals

We invite you to explore our extensive menu of treatments and wellness offerings, from pampering massages to skin and body therapies. All of our services are delivered by expert therapists using premium products and unique, local ingredients.

Changing Room at the Spa

Soothing Spaces

Our elegant spa features a variety of intimate and inviting spaces for you to explore. Luxuriate in the spacious arrival lounge and relaxation rooms, and experience pure bliss in our steam room, hammams, and hydrotherapy pool.

Spa VIP Couple Suite with Dual Vanity Area

Spa Treatment Room

Alpha Sphere at the Spa

Exclusive Membership Packages

Our esteemed membership packages present a wealth of exclusive privileges, including generous discounts and a host of enticing benefits. Revel in unrestricted access to our fitness and spa facilities, as well as our outdoor pool, all available for unlimited enjoyment during our operational hours.

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Woman in bathrobe sitting with tea-transitionWoman in bathrobe sitting with tea

Six-month Membership


Our ladies, gents, and couples Gold Lifestyle Memberships include the following benefits and more.

  • One 30-minute Hydra Facial treatment each month during designated club hours
  • One complimentary night in a Waldorf Astoria Deluxe room
  • 10% off on Spa retail items and 10% off on additional Spa treatments and experiences
  • Welcome gift (AMRA & Tata Harper’s sample products)
  • One 30-minute Alpha-Sphere Sensory Relaxation Experience
  • Access to exclusive Spa Club events and workshops

Once the initial commitment period ends, the membership becomes month-to-month. Guests must redeem services within the month of the treatment, or the treatment is forfeited.

Spa & Fitness Menu

Personal Training

1x 60 minute session

KWD 55

6x 60 minute sessions

KWD 300

12x 60 minute sessions

KWD 560

24x 60 minute sessions

KWD 1,050

Fitness Evaluation

30 minutes
KWD 35

Pilates Class

60 minutes
KWD 45

Yoga & Meditation

AMRA Olfactory Yoga Session

60 minutes
KWD 50

Aerial Yoga Session

60 minutes
KWD 55

Private Yoga Session

60 minutes
KWD 45

Amra Pearl & Platinum Journey

Experience the luxurious skincare properties of platinum and pearl. The experience includes a full-body cleanse, a full-body mask, a body butter application, and an AMRA Luxury facial.
120 mins

Amra Rare Diamond Ritual

The ritual includes a full-body cleanse, full-body exfoliation, full-body mask, and full-body massage.
120 mins

Tata Harper Brightening Body Ritual

A top-to-bottom buffing with a powerful, biodegradable body scrub leaves skin smooth, supple, and perfectly polished. Slip into a sense of peaceful serenity during a soothing massage with revitalizing body oil for a complete sense of rejuvenation and well-being. The ritual includes a full-body exfoliation and full-body massage.
90 mins

Amra Pearl & Platinum Purifying Hammam Journey

The decadent AMRA hammam includes a traditional cleanse with our Precious Eucalyptus Body Soap, steam, Pearl Purifying Body Polish, Platinum Firming Rhassoul Body Mask, and Body Butter application to finish. Enhance your experience:• Add-on 30 minutes – Choose from the following: AMRA Express Facial, AMRA Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage, or AMRA Facial Cleanse and Dry Scalp Massage • Add-on 60 minutes – Choose from the following: AMRA Luxury Facial, AMRA Full-Body Bespoke Massage
60 mins

Amra 24kt Gold Rejuvenating Hammam Journey

This AMRA hammam includes 24kt Gold Body Soap, steam, Gold Rejuvenating Body Polish, Gold Rejuvenating Rhassoul Body Mask, and body butter application to finish. Enhance your experience: • Add-on 30 minutes – Choose from the following: AMRA Express Facial, AMRA Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage, or AMRA Facial Cleanse and Dry Scalp Massage • Add-on 60 minutes – Choose from the following: AMRA Luxury Facial, AMRA Full-Body Bespoke Massage • Add-on 75 minutes - Add AMRA exclusive 24kt Gold Spheres Massage
60 mins


HydraFacial treatments are safe and effective for men and women of all ages looking to treat a specific concern, or simply maintain optimum skin health.

Express Hydrafacial

This treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin using super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.
30 mins

Ultimate Hydrafacial

Begin the detoxification process with a lymphatic drainage. The Signature HydraFacial then deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin while addressing your specific skin concern with two boosters of your choice. This treatment concludes with LED light therapy to further reduce visible signs of aging.
60 mins

LPG Endermologie

Endermologie® is precisely tailored to each client´s needs. It eliminates fat, smoothes cellulite, and strengthens the skin.

