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Arizona Biltmore, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

Cottage Court
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Meetings and events

We're home to multiple meeting rooms, historical ballrooms, and outdoor event spaces that overlook gardens and the surrounding mountains. Our dedicated events team will help organize every detail, from technology requirements to personalized catering.

  • Total event space
    310,592sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    24,576sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms

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Capacity Chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.
Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Frank Lloyd WrightSquare Feet: 24,5761980172282240020523120231
FLW A-FSquare Feet: 18,5601430130240180013922340183
FLW E-JSquare Feet: 18,5601430130240180013922340183
FLW A-ESquare Feet: 12,288960118192120010641560156
FLW F-JSquare Feet: 12,288960118192120010641560156
Arizona Biltmore BallroomSquare Feet: 11,174820--10006551000-
McArthur 4-7Square Feet: 9,8448809415610007141100123
Flagstaff & Casa GrandeSquare Feet: 7,918520-130860430750110
Grand BallroomSquare Feet: 7,298440-6550032055050
Gold RoomSquare Feet: 7,020390--400250400-
Mesa & FlagstaffSquare Feet: 6,586480-130800380725110
Croquet CourtSquare Feet: 6,400120------
FLW ESquare Feet: 6,144480118150600432780132
FLW FSquare Feet: 6,144480118150600432780132
FLW A-DSquare Feet: 6,016480118150600432780132
FLW G-JSquare Feet: 6,016480118150600432780132
Paradise GardenSquare Feet: 5,808350------
Camino LawnSquare Feet: 5,184120------
McArthur 1-3Square Feet: 5,1154008210850032452090
McArthur 4Square Feet: 5,1154008210850032452090
McArthur 5-7Square Feet: 5,1154008210850032452090
Cottage CourtSquare Feet: 4,900200------
Casa GrandeSquare Feet: 4,588260-6546022036055
FLW B-DSquare Feet: 4,55936088114450360585102
FLW G-ISquare Feet: 4,5593608811450360585102
FLW A-CSquare Feet: 4,51236088114450360585102
FLW H-JSquare Feet: 4,51236088114450360585102
McArthur 1/2Square Feet: 3,410280588833021636072
McArthur 2/3Square Feet: 3,410280588833021636072
McArthur 5/6Square Feet: 3,410280588833021636072
McArthur 6/7Square Feet: 3,410280588833021636072
FlagstaffSquare Feet: 3,330240-6540021034055
MesaSquare Feet: 3,256240-6540021034055
FLW BCSquare Feet: 3,055240528430021639072
FLW HISquare Feet: 3,055240528430021639072
FLW ABSquare Feet: 3,008240528430021639072
FLW CDSquare Feet: 3,008240528430021639072
FLW GHSquare Feet: 3,008240528430021639072
FLW IJSquare Feet: 3,008240528430021639072
Aztec PatioSquare Feet: 3,000150--200---
Aztec RoomSquare Feet: 2,332150-4520015022040
Grand CanyonSquare Feet: 2,112160455522012020045
Gold Room PatioSquare Feet: 1,995150--180---
McArthur 1Square Feet: 1,705130404416511418236
McArthur 2Square Feet: 1,705130404416511418236
McArthur 3Square Feet: 1,705130404416511418236
McArthur 5Square Feet: 1,705130404416511418236
McArthur 6Square Feet: 1,705130404416511418236
McArthur 7Square Feet: 1,705130404416511418236
FLW ASquare Feet: 1,504120405415010819545
FLW BSquare Feet: 1,504120405415010819545
FLW CSquare Feet: 1,504120405415010819545
FLW DSquare Feet: 1,504120405415010819545
FLW GSquare Feet: 1,504120405415010819545
FLW HSquare Feet: 1,504120405415010819545
FLW ISquare Feet: 1,504120405415010819545
FLW JSquare Feet: 1,504120405415010819545
Valley RoomSquare Feet: 1,4529035401008012530
Valley PatioSquare Feet: 1,44960--50---
SedonaSquare Feet: 1,326120354018010015036
Palo Verde SuiteSquare Feet: 1,1168028361105612627
CanyonSquare Feet: 1,056602536130507030
GrandSquare Feet: 1,056602536140507030
Taliesin SuiteSquare Feet: 83250252860407022
Ocotillo SuiteSquare Feet: 79250243080368024
CameronSquare Feet: 71350233060356025
PrescottSquare Feet: 70450253060356025
KaibabSquare Feet: 60030202040254023
RimrockSquare Feet: 56030202640254023
PapagoSquare Feet: 41420162035203018
KingmanSquare Feet: 2881210102015188
CoconinoSquare Feet: 13264-----
Terrace SuiteSquare Feet: 1,134-25--508025
HohokamSquare Feet: 468-16-----
Main FoyerSquare Feet: 5,632---940---

Event Catering

Our catering experts will help you plan a memorable meal for your event.
Event Catering
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