Tables in Golden Peony Restaurant

Golden Peony

Visit the ever-elegant Golden Peony, celebrated for its rich heritage of Cantonese culinary treasures. Try dishes perfected over generations and take part in the tradition of Chinese tea culture.

lobster dish on a plate at Golden Peony Restaurant

Treasured Cantonese Cuisine

Our cuisine is centered around a cherished heritage of carefully sourced ingredients, intricate techniques, and a striking balance of taste, texture, and presentation.

It is all done under the hands of Chinese Executive Chef Ku Keung, with an emphasis on dishes that trace their origins to his Hong Kong heritage.

Steamed Lobster Dumplings with Sauce

Exquisite Dim Sum

Celebrate the handcrafted finesse of our dim sum masters as they craft small plates with carefully selected ingredients.

Shrimp Dish and Teapot in a Restaurant

Heritage Tea Collection

Discover the tradition of Chinese tea time. Our curated selection of Jing Teas are handpicked in China at the peak of their season.

a Person Having Roast Duck and Vegetables at Golden Peony Restaurant

Private Dining

Dine in exclusivity. Elevate your experience with a special gourmet menu, including dried seafood, fish maw, bird’s nest, and sea cucumber, all paired with curated premium teas.


Lunch, weekdays

11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Mon through Fri

Lunch, weekends

11:30 am – 1 pm1st seating
1:30 – 3 pm2nd seating


6:30 – 10:30 pmDaily



Trio platter

Crispy ‘pao-pao’ with plant based meat, Vegetarian Peking duck, Crispy bean curd skin roll, dried pineapple, homemade pancake, Crispy filo mushroom roll

Double-boiled vegetarian clear soup

Bamboo pith, wolfberries, morel mushrooms in young coconut

Plant based meat with ginger purée

Served in lotus leaf bamboo basket

Plant based lion head ball

Winter melon ring

Red kojic multigrain rice

Pan-seared vegetarian scallop

Chilled peach jelly

Snow pear, peach resin


Trio platter

Herb roasted duck homemade pancake, dried pineapple, crispy bean curd skin, Sliced London duck, swan pastry filled with chili crab meat, black pepper sauce

Double-boiled new Caledonia ‘obsiblue’ prawn soup

With bamboo pith and conpoy in mini golden pumpkin

Sea perch

Baked with honey-glazed sauce, sweet and sour green mango salad

Baked iberico spare rib

Infused with red kojic sauce

Vermicelli ‘mian xian’ noodle

Crab claw stuffed with prawn paste, wrapped with bean curd skin, steamed with egg white, Chinese wine broth

Chilled cream of avocado

Vanilla ice cream


Chilled eight head abalone

Tobiko, ‘ice plant’, sesame dressing

Blooming bird’s nest soup

XO Kurobuta Pork

Wrapped with bacon, signature homemade XO sauce

Sea perch

Steamed with preserved capsicum chili

Half lobster fragrant poached rice

Superior lobster broth

Dessert combination

Swan pastry filled with sweet potato, double-boiled peach resin, snow pear and fungus


Roasted Peking duck

Homemade pancake, beancurd skin, cucumber, spring onion

Double-boiled fish maw soup

Sea whelk, conpoy and bamboo pith in young coconut

Marble goby

Steamed with superior soy sauce and crispy bean crumb

Angus tenderloin cubes

Sautéed with black pepper sauce, asparagus

Sea cucumber

Homemade beancurd, Chinese mushroom, baby cabbage vegetable

Peking duck combination

Crispy ‘pao pao’ minced duck, stir-fried minced duck served with lettuce

River prawn crispy egg noodle

Signature ginger, scallion and egg gravy

Chilled lemongrass jelly

Jackfruit, cranberry


Chilled spiny lobster

Tobiko, ‘ice plant’, sesame dressing

Mini buddha jump over the wall

Double-boiled with eight head South Africa abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, conpoy, Chinese mushroom

Sea Perch

Sea perch baked with teriyaki sauce

Homemade beancurd

Wild mushroom, wolfberries, seasonal vegetable

Wagyu beef cubes

Pan-seared with sea salt, asparagus, black pepper sauce

Crispy egg noodle

Served with ‘dong po’ pork belly

Crispy green tea puff pastry

Superior bird’s nest

Double-boiled with rock sugar, red date

Hong Kong Nostalgic

For 10 people; three days advance order required

Appetizer platter

’Bi feng tang’ lobster served in golden nest, crispy ‘pao pao’ filled with egg and crabmeat, London duck pancake, dried pineapple, crispy bean curd skin

Double-boiled imperial bird’s nest in whole chicken

Abalone, conpoy, homemade wanton, ‘Jinhua’ ham

Steamed star grouper

Served with jin hua ham, sliced mushroom, kai lan

Kami Sakura chicken

Deep-fried; stuffed with prawn paste

Goose web and five head abalone

Braised with five head South African abalone, pomelo and shrimp roe

Roasted suckling pig

Filled with glutinous rice and Chinese sausage

Crispy green tea puff pastry

Koi soy pudding

Served with lemongrass jelly, aloe vera, rainbow pearl

Weekday Lunch Dim Sum

Baby abalone dumpling soup

Beancurd stuffed with prawn paste

Scallop, crabmeat sauce

XO Carrot cake

Chinese sausage, homemade signature XO sauce

Lobster seafood dumpling

Pork ‘siew mai’

