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4 getaways inspired by exceptional women

With these women as your vacation inspiration, good times are sure to follow. | By Takenya Hampton | March 24, 2022

It's easy to be inspired and impressed by exceptional women. We love the stories of trailblazers who set the stage for generations to come. They are an inspiration — in their respective fields, but also when it comes to travel. After all, what better way to celebrate the accomplishments of a few amazing women than with global getaways to the cities where their dreams first took flight.

Make your weekend getaway memorable by enjoying:

  • Global cuisine: Feast on delicious, diverse cuisine around the world

  • Moments from history: Explore local culture and customs with a visit to a national museum

  • Out of this world experiences: Imagine what a galactic getaway could look like with an up-close look at a space shuttle

Marie Curie: Paris

Born in Poland, Marie Curie moved to Paris when she was 24 to study at the Sorbonne. Curie, a pioneer in the study of radiation and the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, found freedom in the City of Lights.

You can pay tribute to Curie's student years by breaking bread in a Paris cafe. Try a baguette from Le Grenier à Pain Abbesses in Montmartre. The popular bakery is helmed by Djibril Bodian — the only person to have won the Grand Prix de la Baguette twice. Next, head to Mazurka, family-run Polish restaurant, where you can sample some of Curie’s hometown favorites. Bonus points for the added ambiance of traditional Polish music while you dine.

If bread isn't your jam, you can follow Marie's footsteps by visiting the Musée Curie. Head to the Fifth Arrondissement museum, located in Curie’s former laboratory and is devoted to educating visitors about radioactivity and the way it has changed medicine and other fields of research.

Mary Seacole: Jamaica

Of all the women on this list, Mary Seacole is the one for whom travel is the most fitting tribute. In a time when women typically stayed home, Mary Seacole traveled the world. She has a robust nursing career, spanning multiple wars, saving countless lives and earning the nickname “Mother Seacole”. Her work took her to the Bahamas, Haiti, Cuba and London.

Her native Jamaica, however, was always close to her heart. You can experience the country with a taste of its local cuisine — one of our favorite parts of traveling. Get a taste of delicious Jamaican jerk at Scotchies. (If you can’t make it to Jamaica, you can find locations in Georgia and New Jersey, too.)

You can also get a sense of history and learn more about Mary Seacole's era at the National Museum Jamaica. The organization's collections spans more than 2,000 years of Jamaican history and includes photographs, stone objects, Pre-Columbian artifacts and more.

Sally Ride: Los Angeles

For a getaway that’s out of this world, Los Angeles immediately comes to mind. Its inspiration is Sally Ride, a native Angeleno and the first American woman (and youngest American astronaut) to go to space.

Experience Ride’s amazing flights of fancy for yourself by shuttling around to see the “Endeavour” in person. You can get an excellent selfie with the space shuttle, while you take it all in and imagine what it would feel like to be part of such a meaningful journey.

Aside from taking in the history, the easiest way to channel your inner astronaut is eating a cookie — a DoubleTree cookie, that is. The sweet treat was the first food to be baked in space.

Frida Kahlo: Mexico City

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is celebrated worldwide for her bold use of color and masterful self-portraits. More than that, however, she is praised for the way she refused to let society or the limitations of her body dampen her spirit or ambition. As Kahlo once said, “Feet, what do I need them for if I have wings to fly.”

You can channel that same sense of release in Mexico City by checking out Coyoacán. This quiet neighborhood has become an art and historical center in Mexico City — it also happens to be where Frida Kahlo spent most of her life. Visit the artist’s home, The Blue House (La Casa Azul), now a museum, to see the surroundings that inspired Kahlo’s stunning works of art firsthand. You can also experience the painter’s trademark style through an exhibition of her dresses.

Kahlo was also known for her dinner parties in Mexico City. Your evening might not be as wild as the nights enjoyed by her guests, but we can guarantee you’ll leave happy (and full) after a feast of spicy mole (a house specialty) and enchiladas at Café de Tacuba.

From Mexico City to Jamaica, to Paris, Los Angles and beyond, with inspiring women as your compass, the opportunities for good times (and great memories) are endless.

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Takenya Hampton is a food, travel and DIY lifestyle content creator. When she isn’t writing about home improvements and family travel experiences, Hampton works as a community coach, helping women achieve their life goals.

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