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Hilton Minneapolis

Ballroom With Theater Setup
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Meetings and events

Connected via a skyway to the Minneapolis Convention Center, our award-winning meetings hotel features offices, registration counters, three ballrooms, and outdoor space. We have expert planning, catering, and a UPS store.

  • Total event space
    88,700sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    24,780sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms

Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
BALLROOMSquare Feet: 24,7801950--285014402576-
SALON DSquare Feet: 8,378700--9605241010-
SYMPHONY BALLROOMSquare Feet: 7,320500--750245615-
ORCHESTRASquare Feet: 6,148440--600250650-
Orchestra BallroomSquare Feet: 6,148440--600250650-
SALON ASquare Feet: 2,769220608832017229072
SALON BSquare Feet: 2,769220608832017630072
SALON CSquare Feet: 2,769220608832017229072
SALON ESquare Feet: 2,652210608830517227072
SALON FSquare Feet: 2,652230608830517628072
SALON GSquare Feet: 2,652210608830517227072
CONRAD B/CSquare Feet: 2,544180545828013024552
DULUTHSquare Feet: 2,14515060-25096150-
ROCHESTERSquare Feet: 1,78515044562056413248
ORCHESTRA ASquare Feet: 1,624120326015010018050
CONRAD ASquare Feet: 1,58414033482007515040
SYMPHONY ISquare Feet: 1,56811033481607514040
ORCHESTRA BSquare Feet: 1,56612032601508018050
ORCHESTRA CSquare Feet: 1,56612032601508018050
SYMPHONY IISquare Feet: 1,42111033481607514040
ORCHESTRA DSquare Feet: 1,39210032541508015045
CONRAD BSquare Feet: 1,34410028361506813030
CONRAD CSquare Feet: 1,2008028361306211530
MARQUETTE IIISquare Feet: 1,1709036401306812432
CONRAD DSquare Feet: 1,1528028361005811030
MARQUETTE VISquare Feet: 1,1319028361406813030
MARQUETTE IISquare Feet: 1,0538036401306812432
MARQUETTE IVSquare Feet: 1,0538036481154811040
RED WINGSquare Feet: 1,040803648120489640
MARQUETTE ISquare Feet: 9361003040120-11028
SYMPHONY IVSquare Feet: 70050202560325022
DIR. ROW 1Square Feet: 67650203280326024
BOARD ROOM 1Square Feet: 62450203280326024
DIR. ROW 2Square Feet: 62450203270326524
DIR. ROW 3Square Feet: 62450203270326524
DIR. ROW 4Square Feet: 62450203270326524
BOARD ROOM 2Square Feet: 624-10-----
FOYERSquare Feet: 12,810---1200---
SYMPHONY IIISquare Feet: 4,189---100---
SYMPHONY PROMENADESquare Feet: 1,600---190---
MARQUETTE IXSquare Feet: 1,560---120-100-
MARQUETTE VSquare Feet: 1,209---140-11030
MARQUETTE VIIISquare Feet: 1,170---120-100-
MARQUETTE VIISquare Feet: 1,053---120-110-
CONRAD FOYERSquare Feet: 100---150---
MARQUETTE BALLROOMSquare Feet: 11,040-----1000-
THE GALLERY AND OUTDOOR PATIOSquare Feet: 2,380-----100-
BOARD ROOM 3Square Feet: 676------16

UPS Store

Our on-site UPS store offers printing services, shipping and receiving, custom packaging services, and office supplies. We can print your materials ahead of time and deliver them to your event location.

Front Desk Staff

Weddings and Social Events

From a glamorous ballroom soiree to an intimate gathering on our outdoor patio, choose from a range of spaces for your dream wedding, gala or fundraiser. We’ve also partnered with the Orchestra Hall, making for a truly unique venue choice. We specialize in all types of weddings including LGBTQ+ and Indian celebrations.

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Event Catering

Our catering experts will help you plan a memorable meal for your event.

Catering Selection