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Escape to serenity with soothing locally-inspired spa treatments. Stay active with a group class or challenging solo workout in the ocean-view fitness center. Find your perfect pace to recharge mind, body, and spirit during your stay at Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal.

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Folk Healing

Our spa guardian honors the traditions of curanderismo, Mexican folk healing, using rituals and herbs to heal and fortify. Begin your treatment with a welcoming foot cleansing ritual, designed to purify and prepare you for your journey.

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Moon Phase Treatment

Discovere the healing elements of the moon with a standalone 50- or 80-minute moon phase treatment. The Awakening Moon, The Nourishing Moon, The Calming Moon and The Resorting Moon heal and energize the body with natural ingredients and techniques influenced by each phase.

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Intention Treatment

Developed alongside local curanderos and shamans, the Intention includes an energy cleansing ritual, craniosacral therapy, and a Mexican folk massage. Our hand-harvested organic blends are consecrated using the energy of plants, flowers, and herbs for a holistic experience.

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The Awakening Moon

The awakening moon indicates a time for renewal and self-discovery. Prepare your senses and body for a new beginning with a seaweed and eucalyptus salt scrub that exfoliates your skin and unveils your sense of perception. Body and mind are then revitalized with a seaweed wrap and deep tissue moon massage. You will be awakened by this stimulating treatment.
110 minutes

The Nourishing Moon

The nourishing moon is the time to best direct your energy and creativity. Pamper your skin with a honey & jasmine sugar scrub, followed by a scalp massage while covered in a nourishing body wrap. The treatment concludes with a rose and jasmine massage focused on warming up the body to heal your joints and muscles.
110 minutes

The Calming Moon

The calming moon is the time to live life to its fullest. Balance mind and body throughout this journey with the calming effect of rose buds petals & brown sugar exfoliation. Next, a re- mineralizing rose mud wrap deeply hydrates the body followed by a relaxing massage.
110 minutes

The Restoring Moon

The restoring moon is the perfect time to cleanse. Cleansing treatments undertaken during this phase are more effective and will act on deeper levels. Start your cleanse with a full body exfoliation followed by a mud wrap and a lymphatic massage, detoxifying oils and pressure point techniques will release toxins and stimulate your inner organs.
110 minutes

Indigenous Herbal Detox

Enjoy a mix of potent plants of the Baja that help release toxins due to their anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Your indigenous Mexican experience begins with an herbal energy cleanse, followed by an herbal mud wrap to detox at a deep cellular level. Finally, a detoxifying massage with rosemary oil will decongest and tone your body.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

Baja Flavors

Using flavors of the Baja, enjoy a coconut scrub and mango & aloe wrap with a scalp treatment and a honey facial mask. Finish with a full body massage with pure coconut oil. This treatment removes dead skin cells, leaves your skin silky smooth and your muscles in bliss.
80 minutes

Aloe Sun Healer

Designed to help you recover from a day in the sun, our hydrating full body mask will nourish and heal the skin. Mineral-rich organic algae, luscious aloe vera gel harvested from our own grounds, and green tea extracts rich in antioxidants reduce redness and irritation to cool and soothe environmentally damaged skin.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

Water Therapy

A mind-body therapy that connects to water as the origin and essence of our health. Submerge into warm waters for a smooth and rhythmic journey of weightlessness and breath synchronicity that leads you to a meditative state of deep relaxation.
45 minutes

The Intention

Discover the magic of herbal aromatherapy and indigenous rituals in this powerful treatment that includes an energy cleansing ritual, craniosacral therapy and a Mexican folk healing massage. Our hand-harvested organic blends are selected by our therapists who use the energy of plants and herbs, to provide a holistic targeted body, mind and spirit experience. 80 minutes
80 minutes

Ancient Massage

This unique massage experience detoxes your body using elements and techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation in the Mexican culture. Lemons and herbs are used to relax, release and heal muscle tension along with ancient techniques to restore balance and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

The Art of Sound Therapy

Sound travels through the energy pathways of the meridians and the chakras to help he body to tune into its own frequency. Sound coupled with stimulation of acupressure points and massage techniques helps restore balance in your body.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

Damiana & Honey Moon

Native Baja cultures used the damiana flower to increase energy, calm the nervous system, uplift the spirit, and primarily as a powerful aphrodisiac. Especially designed for couples, your treatment starts with an herbal body scrub, followed by a hydrating honey wrap. A damiana oil massage will ease your muscles and senses in a deep state of relaxation. After your treatment has concluded, 30 minutes extra will be provided in our SPA Couple’s Suite in a beautiful romantic setting to further promote relaxation.
80 minutes

Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial

Our signature facial is a truly luxurious, organic experience. This facial includes deep cleansing, AHA exfoliation, a seaweed mask, scalp massage and a rose quartz lymphatic facial massage for an overall holistic experience. The skin is left radiant and glowing.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

Ultra Lifting Marine Facial

This facial begins releasing stress from the body with specially designed warm stones to massage the neck & shoulders. Skin’s glow and firmness are restored with active marine extracts filled with collagen boosters. A deep muscle face massage increases oxygen in facial tissue while cold jade rollers help reduce pore size and fine lines, stimulating the skin’s natural renewal capacity and resulting in luminous, healthy looking skin.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

