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Wellness Cabanas

Begin your journey to relaxation with our Wellness and Recovery Cabana experience at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills. Surrounded by panoramic views of Beverly Hills and beyond, enjoy an exclusive variety of wellness treatments to leave you feeling rested and recharged.

Treatments are available Monday – Sunday, by appointment only.

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Cabana Menu

Hotel Guests
Treatments are available daily; please enquire at the Spa to book.
Enjoy complimentary daily access to the Spa amenities and Fitness center.
Cabanas are available to rent daily.

Local Guests
Monday – Thursday pool access and services are available, must book a minimum of three.
Friday- Sunday pool access and services with a Cabana rental.

The following passes are also available to purchase:

Spa Pass | $75
Includes personal locker, access to shower and spa facilities for day use.

Fitness Center Pass | $25
Access to our Fitness Center for day use.

Combined Pass | $90
Includes Spa Pass, personal locker, access to shower and spa facilities, and day access to our fitness center.


Smart Goggles

With a combination of compressive massage, vibration, and heat, Smart Goggles can help ease headaches, reduce facial discomfort, decrease stress, and promote relaxation.
$50 | 15 mins

Virtual Reality Meditation

Reduce anxiety, discomfort, blood pressure and heart rate whilst being transformed to your personal safe place.
$75 | 30 mins



The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system. This service can relieve back and neck pain, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue and migraines. It may leave temporary marks on the skin.
$150 | 30 mins


This experience will be tailored to a specific work area targeting deep muscle tension.
$150 | 30 mins


Ideal for travelers. This treatment can increase mobility, relaxation and range of motion. Performed on table.
$150 | 30 mins

CBD Add On

Super Soothing Pain Serum Cream with CBD & Lidocaine or Ultra Relief muscle pain rub with CBD applied with a cryo massage roller for deeper penetration. Add CBD to any massage / can be used as a standalone spot treatment.


An advanced form of instrument-assisted, soft-tissue mobilization which incorporates the use of six specially-designed stainless steel instruments. The Graston Technique Therapy enables clinicians to effectively treat adverse effects of scar tissue and fascial restrictions and improve optimal range of motion.
$175 | 30 mins


Infrared Sauna

Deeply restorative, boost recovery time with our dry sauna. Infrared light will penetrate deeply into your muscles, help stimulate collagen, improve blood circulation, relieve pain, and ease symptoms of stress.
$75 | 30 mins

Cold Plunge

Cold plunge is quick and effective! It will accelerate muscle recovery, boost your immune system and reduce inflammation. Sauna and Cold plunge combination package $105
$50 | 3-5 mins

Percussive Massage

Percussive Massage takes deep tissue massage to the next level. The Theragun Percussive Massage device is used alongside tailored massage techniques to significantly and immediately reduce muscle strains, pains, and inflammation. Increases circulation and oxygen delivery to aid muscle recovery.
$105 | 25 mins

Compression Boots

RecoveryAir compression sleeves greatly improve your circulation, helping to recharge your entire lower body, decrease aches and pains, and help you recover from everyday stresses.
$105 | 30 mins


Strap in and tilt backward on an angle or completely upside down to relieve pain associated with a variety of back pain. The Table is designed to create space between your vertebrae and stretch the spine by removing gravitational pressure from the nerve roots and disks in the spine.
$30 | 20 mins

Heat Healer Sauna Blanket

Lay down and be wrapped in our Sauna blanket; 96 Jade & Tourmaline stones, carbon fiber heating and EMF blocking technology. Benefits included calm your mind, relieve aches & pains, burn calories, reduce inflammation and get your sweat detox going.
$130 | 60 mins

Heat Healer Body Belt

This Infrared, PEMF & Red Light Therapy Body Belt can target areas of the body including the abdominals, lower back and shoulders. It distributes infrared heat among 44 pockets filled with Jade, Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Amber, Amethyst crystals, and Negative-Ion Producing Clay Beads.
$75 | 30 mins

Cabana reservations are available Monday – Sunday. Treatments available by appointment.


Poolside Cabanas are available daily by reservation.

Blue Sky

Pool Access for (4), Fresh Fruit Bowl Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Monday-Thursday $375 | Friday-Sunday $500

Day Breeze

Pool Access for (4), VIP Seasonal Fruit Platter Non-Alcoholic Beverages, (1) Bottle of Champagne Choice of (2) Cold Plunge or (2) Sauna Sessions
Monday-Thursday $550 | Friday-Sunday $700


Pool Access for (4), VIP Seasonal Fruit Platter, Non-Alcoholic Beverages (1) Bottle of Champagne, Choice of (2) Cold Plunge or (2) Sauna Sessions (1) Percussive Massage, $150 Dining Credit
Monday-Thursday $950 | Friday-Sunday $1,250
**All cabana packages include a 15% discount on spa services at La Prairie Spa.

Poolside cabanas are available by reservation only. Please reserve your cabana prior to arrival.
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