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The Spaat Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi

Delivering customized care and a personalized approach, our luxurious treatments are focused on three goals: relaxing, rebalancing and results.

Spa Hours

Spa: 9 am – 9 pm

Fitness center: Open 24 hours

We encourage you to arrive 30 minutes before your treatment to enjoy full use of the facilities. Late arrival will result in a reduced treatment time.

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Signature Experience

Starlight Ocean Wave

Drift away under the Maldivian stars in our exclusive Spa Pavillion, and relax with the sound of the gentle waves. Let your mind unwind and allow the healing powers of mother earth’s elements to rebalance your body in our candlelit spa sanctuary garden. Allow your body to transform through this exclusive journey with a slow rhythmic technique and a luxurious collagen eye mask packed with hydrating ingredients.
90 minutes
* Subject to weather conditions, available only from 8 pm to 10:30 pm

Signature Journeys

Woods from the Surroundings

We begin this experience with our traditional opening ritual of inhalation to focus the mind and center your thoughts. Wood energy can help to kick-start new beginnings and bring life energy into your space. An effective bamboo buff treatment is used to soften the skin as well as improving joint and muscle flexibility, while promoting balance and boosting energy. Draw positive energy from the minerals of the earth while the natural active botanicals hydrate your skin.
120 minutes

Salt of the Earth

Be grounded and connect to nature’s earth. Center yourself in a calm environment by breathing in deeply, clearing your thoughts, and expanding your lungs filled with oceans air. Begin to let go of the tense energy by visualizing colours that ground you. Shades of yellow, orange and brown draw in stability, feel the salt crystals cleanse your skin and inhale the scent of cedar and sandalwood as you start to visualize an empowered version of yourself. Allow your muscles to relax while salt stones draw out impurities, remineralize your skin and melt away any tension.
120 minutes

Water of the Maldives

This hydration experience draws on the power of hydrotherapy. Feel the drizzle on your skin as your feet get soaked in a gentle organic wash. Wash away your tension and relax in a warm bathing experience as you unwind your thoughts. While your body is warm envelope yourself in a rich rose neroli cream wrap. Float away as your scalp is massaged with therapeutic oils. To ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, ease away your tension with indulgent chamomile and rose damask body treatment to release stress and tension held in the body to promote overall wellbeing.
160 minutes

Metallic Gold

Enter a ceremony of sound therapy using ancient healing vibrational therapy to encourage mindfulness, self-awareness, and calming which in turn can encourage healing through stress relief. Begin to detoxify your thoughts and your body with a powerful invigorating tonic and Himalayan salt body. We encourage further elimination of fluid retention with a stimulating detox massage using traditional methods of suction cups.
120 minutes

Fire of the Sun

Hold onto ancient healing powers of lava rocks wrapped in leaves. Allow the natural pain relief to begin to relax your mind and body. Energise the body with an uplifting essential blend of sweet orange, rosemary and marjoram sugar scrub. Refresh your mind and restore your meridian energy levels with the invigorating warm and cooling effects of modern hot stone therapy. Allow the illuminating powers of the fire energy to boost the skin’s natural radiance. This vitality facial brightens the skin, leaving you glowing inside and out.
205 minutes

Healing and Holistic Therapy

Elemental Bliss Ritual

This ritual begins with a luxurious foot soak followed by a warming and invigorating treatment that integrates Thai herbal compresses along with hands on technique. Stretching and acupressure help to balance the body and mind, restoring meridian energy levels.
135 minutes
Signature Body Treatment


A contrast therapy treatment that incorporates hot stones to increase blood flow combined with a targeted cryo treatment to restrict blood flow and reduce inflammation. Accelerating the benefits of healing and muscle recovery to promote optimum wellbeing.
75 minutes | 105 minutes

Jetlag Revival

A rebalancing treatment that stimulates your circulation, reduces swelling, and eases muscle tension. Back and leg massage with aromatherapy oil to revive your circulation, followed by heated pouch to improve the flow. A head massage with eye mask to reset your internal clock.
105 minutes

Muscle Recovery

Deep tissue massage using firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia. This treatment is ideal for the experienced spa goer who suffers from deep-seated tension. Relieves stress and tightness while improving circulation.
105 minutes

Lymphatic Detox

Gently remove toxins with a blended therapeutic touch and suction cups. Manual lymph drainage will improve your circulation while detoxifying your body and enhance your oxygen levels within cells to give your body a natural healthy glow.
105 minutes


A soothing and relaxing deep tissue massage using gentle long strokes, kneading, skin rolling, pounding, stretching and acupressure to stimulate blood flow, release toxins from the body and remove muscle tension.
75 minutes | 105 minutes

Himalayan Stone

This warming and grounding massage uses heated Himalayan salt crystals. The penetrating heat of the salt stones allows for deeper tissue relaxation, preparing the skin for efficient absorption of vital minerals. The heated salt crystals also release negative ions, which help elevate the mood and normalize blood PH.
105 minutes

Thai Qi Flow

Thai massage is an ancient healing technique performed dry while wearing loose clothing. Assisted stretching, acupressure and muscle compression is engaged to revitalize your whole being.
105 minutes


