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Hilton Santa Monica Hotel & Suites

Restaurant Area

Dining and drinks


Monica's is a full service restaurant and bar located in the heart of Santa Monica. Our menu is farm-to-table showcasing protein and produce locally sourced from our farmers market, emphasizing fresh ingredients and flavors from around the world.
Restaurant Area

Monica's Lounge

Monica's Lounge is the first thing guest see, it consists of innovative cocktails that pay tribute to the great classics that everyone loves. Our wine consist of both local and globally sourced wines, including our very own Monica's Beer on tap. Monica's lounge is a place both traveler and local will remember our drinks and food enough to make it a reason to come back.
Lounge Bar

Monica's Pacific Terrace

MONICA’S Pacific Terrace is an outdoor dining option and an extension to Monica's. Monica's is a farm-to-table eatery showcasing the produce and proteins from the Pacific west coast’s, pastures, sea, and gardens.
Outdoor Restaurant Dining