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My 9 Things: What I packed for Dallas Pride

Hilton social media community manager Dannii Ceniceros shares his nine essential items for an epic Dallas Pride weekend. | By Dannii Ceniceros | May 31, 2022 (Updated March 2, 2023)

When he isn’t collaborating on new ways to amplify our brands or analyzing data storytelling, Hilton’s resident social media maven Dannii Ceniceros is committed to inspiring LGBTQ youth to be proud of themselves. It’s no surprise then, that attending the Dallas Pride Parade and Festival is always a given for Dannii.

Says Dannii, “Attending [Pride] is important to me because of representation. While LGBTQ acceptance has progressed, there are many young people who may still be closeted... I think for many the parade is a haven, a chance to escape and be safe with their own community. Even more than visibility, though, [Pride] is about understanding and learning about intersectionality within the community. I think the more we’re aware that we all have different experiences, the more we’ll be able to learn, grow and lift each other in times of need.”

We couldn’t agree more, which was why we were thrilled when Dannii graciously allowed us to share in his Pride 2022 experience. Follow along and learn what Dannii packed for a jam-packed weekend at Dallas Pride, as told to Hilton:


Rain or shine, you need a cool pair of shades for any Pride celebration. I always make sure to bring my rectangular frames wherever I go — remember, YOU are the main character, bestie.

Rainbow shirt

Okay, for me, personally, nothing says Pride better than a good rainbow shirt. This — plus all the glitter in the world — equals an absolute Pride festival staple.

White platforms

I love a good platform shoe. These give me some extra height and are also comfortable — a must at Pride events. Plus, they match with every fit possible!

Hand fan

You better clack that fan during Pride weekend! It’s a must, especially for dramatic group photos or just to keep cool (after all, we’re in Texas). #ShantayYouStay

Jean jacket prop

This is possibly my favorite jean jacket in existence. You’re probably thinking, “Isn’t it going to be exhaustingly warm?” and the answer is most likely, “Yes!” But I always pack it in my bag just in case — you never know what kind of weather or photo ops may take place!

Rainbow watch

My rainbow watch is a must! Why, you ask? 1. You won’t lose track of time, and 2. You can keep track of your calorie loss. We love a win-win!


If I’m going with a group of friends, odds are people are bound to say, “Dannii, can you hold this for me?” That’s where my handy backpack comes in! This rainbow one is my absolute favorite and is a must, especially for LGBTQ+ activities (or any, to be honest).

Rainbow earrings

Pride month or not, is a look complete without a statement earring? These get compliments wherever I go, and they’re just so cute.


If there’s one accessory I can’t live without, it’s rings — no really, I wear them every day. Best believe these bad boys always come with me to Pride, period!

Dannii Ceniceros is a social media community manager with Hilton. A proud Latino digital creator who uses his voice to help fellow LGBTQ+ youth find their truth, Dannii credits his parents and siblings for helping him become the person he is today.