To Balance Qi, the ancient Thai practice of reflexology works by applying deep pressure on various points on the feet and ankles. These points stimulate organs, nerve endings and energy pathways within the body, releasing tension and improving energy flow.
75 minutes

Slimming Therapy

Intense Revitalization

This Mineral Therapies treatment combines the best of the beauty world and physiotherapy. It acts as a super charger to restore the body’s original mineral balance.
75 minutes
Signature Body Therapy by Thalion

Thalisvelt Cellulite (3D)

This anti-cellulite treatment uses a new technique: the superposition, in thin layers, of a multitude of textures to saturate the skin with marine active ingredients. Combined with a deep massage of the adipose tissue, the formulas act at the heart of the epidermis to fight against the 3 dimensions of cellulite.
60 minutes

Detox Ritual

This unique treatment is a delight to the senses and can be performed year-round or during seasonal changes. It combines a purifying exfoliation with a detox massage using the pleasant texture of Marine Friction. A detoxifying relaxation phase stimulates elimination and drains toxins. Leaving the body feeling light and purified.
60 minutes

Express Slimming

This Thalion slimming massage rolls marine pearls and melts them on the skin to deliver Algoslim®, a precious, patented marine active ingredient that activates fat burning. Results are visible from the first treatment.
30 minutes

Toned Legs

A must-have treatment with an icy cooling effect that decongests and instantly relieves heavy legs, leaving them light, shapely, and comfortable.
30 minutes

Stomach Sculptor

An unprecedented curative and preventive approach to fighting excess abdominal fat. This treatment combines the Zen Abdomen massage technique using a trio of magnesium oil, Guérande mud, and Stomach & Waist Reshape for visible results from the very first session.
45 minutes

Detoxifying by LPG

Back and neck relaxation. Esthetic lymphatic drainage of legs or the entire body and face.
60 minutes

Target Body Personalized Protocol Building


Back l Arms l Waist l Stomach l Saddlebags Buttocks l Thighs l Inner thighs l Knees l Calves


Arms l Back l Pecs l Waist l Stomach l Thighs

Body Polishes and Envelopment

Himalayan Salt

Use one of the world’s purest salts combined with naturally extracted high quality essential oils to nourish, remineralise and boost your immunity whilst renewing your skin and leaving you feeling cleansed and polished.
45 minutes

Fire Energizer

Reveal smooth, supple skin with this energizing zesty combination of essential oils and sugar. Your whole body will be exfoliated before being sealed in a nourishing body cream to leave your skin nourished and deeply hydrated.
45 minutes

Detox Booster

To reduce fluid retention, invigorate circulation and shift toxins, a warm purifying kaolin clay, infused with rosemary, grapefruit and juniper berry is applied, before cocooning you in a thermal blanket.
60 minutes

Cucumber Aloe Vera

Soothe and calm the skin with pure Aloe Vera, protecting the skin from oxidative damage with its strong anti-inflammatory nature. The naturally high water content as well as the many antioxidant compounds in cucumbers will leave your body feeling cool and revitalized.
60 minutes

Face Essential

Ultimate Island Signature Facial

The restorative powers of a pure collagen face mask, infused with hyaluronic acid and activated by rose water, diminishes fine lines and deeply hydrates skin in this age-defying facial. Myofascial massage tones and lifts facial contours while hibiscus flower increases cell turnover and watermelon protects the skin. A blend of argan and jojoba oil nourishes hair during a blissful scalp massage. The ancient ritual of Gua Sha and Cryo globe therapy boosts blood circulation and increases collagen production, making this the ultimate skincare ritual.
105 minutes

Pearls of the Sea

A luxuriously intensive facial that detoxifies and purifies with caviar & algae. Shea butter cleanses and softens the skin while the anti-oxidant properties of raspberry fruit brightens and protects from free radicals. Soothing collagen eye masks infused with hyaluronic acid calm under-eye puffiness, while acupressure relieves stress.
105 minutes

After Sun Recovery / Sundown

A facial bursting with potent anti-oxidants to target signs of photo ageing & pigmentation suitable for after enjoying a day of Maldivian sun. The powerhouse combination of a pure collagen face mask enriched with vitamin C and activated with orange flower water combats the effects of environmental damage & brightens the complexion. Apricot kernel oil acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces UVA and UVB damage. Leaving skin energised & revitalised.
75 minutes

Golden Glow

The ultimate skin brightening treatment using the powerful properties of 24kt gold and regenerating golden millet oil. Following a gentle exfoliation with brightening bamboo and illuminating ruby, the 24kt gold leaf is massaged into the skin to leave the complexion with a sparkling glow.
75 minutes

Lift and Firm Eye Treatment / Eye Contour Lift*

Refresh the delicate eye area using LPG technology combined with pure collagen infused with hyaluronic acid to plump fine lines and restore hydration. Ginseng reduces puffiness while rice starch and pomegranate moisturises and smoothens. Eye area is firmed & lifted.
30 minutes

