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The best relaxing getaways to plan after the holidays

If the holiday season leaves you needing a little downtime, these warm weather getaways are sure to reinvigorate your winter. | By Montoya Hudson | October 29, 2021

Spending the holidays with family can bring incomparable joy and everlasting memories. But once the season of menu planning, hosting, and gathering ends, it can also leave you in need of a recharge. Get the rejuvenation you need by taking a relaxing vacation after the holidays at one of these top warm weather winter travel destinations.

Relax and recharge with these post-holiday respites:

  • Let someone else do the cooking: Sample Cuban cuisine and drinks on a food tasting tour in Little Havana

  • Let loose: If a night out is your favorite way to relax, escape with out-of-this-world nightlife in Cancun

  • Sweat your cares away: Enter a Mexican temazcal while in Tulum, Mexico and leave feeling completely rejuvenated

Miami, FL

Decompress after the holidays by spending some time in Miami, FL. With its white sandy beaches, distinct coastal vibe and excellent cuisine, the city is the perfect winter travel destination for chic relaxation.

Nothing soothes the soul like food and companies like Miami Culinary Tours take the stress out of planning the menu. Get a taste of the city’s culture by taking a food tour through historic Little Havana. Just show up and let them guide you through the neighborhood while sipping a sugarcane mojito and sampling food from a few favorite local eateries.

Take a peaceful stroll through the jaw dropping grounds of the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. The unique Italian architecture combined with the expansive European style gardens serves a scenic escape within the city.

You'll find serenity in the sun at Bal Harbor Beach. It isn’t as popular as the larger beaches like South Beach so you can enjoy its manicured shores and turquoise waters in peace. While you’re in the area, indulge in some retail therapy at upscale shops like Fendi, Tom Ford, and Neiman Marcus. You can even get in a few rounds on the greens of one of their expansive golf courses or observe some of the best artwork in the world through their Bal Harbour Museum Art Access Program.

Cancun, Mexico

If the holidays have left you stressed and tired, a stay in Cancun, Mexico will help you let your hair down and feel reenergized. Hear great music, meet new friends and dance your cares away with Cancun’s one-of-a-kind nightlife scene. You can experience some of their most exciting night clubs like Coco Bongo and Mandala Cancun with their live performances, balloon drops and extraordinary music. These venues guarantee a good time and are the perfect winter travel destination to let your hair down after the holidays.

Cancun may be known for its lavish nightlife but quieter forms of rest and relaxation are available there too. Take a reprieve from catering to your family by letting someone cater to you at an all-inclusive hotel like the Hilton Cancun. Chill poolside at one of their two pools with your favorite beverage or receive impeccable service while dining at one of their 12 restaurants.

Take advantage of Cancun’s idyllic beaches and let the relaxing breeze release your post-holiday woes. Choose one of the city’s quieter beaches like Playa Delfines to bathe in the sun while listening to the tide come in and taking in panoramic views of the city.

Los Cabos, Mexico

If your idea of unwinding includes sand, surf, and sun, then a getaway to Los Cabos, Mexico is the perfect winter travel destination for you. The beaches here aren’t known for swimming, but offer plenty of other opportunities to relax.

Decompress from the holidays while sailing across the cobalt waters of Cabo with a tour company like Cabo Adventures. Feel the ocean breeze across your face, snorkel with the fish, or simply lounge on the deck with your beverage of choice. You can kick the relaxation up a notch by longboarding across the rolling sea waves. If you'd rather stay on land, potential shore excursions include horseback, camel or ATV riding.

The opportunities for respite extend into the city of Los Cabos too. Spend a quiet afternoon perusing the local art scene in the city’s Art District with artwork you won’t find anywhere else. Indulge in an exuberant meal at Restaurant Cocina de Autor, the only restaurant in the city with a Michelin-starred chef. There are also luxurious spa treatments on offer at wellness centers like Eforea where they use local ingredients and native rituals for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Tulum, Mexico

Fully embrace the spirit of restoration with a soothing getaway to Tulum, Mexico. From its naturally occurring healing waters to its holistic tranquility techniques, the city embodies the meaning of relaxation and is a great place to unwind.

Tulum takes traditional spa visits up a notch with unique healing centers that focus on mind, body and soul. Just down the coast from Conrad Tulum you can experience the essence of organic healing at places like Yaan Healing Sanctuary where you will be immersed in relaxation treatments indigenous to the area. Perform Tibetan meditation chants while overlooking the jungle canopy of Tulum, undergo internal cleansing with sanctified water therapy, and purge impurities in a temazcal (or sweat lodge) led by a shaman leader for a spiritual rebirth.

You can explore the natural waters of Tulum with a dip in the aquamarine cenotes of the area like Dos Ojos. Dive or snorkel for marine wildlife or simply float your cares away atop the water. Coat yourself in the healing mud of the land at Laguna Kaan Luum. The yellow earth from which the lagoon was named is said to heal the spirit and bring beauty inside and out. Indulge in ocean therapy with a dip in the warm waters of beaches like Las Palmas. Rent a kayak, go snorkeling, or simply do nothing at all during a relaxing visit to the beach.

If water doesn't relax you, you can coat yourself in the healing mud of the land at Laguna Kaan Luum. The yellow earth from which the lagoon was named is said to heal the spirit and bring beauty inside and out.

Make your next travel memory

From tranquil beaches to jaw-dropping golf greens, these relaxing destinations are perfect for a post-holiday getaway. Whichever city you choose will end your winter season with a smile on your face and priceless memories.

Recharge & Refresh

Montoya Hudson is the founder of the popular blog, The Spring Break Family. She loves to share tips on travel, health and all things related to the family.

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