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Hilton Harrisburg

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Meetings and events

Plan your upcoming occasion with help from our expert planners, who can handle all aspects of the event, from catering to A/V equipment. Choose from our collection of boardrooms, flexible function areas and large, pillar-free ballroom.

Wedding Reception


Our certified wedding planners will fulfill your wish list using custom packages, from catering to design services. We have two ballrooms with sparkling chandeliers and offer a bridal suite plus discounted rooms for guests.

Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Harrisburg BallroomSquare Feet: 9,47280000100058510800
Harrisburg Ballroom B1,B2,B3Square Feet: 6,290490008004057400
Harrisburg Ballroom B3,B4,B5Square Feet: 6,290490008004057400
Pennsylvania Ballroom (PA)Square Feet: 5,390360007002605000
Carlisle (B3)Square Feet: 3,570270747240022540056
Harrisburg Ballroom B1&B2Square Feet: 3,182220686840018034056
Harrisburg Ballroom B4&B5Square Feet: 3,182220686840018034056
Pennsylvania Ballroom PA1&PA2Square Feet: 2,69518008430012025072
Pennsylvania Ballroom PA3&PA4Square Feet: 2,69518008430012025072
MetropolitanSquare Feet: 2,03714009622010821090
Lancaster (B1)Square Feet: 1,63410038481509017036
York (B4)Square Feet: 1,63410038481509017036
Gettysburg (B2)Square Feet: 1,54810032481509017036
Lebanon (B5)Square Feet: 1,54810032481509017036
Allegheny (PA2)Square Feet: 1,3659038401406012536
Juniata (PA4)Square Feet: 1,3659038401406012536
Metropolitan ABSquare Feet: 1,365800601306614054
Delaware (PA3)Square Feet: 1,3309038401406012536
Susquehanna (PA1)Square Feet: 1,3309038401406012536
Metropolitan BCSquare Feet: 1,302800601206613054
HarrisburgerSquare Feet: 1,173803848807014040
Penn HarrisSquare Feet: 1,173033628028028
LelandSquare Feet: 1,1508038481007015044
Metropolitan ASquare Feet: 91050303690367030
Metropolitan CSquare Feet: 64040243060367024
Metropolitan BSquare Feet: 63040303650306024
Harrisburger BSquare Feet: 62140182430327018
Harrisburger ASquare Feet: 55240182030286016
United StatesSquare Feet: 52840242440325018
BradySquare Feet: 51340242440325018
BridgeportSquare Feet: 51340242440325018
LochielSquare Feet: 51301000000
William PennSquare Feet: 51340242440325018
GovernorSquare Feet: 50640242440325018