Men’s Facial

Our anti-aging facial restores healthy skin after sun-damage, shaving, pollution, and other environmental exposures. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, and a customized mask with active ingredients rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides eliminate blocked pores for a clearer complexion. Our face, shoulder, neck and scalp massage will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

The Cure

A true antidote against the ravaging effects that our modern lifestyle has on our skin. This deep cleansing facial includes a three-step cleansing ritual with innovative enzymatic detox, steam to open and purify pores and a meticulous extraction process, revealing extraordinarily soft, clear, radiant skin.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

3D Collagen Shock

A powerful regenerative and rejuvenating treatment based on a smart combination of three types of collagen (high, medium and low weight) that exceptionally increases skin firmness. With an incredible lifting and re-densifying effect, this innovative facial improves skin density and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines while preserving optimal moisture.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

Inhibit Face Lift

Surgical alternative that infuses the skin with all the benefits of a microinjection without the neurotoxins. Provides a global rejuvenating effect on your skin: inhibits, fills, tightens and reforms. Visibly lifts your skin after just one treatment due to the innovative and highly concentrated ingredients.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

Diamond Life Infusion Ritual

Transport yourself to an ultimate state of relaxation through this exceptional sensory experience. Our Diamond Life Infusion Facial Ritual highlights the four key Biomarkers of skin age which are essential to understanding the biological age of the skin. Through invigorating microcurrent technology and scientific research this highly effective facial treatment instantly tones, lifts, and contours the face. Prevent premature aging and rejuvenate the skin through a state of optimal well-being and luxury, for a more youthful, radiant appearance.
110 minutes

New Moon

The new moon gives you the opportunity to start a new cycle. It is the perfect time to sow the seeds for your plans, understand who you are and who you aspire to become. This therapy was designed to work deep on your muscles to prepare your body for new beginnings, you will feel awakened, clear and inspired.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

Waxing Moon

This moon phase provides the best time to watch your seeds grow and keep your plans on the right track. Waxing moon therapy will work on top of the fascia warming up and opening joints to release heavy energy, helping you feel stimulated, focused and nourished.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

Full Moon

With the full moon comes the realization of our full potential; a time to harvest. This massage therapy focuses on aligning both the structure of mind and body by coordinated movements, working underneath the fascia and on top of the muscles to leave you calm, balanced and fulfilled.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

Waning Moon

Waning moon is the time to retreat, reflect and cleanse at a deeper level. This unique massage therapy works between the skin and the fascia allowing your body to release tensions and toxins through your lymphatic system to feel cleansed, restored and relieved.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

Stress Relief

A therapeutic and pain-relieving massage combination using hot stones to reduce inflammation plus deep tissue and trigger point therapy to ease all muscular tension.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

Magic Stones

Experience the magic of the Baja stones. A combination of hot volcanic and cold marble stones release deep muscle tension with a soft to medium pressure throughout your body, restoring & balancing energy.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

Deep Tissue

A therapeutic and pain-relieving massage deep tissue and trigger point therapy to ease all muscular tension.
50 minutes / 80 minutes

Tension Zone

A targeted back, shoulder & neck massage to relieve tension prone muscles in your body
25 minutes / 50 minutes

The Sea


OSEA seaweed bath treatment, OSEA black algae face mask, Undaria body polish, Undaria body oil, Organic tea, Candles


Be one with the sea during this smoothing seaweed bath, complete with a black algae facemask, body oil, and deintoxicating Undaria body polish for ultimate exfoliation. Seaweed is full of humectants that draw in moisture from the environment, and vitamin E, also great for hydrating the skin—alongside amino acids to help your skin plump up and smooth out. Soak up the soothing experience with organic tea and candles.

The Moon and Earth


Lemongrass & hybiscus bath salts, Honey & jasmine face mask, Rosemary body polish, Juniper body oil, Organic tea, Candles


Get connected with the Earth as you relax and unwind during our unique Moon and Earth soak tub ritual designed for dry and stressed skin. This candlelit plant and soil-based experience features lemongrass & hibiscus bath salts, as well as calming rosemary body polish and juniper body oil. A special honey and jasmine face mask will sooth and nourish the skin while beeswax and squalene ingredients target loss of elasticity, leaving your face feeling soft and relaxed.

The Inner Goddess


Lavender & rosemary sea bath salts, Black algae face mask, Rosemary body scrub, Lavender dry body oil, Organic tea, Candles


Pamper yourself with our special soak ritual crafted especially for your internal goddess. With fragrant lavender & rosemary bath sea salts as well as a calming rosemary body scrub, you will leave feeling rejuvenated. Top the experience with a black algae face mask and special lavender dry body oil, for the ultimate luxury indulgence.

The Lovers


Coconut and milk bath soak, Bubbly banana fruit bomb, Chocolate softening face mask, Sweet orange body polish, Strawberry, mango and melon body milk, Rose petals and candles Pastry Chef’s sweet amenity, 1/2 bottle of sparkling wine


Indulge in the romance of our Lovers Soak Ritual. The aroma of this signature soaking tub experience is made by our sparkling banana fruit bomb, and coconut and milk bath soak. Allow our Spa team to prepare your personalized bath while you sip champagne accompanied by our Pastry Chef’s sweet amenity. When you are ready, immerse in the scents of love with a chocolate face mask and sweet orange body polish, complete with rose petals and the glow of flickering candlelight.

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