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Exclusive Experiences

Write your own Rome Cavalieri story with experiences you’ll remember forever. Contact our concierge to start planning your itinerary.

Golf green beside a lake

Marco Simone Golf

To make your golf experience in Rome unforgettable we go straight to the official hosting venue of 2023 Ryder Cup Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. The course unfolds in an exceptionally large area, giving the players who compete on Marco Simone’s golf course a real sense of freedom, the golf course turns around the Marco Simone castle and from many holes you have the view of St Peter’s Dome.

Gladiator Training

Gladiator Training

Experience the world of the gladiators who fought in the Colosseum 2,000 years ago. In the hotel’s private park, overlooking the Roman skyline, instructors from Rome’s Gladiatorial School teach ancient combat techniques and describe the life and times of the gladiators. Available on request to all guests over the age of seven, the course is a wonderful mix of sport and culture. A gladiator kit is included with traditional tunic, Roman sandals, belt, protective gloves, and wooden training sword, and on completion students are presented with a medal declaring them a ‘Tiro’, or first level gladiator.

Blue and Yellow Sports Cars Parked Grass

Italian Super-Car Experience

Whether it’s a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, or a Maserati, Italy is synonymous with super-fast, super-luxurious cars. Drive the Italian car of your dreams with a specially crafted Italian super car “experience day” and luxury car rental.

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Lobby area with art on walls-transition
Lobby area with art on walls

Art Collection

Tour the private art collection with our resident art historian. This hotel houses more than a thousand artistic treasures dating from the fourteenth century to today.

Activities for Kids

The IT Club team can arrange exclusive experiences for children both in the hotel and around Rome. With or without parents, kids can take a Roman adventure with activities such as myths and heroes tours, cooking classes, and treasure hunts in Villa Borghese.

Mini Gladiators

Circus Maximus Fun

Pizza Cooking Lesson

Pizza Making

Water feature and driveway

Hat Making

Guests Enjoying Afternoon Tea in Front of Painting in the Atrium

High tea

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