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Hilton Palacio del Rio

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Meetings and events

Host your event in Stetson Ballroom, which features floor-to-ceiling windows with views over the River Walk. We also offer smaller meeting venues with A/V technology and space in the historic Pavilion, just across the road from our hotel.

  • Total event space
    26,211sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    7,521sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms
El Mirador Banquet Room


Have your ceremony on our terrace garden or at the historic Pavilion building, before celebrating in our choice of ballrooms. Packages include room blocks and special rates for your guests, room decor, and your very own wedding catering specialist to assist with menu options.

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Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Salon/Pref & CoronaSquare Feet: 7,52160000900000
Salon Del ReySquare Feet: 5,757500006753966750
La VistaSquare Feet: 4,6233500040020036070
Garden TerraceSquare Feet: 4,59020000400000
El MiradorSquare Feet: 4,3043400036022036060
Salon B & CSquare Feet: 4,1043400050026445072
El Mirador B & CSquare Feet: 3,3442500035015029654
Salon A & BSquare Feet: 3,3062900040022033866
The Pavilion Upper LevelSquare Feet: 2,88616056030515029663
Salon C (Salon del Rey)Square Feet: 2,45119007230016027658
El Mirador CSquare Feet: 2,2401504001807214445
The Pavilion - Main LevelSquare Feet: 2,14515056025011723454
El Mirador ABC EastSquare Feet: 2,0801305402009618055
El Mirador ABC WestSquare Feet: 2,0801305402009618055
La Vista ABCSquare Feet: 2,07716054026512616055
La Vista DEFSquare Feet: 2,07716054026512616055
El Mirador A & BSquare Feet: 1,92015042020010820044
The StetsonSquare Feet: 1,89012062016501140
El Mirador B & C EastSquare Feet: 1,672100001808012544
El Mirador B & C WestSquare Feet: 1,672100001808012544
Salon A (Salon del Rey)Square Feet: 1,6531400581509615451
Salon B (Salon del Rey)Square Feet: 1,6531400581509615451
The Pavilion Upper Level ASquare Feet: 1,521703201456410932
The Pavilion Upper Level BSquare Feet: 1,521803201557010934
La Vista B & CSquare Feet: 1,3021003201406513531
La Vista E & FSquare Feet: 1,3021003201406513531
La Vista A & BSquare Feet: 1,147803001255912625
La Vista D & ESquare Feet: 1,147803001255912625
El Mirador C EastSquare Feet: 1,12060280100408421
El Mirador C WestSquare Feet: 1,12060200100408421
El Mirador BSquare Feet: 1,1041004001307212245
PrefunctionSquare Feet: 1,0920000000
El Mirador A & B EastSquare Feet: 96080300100519032
El Mirador A & B WestSquare Feet: 96080300100519032
La Vista CSquare Feet: 93070242490398520
La Vista FSquare Feet: 93070242490398520
La Vista ASquare Feet: 7755024060407018
La Vista DSquare Feet: 77550242460407018
El Mirador ASquare Feet: 7685040060518839
Hacienda IIISquare Feet: 6724040050365133
La CondesaSquare Feet: 67240363660367035
La CoronaSquare Feet: 67240363660367035
La ReinaSquare Feet: 67240363660367035
El Mirador B EastSquare Feet: 55240202880365421
El Mirador B WestSquare Feet: 5524020080365421
La DuquesaSquare Feet: 44830202240244221
La PrincessaSquare Feet: 44830202240244221
Hacienda IISquare Feet: 435018000300
El Mirador A EastSquare Feet: 38420202020244019
El Mirador A WestSquare Feet: 38420202020244019
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