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Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre & Spa

Conference Centre in Theatre Set Up
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Meetings and events

Our conference center has 20-foot ceilings, options for personalized decor, and individual climate controls. We also offer A/V equipment and support and catering services. Choose from a collection of indoor spaces and outdoor options including a seasonal garden.

  • Total event space
    3,251sq. m.
  • Largest room setup
    1,304sq. m.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms

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Event Space Floor Plans

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Capacity Chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.
Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Conference CentreSquare Meters: 1,3041200--11847201200-
Conference Centre I, II & IIISquare Meters: 913720--1000490910-
Conference Centre III, IV & VSquare Meters: 913720--1000490910-
Conference Centre IIISquare Meters: 522400--600290550-
Conference Centre I & IISquare Meters: 391300100120600200360100
Conference Centre III & IVSquare Meters: 391300100120600200360100
Markham BallroomSquare Meters: 382350--600250500-
Zen GardenSquare Meters: 372180--300-120-
Markham Ballroom A & BSquare Meters: 255250-7027016030060
Markham Ballroom B & CSquare Meters: 255250-7027016030060
Willow III, IV RoomSquare Meters: 245340--280220300-
Conference Centre ISquare Meters: 196130506020010018050
Conference Centre IISquare Meters: 196130506020010018050
Conference Centre IVSquare Meters: 196130506020010018050
Conference Centre VSquare Meters: 196130506020010018050
Willow IV RoomSquare Meters: 177180364420017022040
Butternut/Holly RoomSquare Meters: 13510040501508014045
Violet/Orchid RoomSquare Meters: 13510040501508014045
Markham Ballroom ASquare Meters: 12712040501858015045
Markham Ballroom BSquare Meters: 127120-501858015045
Markham Ballroom CSquare Meters: 12712040501858015045
Willow II RoomSquare Meters: 8560243480468025
Willow III RoomSquare Meters: 8560243480468025
Elm II RoomSquare Meters: 7960283090468028
Elm I RoomSquare Meters: 7660283090468028
Evergreen RoomSquare Meters: 7050202870405025
Primrose RoomSquare Meters: 7050202870407025
Butternut RoomSquare Meters: 6550202870407025
Holly RoomSquare Meters: 6550202870407025
Orchid RoomSquare Meters: 6550202870407025
Violet RoomSquare Meters: 6550202870407025
Oak II RoomSquare Meters: 6250202460305018
Jasmine RoomSquare Meters: 5640162460305018
Willow I RoomSquare Meters: 5640162460305018
Maple RoomSquare Meters: 5440182060305018
Iris BoardroomSquare Meters: 75-18-----
Trillium BoardroomSquare Meters: 75-20-----
Oak I RoomSquare Meters: 42-10-----
Mahogany BoardroomSquare Meters: 27-12-----
Conference Centre FoyerSquare Meters: 471---800---
Markham Ballroom FoyerSquare Meters: 219---250---

Corporate Events

With a dedicated conference center that holds up to 1,200 guests and can be divided into five sections, our hotel is ideal for corporate events. In-house catering and A/V teams will ensure a professional and worry-free event.
Jasmine Meeting in Square Setting

Event Catering

Our catering experts will help you plan a memorable meal for your event.
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