These Additional Terms and Conditions and the PICK TWO GROUP BLOCK AGREEMENT, each hereby made a part hereof (collectively, this “Agreement“) is entered into by and between the Hotel and the Group as such terms are defined in the Pick Two Group Block Agreement. All capitalized terms as used herein that are not specifically defined shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Pick Two Group Block Agreement. For the entire term of your use and occupancy of the Hotel premises during your Event, you shall comply with all of the requirements set forth herein.


• A valid credit card is required to reserve your room block. Your credit card will NOT be charged at this time.

• Each guest room in your block must be confirmed by the Cut-Off Date.

• The “Cut-Off Date” is 12:00 a.m. (midnight, hotel time) on the day that is twenty-one (21) days before the first arrival day of your room block.

• A guest room is confirmed when you or a guest attending your event secures the room with a valid credit card.

• Rooms in your block that are NOT confirmed by the Cut-Off Date will then be released for sale to others.

• To cancel your event, you must contact the hotel directly. If you cancel your event (or any rooms within your block) after the Cut-Off Date, your credit card may be charged the room rate plus applicable taxes for the first night of each cancelled room.

Room rates are non-commissionable. The Hotel will not pay any commission in connection with this Agreement.


This reservation is for the total number of rooms on the days you requested as described in the Agreement (“your room block”). You are required to provide a valid credit card to reserve your room block (the “Authorized Card”). Your attendees may later provide their own valid credit cards to pay for their own rooms. Each room in your room block must also be confirmed on or before the Cut-Off Date, or it will be released for resale to others. The “Cut-Off Date” is 12:00 a.m. (midnight, hotel time) on the day that is twenty-one (21) days before the first arrival day of your room block. After the Cut-Off Date, attendees who do not have a confirmed reservation may still request rooms based on availability and at the Hotel’s prevailing rate. If you are making this Event reservation within twenty-one (21) days of your Event, then you must confirm each room in your room block at the same time that you make the reservation.


To confirm a room within your room block, you or the guest attending your Event must secure the room with a valid credit card. Shortly after you complete this reservation, the Hotel will contact you to provide instructions as to how attendees may confirm individual room reservations. For instance, we will advise you how attendees may reserve rooms directly with the Hotel via the Internet or by contacting the Hotel’s room reservation department via a designated toll-free number. If you decide that rooms within your room block will be secured using one credit card, you must provide the Hotel a list of the names of the attendees who will occupy each room, along with the attendees’ addresses. The Hotel will not charge credit cards at the time provided to secure a room. The Hotel will only charge credit cards: (i) at check out, unless another acceptable form of payment is provided, and (ii) if cancellation damages are assessed, as described below. With the prior approval of the Hotel, you may change the credit card that is considered the “Authorized Card.”


You may cancel your entire Event (or any confirmed rooms within your room block) by contacting the Hotel directly (Sales Department) at any time on or before the Cut-Off Date, and you will not be required to pay any cancellation damages for that portion of your room block. If you cancel your Event for any reason (or any confirmed rooms within your room block) after the Cut-Off Date, or other than by contacting the Hotel directly, you authorize the Hotel to bill the Authorized Card an amount equal to the room rate plus applicable taxes for the first night of each room confirmed within your room block as “cancellation damages.” Any unoccupied rooms (e.g., no-shows) in your room block that are confirmed but not paid for either by you or your attendees will be considered cancelled after the Cut-Off Date and the Authorized Card will be charged cancellation damages accordingly. You agree that the cancellation damages represent a reasonable estimate of the Hotel’s loss in the event of cancellation of all or part of your Event. You agree to pay that amount as liquidated damages.


The Hotel may impose a porterage fee, which is a mandatory baggage handling fee that is charged for a group arrival or group departure (10 people or more arriving or departing within a common time). This fee includes groups that require pre-registration / pre-keyed arrival. These charges will be added to each attendee’s folio as an incidental charge.


Payment for room and tax and all incidental charges is due in full upon check out. Payment can be made by cash, by certified check, or credit card. Hotel accepts Master Card, Visa, Diners Club, Discover Card, American Express or JCB International.


