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Sitting on the breathtaking San Diego waterfront, our hotel is the perfect setting for small business meetings, conferences, conventions, social events, and weddings, offering a unique urban coastal experience for every attendee.

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Aqua Salon Ballroom

Event Spaces

More than 170,000 sq. ft. of elegant indoor and gorgeous outdoor event and meeting spaces include the 34,000 sq. ft. Sapphire Ballroom, the largest pillar-free ballroom in San Diego. Host an unforgettable outdoor event at the 1.3-acre Bayfront Park or gather on a poolside patio or starlit terrace.

On-Site catering  - food table

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Enlist the help of the hotel’s dedicated event services team to assist with room selection, configurations and technology requirements, as well as tailored catering services to create a unique and memorable event from start to finish.

Guest taking a photo at an outdoor event

Incentives and Team-Building

Gather with colleagues for sunrise yoga in Promenade Plaza, savor coastal cuisine at a private dinner in Hudson & Nash before catching a game at nearby Petco Park, or explore a wide variety of shopping and dining across the pedestrian bridge in Gaslamp Quarter.

  • Total Event Space 134,667 square feet
  • Largest Room Setup 61,200 square feet
  • 34 Meeting Rooms
  • 1,190 Guest Rooms

Capacity Chart

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Bayfront Park61,200 Square Feet4880Not availableNot available6112Not available6772Not available
Sapphire Ballroom33,072 Square Feet2240Not availableNot available340520003773Not available
Sapphire Ballroom ABCEFGIJKMNO23,691 Square Feet1680Not availableNot available238615642664Not available
Sapphire Ballroom BCDFGHJKLNOP23,691 Square Feet1560Not availableNot available233815592591Not available
Indigo Ballroom23,598 Square Feet1650Not availableNot available266016022663Not available
Sapphire Ballroom ABCDEFGHIJKL23,296 Square Feet1660Not availableNot available228715242534Not available
Indigo ABCEFG16,872 Square Feet1160Not availableNot available165011001828Not available
Indigo BCDFGH16,872 Square Feet1170Not availableNot available167211151853Not available
Sapphire Ballroom ABCDEFGH16,432 Square Feet1160Not availableNot available16079451780Not available
Sapphire Ballroom IJKLMNOP16,432 Square Feet1120Not availableNot available139010301711Not available
Sapphire Ballroom CDGHKLOP15,900 Square Feet980Not availableNot available156410431733Not available
Sapphire Ballroom BCFGJKNO14,310 Square Feet830Not availableNot available13909271541Not available
Indigo ABCD11,799 Square Feet800Not availableNot available11547691278Not available
Indigo EFGH11,799 Square Feet800Not availableNot available11547691278Not available
Indigo ABEF11,742 Square Feet800Not availableNot available11537681277Not available
Indigo CDGH11,742 Square Feet800Not availableNot available11757831302Not available
Sapphire Terrace10,920 Square Feet340Not availableNot available734Not availableNot availableNot available
Indigo BCFG10,260 Square Feet660Not availableNot available9946631102Not available
Promenade Plaza10,170 Square Feet400Not availableNot available702Not availableNot availableNot available
Sapphire Ballroom ABCD9,568 Square Feet660Not availableNot available9486321050Not available
Sapphire Ballroom AEIM or DHLP9,381 Square Feet600Not availableNot available9166111015Not available
Aqua Salon8,832 Square Feet460Not availableNot available700468936Not available
Indigo Foyer8,400 Square FeetNot availableNot availableNot available198Not availableNot availableNot available
Sapphire Ballroom ABEF, CDGH, IJMN or KLOP7,900 Square Feet510Not availableNot available772515856Not available
Aqua (Salon) BCDEF7,774 Square Feet410Not availableNot available635462864Not available
Aqua (Salon) ABCDE7,406 Square Feet410Not availableNot available590462900Not available
Aqua (Salon) CDEF6,900 Square Feet390Not availableNot available565420834Not available
Indigo AE6,612 Square Feet450Not availableNot available655437726Not available
Indigo DH6,612 Square Feet450Not availableNot available678452751Not available
Sapphire West Foyer6,600 Square FeetNot availableNot availableNot available686Not availableNot availableNot available
Aqua (Salon) BCDE6,302 Square Feet380Not availableNot available520364648Not available
Aqua (Salon) ABCD6,026 Square Feet330Not availableNot available450336540Not available
Indigo AB or EF5,871 Square Feet380Not availableNot available577385639Not available
