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March 22, 2024

If you travel often for work, you know that business travel can be hit-or-miss. From packing and airport etiquette to choosing the right place to stay and taking advantage of amenities that enhance your experience, knowing how to make the most out of your stay is crucial for a successful business trip. And no one knows that better than Kevin Morgan, the Vice President and Brand Head of Tempo by Hilton, a hospitality brand designed specifically with business travelers in mind. From thoughtful common areas to first-class amenities, Tempo hotels are built to match the pace of today’s business travelers. Not convinced? Don’t just trust us. Read on and let Morgan convince you firsthand.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and how often you travel for work?

I’m a 25-year veteran of Hilton. I started as a front desk agent at Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak [now Hilton Phoenix Resort at the Peak] and [have] lived in a number of places across the country. My career at Hilton has allowed me to work in many different departments including operations, technology, brand performance support, product management and now brand management. On the weekends you’ll find me outdoors and the nearby national park with the family and some filmmaking gear. Travel varies, but it’s probably close to two to three trips per month.

Has travel always been a part of your job? If so, how have you seen business travel change in recent years?

I’ve been traveling long enough to see some evolution. The biggest is the airlines have become more efficient with scheduling with tighter turns on airplanes. While this allows for more convenience with flights, it certainly has a ripple effect when weather and issues with planes occur, which results in much broader disruption to the system. It’s either smooth or a long delay and not much in between.

What do you hope to see from the business travel industry in the future?

More streamlined security checkpoints. We’re starting to see that with scanning of driver's licenses; however, I look forward to digital ID being introduced to more states, airports and airlines.

What are one or two travel essentials that you pack for a business trip?

Headphones: Between the reading of text messages to the noise cancellation, these magical earplugs are a must. Even if nothing is playing, the noise cancellation of just wearing them makes for a much quieter and peaceful journey.

Charger: A charger with an angled plug is the key. Often, the plugs on airplanes are worn out and the chargers that are issued with your laptop fall out. The angle on the plug seems to prevent the charger plug from falling out of the worn-down socket. Plus, the higher wattage on the charger means quicker time to juice up your devices before a flight or trip.

What’s the secret to combining business travel with leisure time?

Accepting that it’s OK to relax. When we’re traveling, our minds are often in work mode and never leave that space because we don’t have an official delineation of “disconnect” like leaving an office to go home. Take a moment for you. Your immune system and mental health will thank you for disconnecting and getting that full night's rest.

What’s a crucial component of business travel that you feel gets overlooked?

Kindness. While there is a time and place for feelings of angst with the airlines in general; just like our hotels, oftentimes the issues that garner the most frustration with travelers are completely out of the control of the airlines’ team members.

Do you have a favorite piece of travel advice that you could share with us?

Never leave a good time for a better. If you’re enjoying what you’re doing, don’t feel like you’re missing out and are obligated to move on to something else. The better time is rarely better.

Tempo is positioned as a brand for business travelers. How does the brand enhance a business stay for guests?

Minimizing the disruption of the traveler. When we’re on the road, the conveniences of home are difficult to find. From the gym experience complete with a Smith machine to the healthy and indulgent menu that we’ve created in partnership with Bluestone Lane, we have travelers covered to help maintain their routines on the road. And let us not forget about the Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom mirror so you can keep up with your morning podcast or the salon quality Parlux hair dryer so those who need it can free up a little extra space in their luggage. We’ve looked at what’s most important to the modern traveler and inserted the little things that matter most to minimize that disruption.

Based on your personal experience, do you have any additional insider tips or advice to share when traveling for work?

Drink water on airplanes; avoid the fizzy stuff. The dry air and on-the-go [pace] with traveling take a toll on your system.

How can Hilton Honors/reward programs help to make traveling for work more convenient and seamless?

Digital key and digital check-in are a game changer, if you’re not using them, you should be. Just a couple taps on your phone and you’re all set. No more forgetting that plastic key in the room.

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