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St. Louis Union Station Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton

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St Union Station Grand Hall Wedding


Celebrate a picturesque wedding in a venue suffused with history, such as our grand ballroom or the Grand Hall, with its striking 3D light show. Our wedding planner will guide you through customizable packages featuring catering, special room rates for wedding guests, and a personalized webpage.

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Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
MidwaySquare Feet: 28,5602382002863119231780
Grand BallroomSquare Feet: 16,2001350001800115218710
Grand HallSquare Feet: 8,95440000600000
Regency BallroomSquare Feet: 8,1006700010005409480
Pegram RoomSquare Feet: 7,000000700000
Grand FSquare Feet: 5,400450006003606000
Regency CSquare Feet: 4,050320010845028844090
Midway SuitesSquare Feet: 3,25026907832413535993
Grand DSquare Feet: 2,7002200883001743000
Grand ESquare Feet: 2,700220003001743000
Midway Suite 5Square Feet: 2,652020001802500
Midway Suite 6Square Feet: 2,652020001802500
Midway Suite 10Square Feet: 2,53700001652200
Foyer ASquare Feet: 2,18400075000
Regency ASquare Feet: 2,02516006622512321248
Regency BSquare Feet: 2,02516006622512321248
Terminal AtriumSquare Feet: 1,920000190000
Foyer CSquare Feet: 1,800000275000
Grand ASquare Feet: 1,8002700964002644340
Grand BSquare Feet: 1,8002700964002644340
Grand CSquare Feet: 1,80027009640026443496
Midway Suite 9Square Feet: 1,645020001701000
Foyer BSquare Feet: 1,444000150000
Midway Suite 11Square Feet: 1,36502600561200
Gothic CorridorSquare Feet: 1,26470009001520
Illinois CentralSquare Feet: 1,2549030401207215335
Terminal Atrium ASquare Feet: 1,200000120000
Terminal Atrium BSquare Feet: 1,200000120000
Station Master RoomSquare Feet: 1,035870251044311530
New York CentralSquare Feet: 1,0237030401006012635
Midway Suite 7Square Feet: 9870200090500
Midway Suite 3Square Feet: 96079023954010627
Conductor RoomSquare Feet: 95080023964010728
Midway Suite 2Square Feet: 82840004820530
Midway Suite 8Square Feet: 7990200080500
Midway Suite 4Square Feet: 70073008837980
Burlington RouteSquare Feet: 651503032100457724
FriscoSquare Feet: 651503032100457724
Missouri PacificSquare Feet: 651403032100457724
Wabash CannonballSquare Feet: 5784003060355026
Colorado EagleSquare Feet: 52020004028460
Texas SpecialSquare Feet: 52020004028460
Red Caps RoomSquare Feet: 4803301040174411
Switchman RoomSquare Feet: 4803301040174411
Link RoomSquare Feet: 442181800000
Midway Suite 1Square Feet: 40040004820530
KnickerbockerSquare Feet: 384200165021450
MeteorSquare Feet: 35101600000
JeffersonianSquare Feet: 336200164021360
Midnight SpecialSquare Feet: 3060121800012
Dixie FlyerSquare Feet: 24701000000
Zephyr RocketSquare Feet: 23401200000