Mini abalone

Squid ink prawn dumpling

Scallop dumpling

Dried conpoy

Barbecued pork bun

Pan-fried chili crab bun

XO Kurobuta pork spring roll

Homemade signature XO sauce

Barbecue Kurobuta pork pastry

Crispy prawn dumpling

Fresh fruit salad

Sea perch with avocado

Beancurd skin shrimp roll

Plant-Based Dim Sum

Five spice ‘teo chew’ dumpling

Truffle shitake buns

‘Szechuan’ ma la dumpling

Siew mai

Glutinous rice

Steamed, wrapped in lotus leaf

Crispy filo roll


Taro pastry


Century egg congee with pork

Fish congee

Dim sum for the little one

Turtle toast with shrimp

Piggy bun filled with egg custard

Red bean bun

Chicken bun

Mini claypot appetizer

Curry fish ball

‘Zhe jiang’ vinegar pork knuckle


Hong Kong traditional sponge cake, olive seed

Barbecue pork bun

Crystal vegetarian dumpling

XO Phoenix Feet

XO chili sauce

Squid ink prawn dumpling

Five spice ‘teo chew’ dumpling

Pork ‘siew mai’, mini abalone

Scallop dumpling

Dried conpoy

Fried and Baked

Beancurd skin shrimp roll

Glutinous rice

Steamed, wrapped in lotus leaf

Steamed Dace Fish Ball


Pan-fried chili crab bun

Crispy filo roll filled with mushroom

XO Carrot Cake

Chinese sausage, XO sauce

Crispy prawn dumpling

Fresh fruit salad

Barbecued Pork belly

Roast ‘char siew’

Crispy chicken wing stuffed with glutinous rice

‘Jiang nan’ crispy chicken stuffed with shrimp paste

Barbecued Specialites

Barbecued Pork Belly

Roasted Peking Duck

Homemade pancakes, bean curd skin, cucumber, spring onion

Signature Roasted ‘London’ Duck

Spiced almond flakes

Village Chicken

Crispy shallot

Barbecued Cold Cut Platter

Selection: thai chili sauce, baby abalone, barbecued honey-glazed pork, barecued pork belly, village chicken with crispy shallot, jellyfish with cucumber, chicken in chili oil

Bi Feng Tang Crispy Chicken

Spiced almond flakes


Mini Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

Abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, conpoy, Chinese mushroom in young coconut

Double-boiled Baby Abalone

Sea whelk, conpoy, bamboo pith in mini golden pumpkin

Double-boiled Lobster and Prawn

Superior fish bone broth

Double-boiled Kami Sakura Chicken

Sea whelk, cordyceps militaris

Double-boiled Pork Rib

Chinese yam, agaricus blazei

Double-boiled Bamboo Pith

Wolfberries, morel mushrooms in young coconut


Mini Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

Braised five-head premium south African abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, whole conpoy and Chinese mushroom in rich brown sauce, served with double-boiled chicken soup with sea whelk and bamboo pith

Two-Head Premium Abalone

Oyster sauce, seasonal vegetables

Five-Head Premium South African Abalone

Black truffle, seasonal vegetables

Eight-Head Abalone

Bean curd stuffed with prawn paste, Chinese mushroom, baby cabbage

Baby Abalone

Sea Jelly with Spicy Lime Sauce

Live Seafood

Red Grouper

Spiny Lobster

Star Grouper

Live Prawn

Marble Goby ‘Soon Hock’


Crab Claw

Stuffed with prawn paste, wrapped with bean curd skin, steamed with egg white, Chinese wine broth

Sea Perch

Steamed with preserved capsicum chili

Sea Perch

Baked with red wine sauce

King Prawn

Baked with spiced homemade sauce

Golden Prawns

Coated with wasabi mayonnaise, fresh fruits, tobiko

Fresh Prawn

Glass noodle with eight treasure sauce in claypot

Homemade Beancurd

Scallop, prawn, sliced sea perch in claypot

Poultry and Meat

XO Kurobuta Pork

Wrapped with bacon and signature homemade XO sauce

Baked Iberico Spare Rib

Infused with red kojic sauce

Angus Tenderloin Cubes

Sautéed with black pepper sauce, bell pepper, onion

Sweet and Sour Pork

Fresh mango, bell pepper, onion

Stewed Chicken

Ginger and spring onion

‘Szechuan’ Style Chicken

Szechuan peppercorn, dried chili pepper


Hong Kong ‘Kai Lan’

Scallop, fresh mushroom


Minced pork, salted fish, chili broad bean paste in claypot

Mapo Beancurd

Plant based meat, minced mushroom, ‘Szechuan’ peppercorn

Baby Spinach

Morel mushroom, beancurd stick in rice broth

French Bean

Dried shrimp, minced mushroom, garlic

Homemade Beancurd

Wolfberries, wild mushroom with seasonal vegetable

Royal Chives

Bean sprouts, ‘you tiao’

‘Luo Han’ Vegetable

Fermented Bean Sauce in claypot

Plant Based Lion Head Ball

Winter melon ring

Rice and Noodles

Vermicelli ‘Mian Xian’ Noodle

Half Boston lobster, steamed with egg white, Chinese wine broth

’Mee Pok’ Noodle

Half Boston lobster, signature ginger, scallion

Crispy Egg Noodle

Half lobster, signature ginger, scallion, egg gravy

Crispy Egg Noodle

River prawn, signature ginger, scallion, egg gravy

Red Kojic Multigrain Rice

Lily bulb, wolfberry

Fragrant Fried Rice

Crab meat, conpoy, tobiko

Vermicelli ‘Mian Xian’ Noodle

Prawn, scallop


Imperial Bird's Nest

Double-boiled rock sugar, red dates

Double-boiled Hasma

Red dates, lotus seed, rock sugar

Chilled Cream of Avocado

Basil seed, vanilla ice cream

Chilled Mango Pudding

Mango purée, sago, pomelo

Double-boiled Almond Cream

‘Tang Yuan’

Homemade Herbal Jelly

Chilled Lemongrass Jelly

Jackfruit, cranberry

Pancake with Black Sesame Paste

Coated with white sesame
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