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Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Rows of Chairs in Continental Ballroom
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Meetings and events

We have on-site certified meeting planners, state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and A/V technology, catering, and small meeting packages available, and can help arrange access to off-site locations such as City Hall and Angel Island.

  • Total event space
    147,568sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    29,637sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms

Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Grand BallroomSquare Feet: 29,6372700--340718003300-
Golden Gate ComplexSquare Feet: 26,076700--1100---
Grand Ballroom Salon BSquare Feet: 19,9801760--229712002250-
Continental BallroomSquare Feet: 19,1521620--210012002200-
Yosemite RoomSquare Feet: 11,685750--1343---
Grand BallroomSalon ASquare Feet: 9,657830--1110600900-
CityscapeSquare Feet: 8,516200------
Imperial BallroomSquare Feet: 6,642580--773462780-
Plaza RoomSquare Feet: 6,237500--717348675-
East LoungeSquare Feet: 6,200160--900---
Franciscan RoomSquare Feet: 5,600500--644---
Continental Parlor 5Square Feet: 4,200400--483270490-
Continental Parlor 4Square Feet: 4,116400--473270475-
Continental Parlor 6Square Feet: 4,116400--473270475-
Imperial ASquare Feet: 3,280280444838621039042
Imperial BSquare Feet: 3,280280444838621039042
Plaza Room ASquare Feet: 3,240280--372201380-
Plaza Room BSquare Feet: 2,997250--344201350-
West LoungeSquare Feet: 2,30060--150---
Vista Room +Square Feet: 1,7128022-150---
California roomSquare Feet: 1,6461004042140-150-
North LoungeSquare Feet: 1,62590--300---
Yosemite Room BSquare Feet: 1,56813040451809016039
Yosemite Room ASquare Feet: 1,1279038421307213036
Yosemite Room CSquare Feet: 1,1279038421307213036
Continental Parlor 2Square Feet: 1,0809040-12472120-
Continental Parlor 8Square Feet: 1,0809040-12472120-
Golden Gate 2Square Feet: 1,0328036421207812032
Golden Gate 3Square Feet: 1,0328036421207812442
Golden Gate 4Square Feet: 1,0328036421208112442
Golden Gate 7Square Feet: 1,0328036421206911832
Golden Gate 8Square Feet: 1,0328036421206911032
Golden Gate 6Square Feet: 1,0088036421206612732
Franciscan Room ASquare Feet: 9908040-1145110036
Franciscan Room BSquare Feet: 9908040-1295110036
Franciscan Room CSquare Feet: 9908040-1295110036
Franciscan Room DSquare Feet: 9908040-1295110036
Golden Gate 5Square Feet: 9848036321206611032
Union Square 15&16Square Feet: 9608052-11060110-
Union Square 22Square Feet: 9608052-11060110-
Union Square 19&20Square Feet: 9308052-10760110-
Union Square 23&24Square Feet: 9308052-10760110-
Continental Parlor 1Square Feet: 9208040-1066010030
Continental Parlor 3Square Feet: 9208040-10660100-
Continental Parlor 7Square Feet: 9208040-10660100-
Continental Parlor 9Square Feet: 9208040-10660100-
Nob Hill 2/3Square Feet: 7847040-874890-
Nob Hill 4/5Square Feet: 7847040-874890-
Nob Hill 6/7Square Feet: 7847040-874890-
Nob Hill 8/9Square Feet: 7847040-874890-
Union Square 17&18Square Feet: 7607040-874890-
Union Square 3&4Square Feet: 7607040-874890-
Union Square 5&6Square Feet: 7607040-874890-
Golden Gate 1Square Feet: 75950302890459032
Union Square 1&2Square Feet: 73070403084489014
Executive Board RoomSquare Feet: 680252530----
Green RoomSquare Feet: 6802525-----
Union Square 14Square Feet: 6205034-713970-
Union Square 21Square Feet: 5325034-873980-
Nob Hill 1Square Feet: 5185034-804280-
Nob Hill 10Square Feet: 5185034-804280-
Union Square 13Square Feet: 5185034-693970-
Union Square 25Square Feet: 5185034-753980-
Union Square 15Square Feet: 4804028-553055-
Union Square 16Square Feet: 4804028-553055-
Union Square 19Square Feet: 4654028-533050-
Union Square 20Square Feet: 4654028-533050-
Union Square 23Square Feet: 4654028-533050-
Union Square 24Square Feet: 4654028-533050-
Union Square 18Square Feet: 4193022-482750-
Union Square 4Square Feet: 4183022-482750-
Union Square 6Square Feet: 4033022-462750-
Nob Hill 3Square Feet: 4003022-452140-
Nob Hill 5Square Feet: 4003022-452140-
Nob Hill 7Square Feet: 4003022-452140-
Nob Hill 9Square Feet: 4003022-452140-
Nob Hill 2Square Feet: 3843022-432140-
Nob Hill 4Square Feet: 3843022-432140-
Nob Hill 6Square Feet: 3843022-432140-
Nob Hill 8Square Feet: 3843022-432140-
Union Square 10Square Feet: 3803022-44244215
Union Square 11Square Feet: 3803022-44244215
Union Square 2Square Feet: 3803022-442150-
Union Square 9Square Feet: 3803022-442442-
Union Square 12Square Feet: 3653022-42244215
Union Square 8Square Feet: 3653022-422442-
Union Square 5Square Feet: 3563022-412140-
Union Square 17Square Feet: 3413016-392140-
Union Square 1Square Feet: 3403016-39214014
Union Square 3Square Feet: 3403016-392140-
Union Square 7Square Feet: 32020--371220-
Seacliff RoomSquare Feet: 456-16-----
Marina RoomSquare Feet: 342-12-----
Presidio RoomSquare Feet: 330-12-----
Sunset RoomSquare Feet: 308-12-----
South LoungeSquare Feet: 1,625---200---
Grand Ballroom FoyerSquare Feet: 1,311---90---
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