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On Earth Day, ignite your wanderlust and travel responsibly

Let Earth Day jumpstart your commitment to responsible travel as you begin to dream about your next stay away.| By Sarah Orrison | April 22, 2021 (Updated April 26, 2023)

Earth Day is the perfect time to reflect on your steadfast commitment to traveling green. Travel gives 47% of Americans an appreciation of nature, according to our To New Memories survey, confirming that we marvel at our natural world when on vacation. In fact, some might say that traveling responsibly and creating memorable experiences are inextricably linked. Discover that connection for yourself by exploring stays at these innovative properties that are defining what responsible travel looks like, such as:

  • Staying under a grass rooftop that keeps you warm

  • Soaking in a high-efficiency plunge pool, nestled among native desert plants

  • Savoring fresh oysters, knowing the shells are recycled to rebuild reefs

A refreshing way to conserve water

Aren’t we all looking for a refreshed perspective after a trip? Travel helps you achieve physical, mental and intellectual well-being while also inspiring you to connect with your natural surroundings. With ever-present water challenges across the globe, we’re committed to reducing our water use intensity by 50% by 2030 as part of our Travel With Purpose strategy.

The power of water

Tap the tabs below to dip a toe in at one of these awe-inspiring Hilton properties working to conserve water in their operations.

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal

The resort’s authentic landscape utilizes a number of native desert plants that require minimal watering. Water and electricity consumption have also been greatly reduced with the hotel’s larger-capacity machines for laundry, enabling housekeeping staff to run fewer loads of laundry per day.

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Addressing climate change

The desire for unique experiences and trying new things drives us to travel. While filling up on adventure, you can also make a positive impact on the world by looking for opportunities to lower your carbon footprint and travel consciously. This takes on new life at our properties that prioritize sustainability.

Green, serene

Tap the tabs below to see beautiful, sustainable scenes of the new Hilton Garden Inn on the remote Faroe Islands.

Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands

A unique, exquisitely beautiful and modern hotel, built with sustainability in mind. Tap through these photos to see this archipelago-based property that's the epitome of Nordic beauty and comfort.

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Hilton hint

"A big focus area for Hilton's design team is sustainability. From incorporating reclaimed wood elements to eco-friendly textiles, the team is always thinking of innovative ways for our guests to Travel with Purpose at our properties." -Ashley Michaels, Hilton Team Member, Global Design

Explore more, waste less

Your passion for conscious living doesn’t have to stop when you travel. We’ve pledged to reduce our waste – including food waste – by 50% by 2030. We’re working hard to ensure the destinations where we operate can remain vibrant and resilient for generations of travelers to come.

Hotels lead the way

Get to know these industrious properties that are reducing waste.

Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel

To reduce food refuse, the hotel partners with a local nonprofit to supply leftover bread to a local brewery, which employs prisoners as part of a work release program. The brewery uses the leftover bread to create its own beer, which is then sold at the hotel.

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Sourcing responsibly

Immersing yourself in local customs, food and events is easy when responsible sourcing is seamlessly woven into your stay experience. Relish in your deserved time off with sustainably sourced dishes, art and design elements. Come away with lifelong memories and deep appreciation for a new culture.

Part of the community

Make connections with new people and cultures at one of these Hilton properties that aims to preserve and enrich the local community.

Hilton New Orleans Riverside

The world is your oyster here. The hotel has provided over 700 tons of oyster shells as part of the nation’s largest shell recycling program to rebuild coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Earth Day is the perfect time to reignite your wanderlust and set out to explore beautiful Mother Nature. We are proud to partner with our hotels and guests to protect our planet. Together, we can preserve the spectacular destinations we get to engage with for generations to come.

Sarah Orrison is a Hilton Team Member with a passion for storytelling and breakthrough creative. She is a Senior Manager on the Content Marketing team.

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