We have the right to review and approve any advertisements or promotional materials in connection with your event that specifically reference the name of the Hotel or a name or logo owned by Hilton Worldwide, Inc.


If an individual is designated in the Agreement as the Event Planner, that person may be eligible to earn an Event Planner Bonus for a qualifying event. Only the Event Planner who is specifically named in the Agreement will be eligible for this Event Planner Bonus, unless we receive confirmation in writing signed by you or the Planner (as applicable) before the Event that some other person is to receive the Event Planner Bonus. Full details and rules regarding the Event Planner Bonus Program are available by visiting You agree to take full responsibility for determining whether disclosure of the Event Planner Bonus is required and for making such disclosure if it is required. Further, you agree to reimburse us for any fees, costs, liabilities or expenses that we incur should any person claim that disclosure was insufficient.


Due to applicable law, you may not bring alcoholic beverages into the Hotel for your Event. You must obtain our prior approval before you bring any food or non-alcoholic beverages from outside sources into our Hotel. Service fees will apply to any outside food or beverage served in our function space, regardless whether Hotel labor is required.


You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including without limitation, health and safety codes, anti-terrorism, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering laws and regulations, and fire regulations.


In addition to any other legal rights and remedies available to us under applicable laws, we may cancel your Event and the Agreement without liability under any of the following circumstances: (i) if advance payments or deposits are not paid on a timely basis; or (ii) for other reasons if we reasonably believe it is necessary to do so in order for us to comply with our obligations under applicable laws or regulations. In the event that we cancel your Event for cause as provided for under this clause, then we will be entitled to the full cancellation damages as provided in the Agreement.


The commitments made by each party will be binding on their respective successors and assigns. You not may assign the Agreement or any rights hereunder without prior written approval of Hotel. Further, the facilities contracted in the Agreement, including the meeting rooms, are for your exclusive use. You may not re-sell reservations. If we become aware of any violation of this section, we may immediately terminate the Agreement without incurring any liability to you for contracted rooms or rates and you will be responsible for any damages resulting from the cancellation as set forth herein.


Neither party shall be responsible for failure to perform the Agreement if circumstances beyond their control, including, but not limited to; acts of God, terrorist attacks in the city in which Hotel is located, or declared war in the Unites States, make it illegal or impossible for the Hotel to hold the Event. The affected party may terminate the Agreement without liability upon providing written notice to the other party within ten (10) days of any such occurrence.


This Agreement will be governed by and interpreted pursuant to the local laws of the jurisdiction where the Hotel is located. The parties agree that if any dispute arises in any way relating to or arising out of the Agreement, the arbitration or litigation of disputes will take place in the city in which the Hotel is located (or the closest available location), and the prevailing party in any arbitration or court proceeding will be entitled to recover an award of its legal fees and costs, plus pre and post judgment interest. If the Hotel retains the services of a collection agency or legal representative to assist in the collection of amounts due to the Hotel under this Agreement, you agree to reimburse Hotel for all expenses incurred by Hotel in the collection effort.


Given that each group booking opportunity is evaluated by Hotel based on numerous factors (including, but not limited to, rate and room availability, total minimum anticipated revenue, seasonal demands, etc.), for the avoidance of doubt, the terms and conditions agreed to in this Agreement by Hotel, including but not limited to the special rates and concessions described herein, are for the benefit of the Event set out in this Agreement only and cannot be used to create a binding precedent by you for future events at our Hotel or at any other hotel operating within the Hilton Worldwide portfolio of hotels.


Any amendments or changes to the arrangements described in the Agreement must be made in writing, signed by both you and us, provided, however, that your final guarantee of attendance may be made by phone. Any provision in the Agreement that is held to be illegal or unenforceable in any jurisdiction shall be ineffective to the extent of such illegality or unenforceability without invalidating the remaining provisions, and any such illegal or unenforceable provision shall be deemed to be restated to reflect as nearly as possible the original intentions of the parties in accordance with applicable law.