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Hilton Vacation Club Flamingo Beach St. Maarten

Amenities and hotel policies

Free parking

Free WiFi

Outdoor Pool

Fitness Center

Non-smoking rooms


Cancellation policies may vary depending on the rate and dates of your reservation. Please refer to your reservation confirmation to verify your cancellation policy. If you need further assistance, call the hotel directly or contact

customer service.

Alternatively, you can cancel your

reservation online.


Minimum age to register


Early checkout-fee


Late checkout-fee

$100.00 Plus 5% tax



US Dollar

Accepted credit cards

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Credit Card Authorization

All reservations must be held with a valid credit card. The credit card on file will be authorized prior to arrival for the full anticipated amount of your stay, including a security deposit of $200. After departure, any unused funds will be released to you accordingly to your credit company's policy and banks' processing of returned funds.

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