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Embark in a world of total tranquility and utter relaxation at Conrad Rabat Arzana Spa & Beauty salon.
Experience a sanctuary of self-reflection and discovery where every aspect of the well-being of the guests is addressed. From relaxing silence to subdued lighting, each element has been exquisitely tailored to maximize your experience.

Our Experiences

We combine state-of-the-art treatments and techniques from the world’s most exotic destinations into a restorative and rejuvenating journey. With the use of The Biologique Recherche and marocMaroc, we provide you with the ultimate and authentic experience that will leave you feeling restored.

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Spa Menu

Exhilarating Waves

Embark on an idyllic sensorial journey where color, perfumes, music and warmth are combined to transform your experience into a dream. Place your body and soul in a weightless floatation sensation where hot stones, warm caring hands and peaceful undulations are combined.
90 min
SPA SUITE With Ocean View

Salty Hammam Escape

A supreme version of pampering where you lay on a marble slab in a lavishly appointed Moroccan hammam as our SPA therapist treats you from head to toe. Complete your experience with a unique body envelopment using the treasured minerals of the sea to leave you uplifted.
90 min

Ethnic Ceremony

Transport your body to a place of calm with our truly grounding therapeutic massages bringing a wide range of techniques of the best practices in the world.
60 min

Massage Experiences

Head to Toe Massage

This aromatic massage will unravel the tensions of your body. It is performed by «Onguent d’Argan», an incredibly melting and nourishing product with a generous texture that will take you an olfactory journey like no other.
60 min | 90 min

Tension Relief Massage

This deep tissue massage experience encourage your body release all muscular tension and relieve the stress of your daily life by focus on your specific pressure point.
60 min | 90 min

Wellness Retreat

Candle massage: a sensory massage to relax the body and spirit in the soothing heat of the paillettes d'ambre candle. The circular movements will release a magical melted candle and the incredible scent of amber. Hot stone massage: where smooth heated stones are placed on specific points of your body to melt away knots, tensions and stress.
60 min | 90 min

Enliven Your Senses

Fully customize your treatment to your needs by choosing a massage on the part of your body that needs it most.
60 min | 90 min

Body Rituals

Miel D'ambre Sensations

Our ultra-purifying scrub is performed with Miel d’Ambre exfoliating body balm. Deeply cleansed, purified and softened, the skin’s natural radiance is restored.
30 min

A Sensation of Lightness

Our draining and decongestant treatment will stimulate your circulation and give you a sensation of lightness.
45 min

Deep Detox

Our purifying and detoxifying treatment will promote the elimination of toxins of your body and help improve your microcirculation.
60 min

Slimming Booster

Our draining treatment combined with cryotherapy will refine your bodily contours and reduce cellulite.
90 min


Local Touch

Embrace the North African tradition of purifying and cleansing the skin with olive rich black soap, then a steam and an invigorating scrub with the kessa glove.
30 min

Sweet Escape

Ancient traditions are revived with natural elements inside our majestic marble hammam. Enjoy an exfoliating session with kessa glove combined with a gourmet scrubbing balm for an ultra purifying experience.
60 min

Facial Experiences

Skin Instant Lab©

Facial diagnostic: this unique analysis is the first stage in the Biologique Recherche methodology, a tool we use to identify your Skin Instant©.
20 min
by Biologique Recherche

Face Remodelling

A state-of-the-art bio-electro stimulation that combines the power of three currents (galvanic current, medium and high frequencies) for immediate, long-lasting results.
30 min
by Biologique Recherche

Soin Contour des Yeux

Defatigating Patches : prevent and reduce signs of fatigue and age of the eye contour.
by Biologique Recherche

Only For You

Our personalized facials are designed after a thorough diagnosis to your skin to offer you the best combination of highly concentrated natural, biological active ingredients and fragrance-free products that your skin needs the most.
45 min | 60 min
by Biologique Recherche

Triple Lift Treatment

The ultimate firming and toning treatment using state-of-the technology, for mature skins that lack structure and tone. The features and contours of the face, neck and décolleté are retensed for restructured skin.
90 min
by Biologique Recherche

Skin Rejuvenation

For an exceptional ceremony, this anti-aging facial treatment deeply relaxes the body and mind, and reveals the radiance of your complexion. One thing is certain: you will come out of it feeling totally rested.
75 min
by marocMaroc

Art of Purity

A technique using hot stones, followed by a sumptuous scrub with our product Grains de Lumière, prepares the skin for ultra-purifying mask . The moisturizing caress of our Richesse d’Arganier cream is the ultimate finishing touch.
60 min
by marocMaroc


Romantic Escape

Embark on a sensorial ceremony that will make you feel reborn and enjoy a side by side relaxing massage on the warm quartz of our Spa Suite, followed by an ultra purifying facial while embracing the sound of the waves and indulging on a romantic Spa delicacy for two.
150 min
For two people

Time For Yourself

Design your ultimate SPA experience by choosing our “Salty Hammam escape” combined to one of our massages selection. This time is exclusively for you, let yourself embrace the experience.
120 min

Indulgent Hammam

With this complete Hammam ritual, the skin needs are fulfulled, the body is relaxed, and the spirit escapes... A beneficial aromatic massage will relax your body when using Onguent d'Argan, a melting and nourishing body balm, formulated with Argan Oil and Monoi butter. This ritual is enriched by an instant hydration of the bust with " Roses de Sucre".
90 min

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