Indigo CD or GH5,871 Square Feet400Not availableNot available577385639Not available
Aqua (Salon) CDE5,520 Square Feet300Not availableNot available440315580Not available
Aqua (Salon) DEF5,198 Square Feet240Not availableNot available392270480Not available
Indigo BF or CG5,130 Square Feet320Not availableNot available497331551Not available
Aqua (Salon) BCD4,922 Square Feet240Not availableNot available400295490Not available
Indigo Terrace4,860 Square Feet310Not availableNot available692Not availableNot availableNot available
Sapphire Ballroom AE, IM, DH or LP4,661 Square Feet270Not availableNot available452302501Not available
Sapphire Ballroom AB, CD, MN or OP4,600 Square Feet300Not availableNot available455304505Not available
Aqua (Salon) CD4,140 Square Feet2108210032521048093
Aqua (Salon) ABC3,956 Square Feet180Not availableNot available320210420Not available
Aqua (Salon) DE3,818 Square Feet180668827719038077
Indigo A3,306 Square Feet200Not availableNot available340200336Not available
Indigo D3,306 Square Feet200Not availableNot available336210322Not available
Indigo E3,306 Square Feet200108Not available340200336Not available
Indigo H3,306 Square Feet200Not availableNot available33621032296
Sapphire Ballroom EF, GH, IJ or KL3,300 Square Feet220Not availableNot available327218362Not available
Aqua (Salon) EF2,760 Square Feet150487223016825463
Sapphire Ballroom A, D, M or P2,714 Square Feet180Not availableNot available261174289Not available
Indigo B2,565 Square Feet160Not availableNot available246150250Not available
Indigo C2,565 Square Feet160Not availableNot available246150250Not available
Aqua (Salon) BC2,530 Square Feet150587632019230054
Indigo 2042,300 Square Feet140386421012621650
Indigo 2022,254 Square Feet140386420612621650
Cobalt 5012,093 Square Feet10078801709014575
Aqua (Salon) D2,070 Square Feet12040581609622045
Aqua 3002,065 Square Feet13040541408014048
Sapphire 4002,046 Square Feet100486016010818056
Aqua (Salon) C2,024 Square Feet12040581609622045
Sapphire Ballroom E, I, H or L1,947 Square Feet120Not availableNot available191128212Not available
Aqua (Salon) AB1,932 Square Feet9034581108420045
Cobalt 5001,770 Square Feet10052521609016048
Sapphire 4101,736 Square Feet10042521809017050
Aqua Patio1,540 Square FeetNot availableNot availableNot availableNot availableNot availableNot availableNot available
Aqua 3101,484 Square Feet10040421269012640
Aqua 3111,458 Square Feet10040481256012042
Sapphire 4111,458 Square Feet8040481305412042
Cobalt 501BC1,449 Square Feet8050481306411550
Aqua 300A1,435 Square Feet8028341004010028
Aqua (Salon) E1,380 Square Feet8040461107013239
Aqua (Salon) F1,380 Square Feet7034461107012039
Elevation1,377 Square Feet8070561376611958
Cobalt 5021,352 Square Feet8046481107012045
Cobalt 501AB1,265 Square Feet6050461005610545
Indigo 204B1,242 Square Feet603442110729036
Indigo 202A1,196 Square Feet60344278729036
Aqua (Salon) A1,104 Square Feet60344070458036
Sapphire 400B1,089 Square Feet40203080458528
Indigo 202B1,058 Square Feet60344267638036
Indigo 204A1,058 Square Feet60344280638036
Indigo 2061,050 Square Feet60264072608432
Sapphire 400A957 Square Feet40203080458528
Sapphire 410A868 Square Feet40202290367224
Sapphire 410B868 Square Feet40243490367230
Cobalt 520836 Square Feet50172271487920
Cobalt 501C828 Square Feet40283073368027
Aqua 310B784 Square Feet50202460407018
Sapphire 402783 Square Feet40202462365518
Aqua 311A729 Square Feet40141668306814
Sapphire 411A729 Square Feet40182468366018
Sapphire 411B729 Square Feet40182468366018
Sapphire Greenroom725 Square Feet40161658363620
Aqua 303714 Square Feet30121454245012
Aqua 305714 Square Feet30121454245012
Aqua 307714 Square Feet30121454245012
Aqua 309714 Square Feet30121454245012
Aqua 313714 Square Feet60172280408017
Aqua 314714 Square Feet60162382458218
Aqua 311B702 Square Feet40121660246012
Aqua 310A700 Square Feet50202460407018
Cobalt 502A676 Square Feet40202250365018
Cobalt 502B676 Square Feet40202268365518
Cobalt 501B621 Square Feet20182445304421
Cobalt 501A616 Square Feet30182445214221
Aqua 300B570 Square Feet30101240183510
Promenade Plaza East Foyer507 Square FeetNot availableNot availableNot availableNot availableNot availableNot availableNot available
Promenade Plaza West Foyer507 Square FeetNot availableNot availableNot availableNot availableNot availableNot availableNot available
Aqua Boardroom493 Square FeetNot available14Not availableNot availableNot availableNot availableNot available
Sapphire Boardroom493 Square FeetNot available14Not availableNot availableNot availableNot availableNot available
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