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Digital Creator Joycelynn Linh with hand in bathtub in Japan

Explore Japan with travel and lifestyle digital creator, Joycelynn Linh, aka @jlinhh

Follow along as Joycelynn Linh takes you on a rich cultural journey through Japan.

By Joycelynn Linh | November 1, 2023

With more than 20 travel guides and vlogs to her name, Joycelynn Linh is well-versed in how to tap into the best of a destination. An avid traveler since the age of 4, Linh’s adventures have taken her to more than 25 countries around the world, spanning everywhere from India and Vietnam to Portugal. Linh’s most recent travels took her to Japan where she immersed herself in the country’s rich cultural heritage and natural landscape. Some of our favorite travel recommendations from Linh include: Familiarizing yourself with Japanese customs (especially since Japan places strong importance on etiquette), such as bowing as a gesture of respect, removing your shoes before entering homes or certain establishments and understanding that tipping is not a common practice in Japan. Follow along to learn more about Linh’s experiences in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto and discover how you too can make the most of these captivating destinations.


Tsukiji Outer Market

Visit the Tsukiji Outer Market. It’s walking distance from Conrad Tokyo and is a great place to try street foods and some of the freshest sushi.


Indulge in a traditional omakase sushi dinner at Kazahana, located in Conrad Tokyo. Omakase translates to “I’ll leave it up to you,” and it’s a unique dining experience where the chef prepares a series of sushi in front of you using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Senso-ji Temple

Explore Tokyo’s oldest temple, Senso-ji Temple, located in Asakusa, an area known for its historic charm.

Shibuya Crossing

No visit to Tokyo is truly complete without experiencing the iconic Shibuya Crossing. It’s one of Tokyo's most famous landmarks and truly epitomizes the city's vibrancy. For an elevated perspective, I recommend heading to the second floor of a nearby coffee shop overlooking the crossing.


Osaka Castle

Visit Osaka Castle and take a walk through the historic grounds. You can also see beautiful cherry blossoms surrounding the park in the spring and vibrant foliage during autumn.


Explore Dotonbori at night. It’s a bustling entertainment district and a quintessential Osaka experience. While you’re there, make sure to indulge in street food, a must-try item being takoyaki (a ball-shaped snack typically filled with minced or diced octopus, green onion and pickled ginger).


Enjoy a traditional teppanyaki dinner at Kura located on the 40th floor of Conrad Osaka. Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine where a chef grills right before your eyes on a flat iron grill. The combination of the culinary experience and stunning backdrop of Osaka's skyline creates an unforgettable dining experience.

Umeda Sky Building

Visit the Umeda Sky Building during sunset to witness the city changing colors and transform as it illuminates for the night. It’s the 19th tallest building in Osaka with panoramic views of the city and one of the most popular landmarks.



Kyoto is often regarded as the cultural heart of Japan, known for its rich history, well-preserved traditions and an abundance of temples, shrines and historic districts. This city offers a deep immersion into Japanese culture. Take a stroll through Gion, a district well known for its traditional machiya houses, and a place for spotting geishas.

Fushimi Inari Taisha

Visit the iconic Fushimi Inari shrine and take a walk through thousands of vibrant vermilion torii gates. Head to the top to see beautiful views of Kyoto.


Stay at ROKU KYOTO, LXR Hotels & Resorts, a stunning retreat nestled within the Takagamine mountains and truly one of the most serene places I’ve had the pleasure of staying in. The Japanese garden, located just steps away, offers a space for guests to immerse themselves in the rich traditions of Japan.


Consider taking a Kintsugi class to learn the history of this art form. Its philosophy encapsulates the essence of accepting brokenness and finding beauty in imperfections. The Kiyomizu area is renowned for its pottery, making it an ideal place to explore this meaningful craft.

Joycelynn Linh is a New York City based lifestyle and travel content creator whose travels have taken her to 27 countries around the world. Her refined storytelling can be seen across her travel guides and vlogs via her Instagram and YouTube channel.