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Hilton Suzhou

YUXI Dining Hall

Dining and drinks

BACIO offers a taste of Italy, and YUXI serves regional flavors in an elegant dining room. For Chinese and Western buffet and a la carte options, head to OPEN. Beer Society is inspired by the global beer scene, while Yuan Lobby Lounge offers refreshments throughout the day.



BACIO, a “kiss” in Italian, could only be set within the romantic scenes of Suzhou, the ‘Venice of the East’. Our Italian restaurant features a traditional pizza oven and authentic methods of Italian cooking. With all-imported produce, BACIO offer star-quality steak, the freshest pizza and tantalizing pasta. An unpretentious and rustic interior with open-plan kitchen ensures appreciate the passion our chefs put into each dish.

Beer Society

Beer Society

Beer Society was imagined as a haven for global beer lovers. An amazing range of international and local brews are on show, carefully grouped by region. You can pick up a glass of your favorite beer from home or discover a new, hoppy love from China. A bar boasting a state-of-the-art AV system promises the sport experience, while live music nights guarantee your friends will have nights that become the stuff of legend!


OPEN is an all-day restaurant that fuses food cultures from the east and west. From classic Asian cuisine, western-style grills to freshly prepared seafood, every bite is a custom-made feast for the taste buds. The open plan and inventive interior design, plus a kitchen space that sparks interaction with guests creates a sophisticated yet friendly leisure ambience. Breakfast available from: 0630am -1000am (11am Sat/Sun) Lunch available from: 1130am -0200pm Dinner available from: 0530pm - 0930pm


Yuan Lobby Lounge

Come to YUAN and enjoy our leisure time. What awaits you are heavenly delights and relaxing teatime ambiance, we'll pamper you with an extensive variety of dainty refreshments, all made with premium ingredients.

YUXI Dining Hall


YUXI is a culturally rich symbol: the special seal held by the emperor of China. YUXI restaurant grants you the essence of Chinese food cultures. Lying on the coast of China, Suzhou is a land of plenty. YUXI selects only the best seasonal produce and follows the traditional wisdom of China to present classic dishes. From Jiangsu’s “Beggars’ Chicken” to Canton’s signature “Nourishing Soup”, the flavours of China are presented in an elegant family and business space. Featuring 11 Chinese-style private dining rooms Yuxi is available for lunch and dinner. Lunch available from: 1100am - 0200pm Dinner available from: 0500pm - 0930pm

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