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Group Workshops

Participate in one – or more – of our many group workshops. Face the competition in a group fitness class, learn to cook a fine meal with our Executive Chef, and find inner peace through yoga on the beach. Advance reservation required.

Outdoor seating on pier

Masterchef Workshop: Local Delicacy

Dressed as real chefs in aprons and toques, two teams compete in preparing one of our local delicacies. Our Executive Chef will try the dishes of both teams and choose the best one!

Max. number of attendees16

Masterchef Workshop: Seabass Preparation

Guided by a special recipe from our Executive Chef, two teams compete to prepare the perfect grilled sea bass. An excellent opportunity for all seafood lovers and grilling enthusiasts.

Max. number of attendees16

History of Cocktails

Join us on a journey through the history of cocktails, starting with the Old Fashioned to the golden age of the Daiquiri, 90s Cosmopolitans, and modern mixology.

Duration1 hour

Gin & Tonic Workshop

Discover the world of gin. We’ll guide you through the history of gin and the creation of the Gin & Tonic. Includes a tasting of various combinations and types of gin, tonic, and spices.

Duration1 hour

Introduction to Croatian Wines

Join a tasting class featuring local varieties of Croatian wine accompanied by a selection of local cheeses.

Duration1 hour

Anti-Stress Breathing Techniques Class

Our breath guides us through busy lifestyles, stress, and anxiety. Learn to fully master your breath with the help of eforea Spa & Health Club yoga masters.

Duration1 hour

Yoga as a Lifestyle

Improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self with the ancient practice of yoga. We recommend this workshop for teams exposed to daily stress and those who suffer from a lack of physical activity.

Duration1 hr

Create Your Own Wellness Calendar

A fast lifestyle, irregular diet and lack of physical activity can greatly affect our quality of life. Move towards a healthier lifestyle with the help of eforea Spa & Health club experts.

Availability on request

Stretching as a Form of Stress Relief

Even just a gentle stretch can do wonders for stress and anxiety. Stretching releases feel-good endorphins in the brain, which improves our mood and stress resistance.

Duration1 hour

Emotional Overeating

Education about proper nutrition is the first step towards changing eating habits. Create your own nutrition program and try a variety of healthy detox drinks.

Availability on request

Creative Drawing with Wine Tasting

Unlock your psyche through creative drawing. The workshop is held under the guidance of Emanuele Smith,  doctorate in Fine Art.

Availability on request

Competition in Rowing

Test your speed in a group rowing competition. The race is simulated on LED screens for an immersive experience.

Max. number of attendees6 per group
Duration1 hour

Spinning/Cycling Competition

Go all in for a cardio competition focused on endurance, power intervals, and high intensity.

Max. number of attendees6
Duration1 hour

Running Along Costabella Promenade

Fill your lungs with fresh Mediterranean air on a group run along the Costabella Promenade.

Max. number of attendees6 per group
Duration1 hour

Group Yoga/Pilates Class on the Beach

This class is suitable for beginners and advanced yogis alike. The instructor teaches different variations in order for everyone to improve flexibility and strength.

Duration1 hour

CrossFit Competition

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning training program. This competition gives participants an opportunity to compete, monitor, and share their experiences.

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