For ages 7 to 15

Back, Neck & Shoulder

After a day of adventure, relax with a soothing back, neck and shoulder treatment.
30 minutes | 60 minutes

Honey & Yogurt Facial

Two of the nature’s best skin enhancers, honey and yogurt, leaves skin with a radiant glow, reflecting good health. Honey brightens and smoothens the skin, while yogurt has properties that help reduce oiliness and refine pores.
60 minutes

Relaxing Foot & Ankle

Allow your feet to be totally pampered with a pressure point massage using a soothing foot lotion to hydrate, calm and ease your tired feet.
30 minutes

Oatmeal & Honet Buff

Receive all the healing and moisturizing benefits of oatmeal and honey while gentle removing dead skin with mild exfoliation. Oatmeal is a gentle exfoliator that helps restore natural moisture and remove surface dirt.
30 minutes
* Must be booked alongside a treatment with an adult.

Family Time

Mother & Daughter

• Creamy coconut vanilla buff for daughter • Fire Energizer polish for mother • Bonding treatment for mother and daughter • Glow experience for mother and daughter
120 minutes

Father & Son

Balinese Treatment for Father and Son
60 minutes

Foot Treatment for Father and Son
30 minutes

Signature Philip Kingsley Hair Therapy

Experience the Philip Kingsley Hair and Scalp Spa Treatment, a valuable and unique service that ensures your hair and scalp are in the very best condition.
60 minutes

Blow Dry & Styling

Wash & Blow Dry, Up Style. Discover hairstyle innovation and trends through the precision, mastery and contemporary artistic creations of our professionals.
60 minutes

Hair Cuts and Styling

All hair cutting services include a stress relieving treatment, shampoo, conditioner and blow dry.
Men l Ladies l Young guest’s


Britain’s London Town nail care science brings the restorative properties of rapeseed flower oil, evening primrose oil, chamomile, cucumber, and other essential vitamins.

Hydrate your skin and treat your nails to a traditional manicure or pedicure.

Classic Manicure

60 minutes

Classic Pedicure

60 minutes

Gel Manicure

75 minutes

Gel Pedicure

75 minutes

Classic Nail Painting

30 minutes

Nail Gel Painting

30 minutes

Express beauty treatment start with cutting, filing, and nail painting upon your request.

Express Mani

45 minutes

Express Pedi

45 minutes

Nail Gel Remover

60 minutes

Nail Painting Only

30 minutes


Transform your RED carpet look with a makeover using a range of CHANEL, well-known luxurious makeup palette. An Ideal way of achieving a perfect photo complexion every time in every occasion.


Our therapists respect your privacy and take the upmost care to make your waxing service comfortable. The duration of treatment will be subject to the area selected.
15 - 90 minutes
* Please ask our experts for the multiple types of waxing available.

Aqua Wellness Centre

Each zone of the pool targets a different part of the body, using varying levels of intensity and water temperature to ease muscle tension, boost the immune system, increase circulation, and more. For guests ages 16 to 77.

Aquatherapy Session

30 | 60 | 120 minutes

Aquatherapy Bonding

Relax together in our Aquatherapy pool for 60 minutes before a romantic couple’s treatment journey.
120 minutes

Fitness Centre

Our personal trainers will provide you with training options to help you reach your goals.

Personal Training

Our qualified fitness instructor will work with you to motivate and assist you to achieve your personal health and fitness goals, whether it is cardiovascular fitness, advanced strength, flexibility and/or weight loss. The first session will begin with a fitness evaluation.
60 minutes

Beach Bootcamp

Get motivated with a fun and ferocious outdoor activity that incorporates all sorts of drills to develop speed, agility and strength. Intense interval training dramatically improves fitness working out in the sun and sand provides a fantastic environment for primal movement and grounding with a healthy dose of vitamin D.
60 minutes


Boxing provides a high-intensity, power routine that requires focus and determination. Achieve optimal physical fitness, while sculpting arms, core and legs. Great for anyone who needs to burn off calories, lethargy or frustration
60 minutes

Private Wellness Activities

Gain wealth on your health under the guidance of intuitive practitioners in our outdoor environment.


Slowing the mind has a profound effect on wellbeing, relieves anxiety and improve stress resilience. Restore a sense of balance and peace with the help of a guided meditation. This mindfulness practice is for those who would like to learn about meditation in its many forms, as well as for those who appreciate the guidance of an experienced practitioner.
60 minutes


Weaving breath, movement and meditation through sequence of postures, yoga leaves you with a sense of grace and gratitude. Set in the fresh air amidst the beauty of our natural environment, this is a wonderful place to learn yoga or to workshop your own practice with an expert. The class can be adapted to suit your level and can be relaxing or invigorating.
60 minutes


Pilates improves overall flexibility, lowers stress levels, flattens your stomach and trims your waist by strengthening your natural core. A floor based exercise that strengthen sand lengthen the muscles, learn to breathe and hold proper posture to achieve overall wellness.
60 minutes


Breathe your way to a more flexible body with a gentle stretch class that will release tension and induce relaxation, in order to increase muscle flexibility and /or joint range of motion. This is an excellent and necessary complement to all other forms of sport.
60 minutes

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