Perfect Toning

Ideal for improving skin tone after significant weight loss, this intense cellular stimulation restores elasticity and radiance.
60 mins


Back and neck relaxation with aesthetic lymphatic drainage of the legs or the entire body and face.
60 mins

Gold Endermopuncture

An exceptional treatment that simultaneously stimulates adipocytes (slimming cells), fibroblasts (rejuvenating cells), and surrounding cells for maximum effectiveness. It also smoothes the appearance of cellulite.
60 mins

Targeted Body Treatment

A personalized protocol designed just for you.
60 mins

*Multi-treatment options (packages) for HydraFacial and LPG ENDERMOLOGIE are available upon request.


Combining the world’s most precious ingredients with scientific technology, AMRA creates journeys that transcend luxury and capture memories.

Amra Precious Pearl Facial

The AMRA Precious Pearl Facial incorporates the properties of AMRA’s powerhouse ingredients. Pearl, caviar, gold, diamond, and platinum work alongside scientific technology to remove impurities and protect the skin. Designed for guests with the following skin concerns: sensitivity, oiliness, blemishes, dullness, or enlarged pores
60 mins; 75 with steam

Amra Diamond Illuminating Facial

Our Diamond Illuminating Facial is formulated to increase the clarity of each dermal layer while protecting the skin from blue light pollution to combat premature aging. Designed for guests with the following skincare concerns: aging, dullness, discoloration
60 mins; 75 with steam

Amra Golden Opulence Facial

Gold is a natural anti-inflammatory known for its powerful cell renewal properties. Our Golden Opulence Facial has been formulated with our unique 4-in-1 anti-aging actives, giving your skin clearer definition. Designed for guests with the following skincare concerns: aging, dullness, dehydration, glycation, inflammation
60 mins; 75 with steam

Tata Harper

Our nature-derived formulas are engineered, hand-batched, and filled one by one to create the freshest skincare products possible.

Tata Harper Signature Facial

This signature treatment begins with a thorough complexion analysis to identify the needs of your skin. A bespoke masking ritual rounds out the treatment to leave your skin optimized and glowing. Designed for guests with all skincare concerns.
60 mins; 90 with steam, extraction, and additional mask

Tata Harper Superkind Calming Facial

This soothing treatment uses Tata Harper’s line developed specifically for sensitive and scent-averse skin. Nurturing mask and massage rituals paired with deeply hydrating elements strengthen the skin’s defense system and leave it calm and healthy. Designed for the following skincare concerns: sensitivity, reactivity, dryness
60 mins; 90 with steam, extraction, and additional mask

Tata Harper Resurface and Refine Facial

This glow-giving treatment uses a natural multi-acid peel to dramatically refine and brighten your skin. Masking, oxygenic massage, and illuminating formulas leave your skin strong and radiant. Designed for guests with the following skincare concerns: Hyperpigmentation, skin discoloration, uneven skin tone, and dull skin.
60 mins; 90 with steam, extraction, and additional mask

Tata Harper Remodelage Back & Facial Treatment

The ritual starts with a tension-release back massage, moves on to the remodelage face massage, and concludes with the oxygenic décolleté and neck massage, leaving your skin deeply hydrated and lifted.
90 mins

Tata Harper Mother-to-Be Massage

The perfect pampering moment for mothers-to-be. The antioxidant-rich balm is applied to the body using therapeutic movements in this soothing and deeply relaxing massage. *Treatment can only be performed after the first trimester
75 mins

Amra Platinum & Rose Oud Hammam Journey

Begin the hammam journey with the aroma of gold to cleanse your mind and help you unwind. The Platinum Firming and Rose Oud treatment will give your skin a firmer and more youthful appearance. This AMRA hammam includes Precious Hammam Soap, Steam, Platinum Firming Body Polish, Platinum Dipeptide Rhassoul Body Mask, and Body Butter Application. The AMRA Platinum & Rose Oud hammam journey is enhanced with a Vichy shower experience.• Add-on 30 minutes – Choose from the following: AMRA express facial, AMRA back, neck, and shoulder massage, or AMRA facial cleanse and dry scalp massage • Add-on 60 minutes – Choose from the following: AMRA luxury facial, AMRA full-body bespoke massage
60 mins

Amra 24kt Gold Thai Massage

Start with a rejuvenating Gold Foot Ritual to take away your stress and soothe your feet. Let time come to a stop as the expert therapist works the world’s most luxurious oil into your skin to give you a deep-tissue full-body massage using traditional Thai techniques that target areas of tension.
90 mins

Tata Harper Men's Skin Solution

This treatment targets concerns specific to men’s skin. A regimen focused on reducing congestion and shaving irritation leaves skin refined and nourished.
60 mins; 90 mins with back massage and additional mask

Amra for Men Meteorite Facial

Scientifically engineered to combat all male skincare concerns, this facial combines the powerful benefits of platinum, volcanic rock, meteorite, and Cellactiv8 to draw out impurities, while also toning and firming.
60 mins; 75 with steam

Amra for Men Volcanic Rock and Gold Face & Body Ritual

This facial is designed to help firm, rejuvenate, and clarify the skin. It is followed by a crushed gold full-body exfoliation and a full-body massage.
150 mins

