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Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale

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Meetings and events

Set on 13 acres, our event spaces include landscaped gardens and an outdoor pool. Meeting rooms are filled with natural light, and on-site Encore Global experts will help with your audiovisual needs.

  • Total event space
    3,184sq. m.
  • Largest room setup
    840sq. m.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms
Wedding Reception in Greenwich Room


Our wedding venues including the Graydon Hall ballroom, the Greenwich room with garden views, and an outdoor patio. We have a dedicated event staff and an executive chef to help you plan your menu.

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Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceSquareReceptionSchool RoomTheatreU-Shape
Graydon HallSquare Meters: 8406000095357610000
Graydon A-CSquare Meters: 635480007204627500
Graydon B-DSquare Meters: 635480007204327500
Compass & GreenwichSquare Meters: 52020000225000
Graydon A-BSquare Meters: 424300004802885000
Graydon B-CSquare Meters: 424360004802345000
Graydon C-DSquare Meters: 424300004802885000
Hazel McCallion BallroomSquare Meters: 4113609010847025244166
BritanniaSquare Meters: 3501800403677215635
Hazel McCallion A-CSquare Meters: 304240003541623780
Hazel McCallion B-DSquare Meters: 304240003561623780
Graydon ASquare Meters: 212120607224014425063
Graydon BSquare Meters: 212180607224014425063
Graydon CSquare Meters: 212200546624011720063
Graydon DSquare Meters: 212120607224014425063
Hazel McCallion A-BSquare Meters: 204160002311082520
Hazel McCallion B-CSquare Meters: 204360002421082520
Hazel McCallion C-DSquare Meters: 204160002371082520
Splashes PatioSquare Meters: 1981200040001600
Greenwich RoomSquare Meters: 18415000150991900
Club Studio 3Square Meters: 137110365414910816839
Club Studio 1Square Meters: 1249030481409016839
Hazel McCallion CSquare Meters: 1088030361235412630
Hazel McCallion BSquare Meters: 1048030361195412630
South Studio 3Square Meters: 10310048481307213248
Hazel McCallion ASquare Meters: 1008030361125412030
Hazel McCallion DSquare Meters: 1008030361145412630
Garden Studio 3Square Meters: 1009030481127512630
South Studio 2Square Meters: 848036421046312036
Garden Studio 1Square Meters: 78803636896310036
North Studio 6Square Meters: 7860303695366030
South Studio 1Square Meters: 78803636955410836
North Studio 1Square Meters: 7660303693368030
North Studio 10Square Meters: 7680303694649036
North Studio 2Square Meters: 7660303690368030
North Studio 3Square Meters: 7660303694368030
Club Studio 2Square Meters: 7560303086368427
North Studio 9Square Meters: 7480303690549036
Patio Studio 1Square Meters: 74803642915410836
CompassSquare Meters: 7250007536700
Patio Studio 2Square Meters: 5140183664246024
Garden Studio 2Square Meters: 434012124903012
North Studio 7Square Meters: 2920181820122515
North Studio 8Square Meters: 2920181820122515
Executive North StudioSquare Meters: 2701000000
Maestro North StudioSquare Meters: 2701000000
Executive South StudioSquare Meters: 2501000000
Maestro South StudioSquare Meters: 2501000000
Lobby BoardroomSquare Meters: 1910100216120
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