Tata Harper Recovery Body Ritual

Restore tired muscles and detoxify your skin with this recovery body treatment. A stimulating body peel and deeply detoxifying back mask will activate drainage of the lymphatic system, while a restorative massage soothes sore muscles.
90 mins

Amra for Men Hammam Journey

This traditional hammam ritual combines platinum, meteorite, volcanic rock, and Cellactive8 to protect skin from the pollution of the modern world. The result is a smoother, brighter, and healthier appearance. The treatment is suffused with an olfactory combination of woody amber and soft leather to give you an exceptional, bespoke experience. Enhance your experience: • Add-on 30 minutes – Choose from the following: AMRA express facial, AMRA back, neck, and shoulder massage, or AMRA facial cleanse and dry scalp massage • Add-on 60 minutes – Choose from the following: AMRA luxury facial, AMRA full-body bespoke massage
60 mins

Tata Harper Bath & Sport Ritual

This body treatment has been designed for the tired traveller, stressed executive, or one who wishes to unwind after a workout. The experience begins with an EVITARIUM® bath and is followed by a warming body peel and detoxifying wrap. The targeted pain relief massage leaves you feeling revitalized and refreshed.
140 mins

Amra 24kt Gold Sphere Massage

Immerse yourself in this bespoke journey, designed to remove the impurities of the day while revitalizing the skin. The treatment includes the AMRA-exclusive 24kt Gold Spheres, which melt away muscle stress and tension.
75 mins

Bespoke Massage by Amra

Using our highly active body oils, we tailor a massage to your specific needs and concerns.
60/90 mins

Amra Deep Tissue

This restorative, preventative, and luxurious deep-tissue massage encourages muscles to release tension, providing pain relief throughout the body.
60 mins

Tata Harper Organic Body Massage

Using a customized blend of herbs and botanical ingredients straight from Tata’s Vermont farm, this whole-body massage focuses on problematic areas for ultimate stress relief.
60/90 mins

Tata Harper Body Shaping Massage

The deep-tissue massage is paired with the body peel to remove dead skin cells. A botanical detox blend activates microcirculation to support healthy-looking skin.
60 mins

Three individual relaxation rooms in our men's and women's spas provide a unique relaxation and recovery experience. Book a room whenever you need a moment of calm.

Alpha-Sphere Sensory Relaxation Experience

Discover a perceptual experience of unique sounds, lights, colors, warmth, gentle vibrations, and more to enable your senses to connect in a new way through the unique Alpha Sphere.
30 mins

Idyllic Ambience Experience by Amra

In this relaxation pod, you will experience a bespoke Olfactory Meditation, choreographed to purify the mind and body, as you are eased through the meditation ritual.
30 mins

Sway Relaxation Experience

Within seconds, a pleasant, cozy feeling envelops your body, and your mind begins to let go. The pendulum frequency helps you relax completely. The experience is too short for deep sleep, but it is long enough to leave you feeling totally refreshed and ready to return to your day. This relaxation experience is further supported through a fine salt inhalation to open your airways.
30 mins

Decadent Suite Experiences

Our spa suite offers luxe facilities in a private setting. Luxuriate in the spacious arrival lounge and the bathroom with its full range of amenities. Indulge in the steam experience, hammam experience, and hydrotherapy pool. Experiences are priced to suit single, double, or group occupancy and can be adapted to suit your requirements.

Tata Harper VIP Suite Organic Package

This full-day experience in our luxury VIP suite starts with a private steam followed by an invigorating foot treatment and herbal tea ceremony. A honey cocoon body wrap begins with a Tibetan singing bowl ritual and is followed by a nourishing body wrap and full-body massage, complemented by a deeply hydrating facial. The package includes a wholesome vegan and organic lunch served in the privacy of the suite, as well as refreshments throughout your stay.
310 mins

Amra Immerse

This full-day experience is curated by Amra Skincare. Your time starts with an indulgent foot ritual. You will then move into the hammam, which will leave your skin glowing, and then on to a sublime full-body massage. You'll complete your experience with the ultimate facial treatment. Complement your day with a seasonal 2-course meal, relaxation time, and refreshments.
380 mins

Amra Ritual

This half-day experience starts in the steam room to detox the skin and free the mind. Next, revel in a rejuvenating full-body exfoliation and wrap. A Gold Sphere Massage will soothe you, relax you, and leave you in a state of bliss. And don’t forget to enjoy a sumptuous Waldorf Astoria afternoon tea served in the comfort of the suite.
255 mins

Amra Discover

Your journey begins with an opulent facial cleanse to draw out impurities, tone, tighten, and lighten your skin. Then, treat yourself to a side-by-side massage incorporating our bespoke 24kt Golden Spheres, which will give your skin nourishment and hydration. Complete your treatment with 30 minutes of relaxation in the private wet facilities of the VIP treatment suite.
120 mins
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