Frequently Asked Questions

Points & Money Rewards™

1. What is the new, flexible Points & Money Rewards™ payment slider?

Our new and improved Points & Money Rewards™ perk allows Members to choose nearly any combination of Points and money using a slider. Hilton Honors Members have even more flexibility and control to choose their preferred combination of Points and money, to pay for any hotel stay at more than 4,900 properties. They can still redeem a reward night using only Points, or redeem Points & Money Rewards™ in increments of 1,000 Points, starting at 5,000 Points.

2. Why did Hilton Honors change Points & Money Rewards™?

This benefit was designed based on feedback from our Members, as well as comprehensive research and user experience testing. It was designed to be simple to use and proved value to the Member by giving them more choices in redeeming their Points and booking their travel. Our program benefits and the ways that Members previously booked hotels - like using only Points for a reward night – are still available.

3. How do I plan for my next trip if the number of Points is variable?

As the Points price can flex depending on the hotel and date, you can search future time periods to quickly get a sense of typical redemption requirements. With the new payment slider, you’re able to determine your preferred combination of Points and money. Plus, if you don’t have enough Points for the number of nights you’d like to stay, you’ll be able to use Points & Money Rewards™ to find the combination that is right for you.

4. Can I still get a reward night?

Yes. You can still book reward nights using only Points. This benefit is simply an additional way you can enjoy your Points.

5. Can I use this tool when booking at any Hilton hotel around the world?

The Points & Money Rewards™ slider can be used to make reservations at more than 4,900 Hilton properties around the world. At this time, the slider tool is not available when booking a stay at our Hampton Inn hotels in Mainland China.

6. How often will the Points price change?

Just as hotel room rates fluctuate, the number of Points required for a reward stay may vary in real time as well. With this change, we’re able to offer our Members lower Points prices during many off-peak periods.

7. Do Points & Money Rewards™ change how I earn and receive my Hilton Honors elite status and benefits?

As before, Members will still achieve Hilton Honors status through stays, nights, or Hilton Honors Base Points. All Points & Money Rewards™ stays and nights will continue to count towards the achievement of Hilton Honors status. Base Points are earned on the money portion spent on a stay, but are not earned on Points redeemed. Members with elite status will continue to receive their elite benefits on all Points & Money Rewards™ stays.

8. How does the new Points & Money Rewards™ benefit work? Where do Hilton Honors Members go to use it?

Hilton Honors Members can book a stay using the new Points & Money Rewards™ slider by visiting, a specific hotel’s website, the Hilton Honors app, or by calling our dedicated customer care center at 1-800-4-HONORS. Once a Member selects their dates and room options, they will be able to use the slider tool to determine the combination of Points and money they’d like to use. The slider can be used in increments of 1,000 Points, starting at 5,000 Points.

9. In what increments can Points and money be used with the flexible payment slider?

Hilton Honors Members can use Points and money in increments of 1,000 Points, starting at 5,000 Points. The money amount will vary based on how many Points are selected.

10. When will Members be able to use the flexible payment slider and the other new benefits?

The slider tool will become available in late February 2017.

11. What is changing about Hilton Honors award redemptions? Will it now cost me more Points to redeem?

While a reward night can still be booked the same way it always has been, we’re now introducing a Points slider to give our Members more flexibility to use nearly any combination of Points and money. In addition, the pricing of award redemptions is now more flexible. That means when our hotel rates are lower – during off-peak periods, for instance – our Point redemption price can go lower than before. Additionally, we are currently using the hotel’s peak redemption price from the old model as the continued maximum threshold for redemptions using Points & Money Rewards™. For example, a Category 10 previously topped out at 95,000 Points, and in late February 2017, those hotels will still not require any more Points than that.

12. What’s happening to hotel categories with the rollout of slider?

The pricing of award nights now flexes depending on the hotel, the level of daily demand, and the room rate. As a result, when our hotel rates are lower – during off-peak periods, for instance – our Points prices can also be lower than before.

13. Will the slider be available on the auction platform?

For now, the slider is only available for room night award redemptions.

14. Does this affect the reservations I made before the launch that occur on a date after the launch? What happens if I change/cancel/re-book a reservation after this has launched?

All reservations made prior to late February 2017 will still be honored the way they were booked. If a Member chooses to change a reward reservation after the launch, the Points price of the stay will be subject to the latest rates.

15. Is this available on all dates at all Hilton locations?

Beginning late February 2017, Hilton Honors Members can use the slider tool at more than 4,900 properties within the Hilton portfolio, available anytime with no blackout dates.

16. Am I able to use Points & Money Rewards™ to book through travel agents or online travel agents?

This benefit, along with many others like free Wi-Fi and an exclusive Member discount, can only be accessed when booking directly through Hilton channels. Beginning late February 2017 Hilton Honors Members can use the Points & Money Rewards™ slider tool on, Hilton brand sites, Hilton’s call center, and the award-winning Hilton Honors app.

17. Does the new offering affect how Members earn Hilton Honors Points?

Members will still earn the same number of Hilton Honors Points as before based on the hotel brand and the Member’s tier. In addition, Members will be able to earn Points for the money portion paid on stays when using Points & Money Rewards™.

18. How will I know how many Points I have left in my account when using the slider tool?

The total number of Points available in your account can be viewed by logging in on and visiting the Account Overview page. If you don’t have enough Points in your account while booking a stay using the slider tool, you will be given the option to purchase more.

19. How does Hilton determine the combination of Points and money for the slider tool?

Redemptions are the same value across the full range of the slider -- Points are always consistent, and so is money. The slider is simply a tool created to provide our Members with more flexibility when choosing how many Points versus the money they would like to put towards their stay. For example, if a hotel room costs $100 a night or 20,000 Points and you slide to use 50% dollars and 50% Points, it will cost $50 and 10,000 Points.

20. How will I know if full redemption or Points & Money Rewards™ is a better deal?

As a Hilton Honors Member, you’ll always have the option to book with all Points, with Points & Money Rewards™ or just with money. You can compare the options before you book to see what works best for you. It’s also important to note we’ve set up Points & Money Rewards™ so it unlocks the same value per Point as an all-Points redemption.

21. How many Points does it cost to redeem a reward night?

We invite Members to visit and our Hilton Honors app to check reward night pricing and try the slider starting in late February 2017.

22. Can the Points & Money Rewards™ flexible payment slider be used to book all types of rooms?

Yes, the slider can be used to book all types of rooms from standard rooms to suites.

23. Can I modify or change a reservation made using Points & Money Rewards™? If the price changes since I originally booked my stay, will my rate change?

Reservations made using Points & Money Rewards™ can be changed as long as they fall within the specified cancellation policy. If a Member chooses to change a reward reservation after the launch, the Points price of the stay will be subject to the latest rates.

24. Where are Upgrade Rewards?

Upgrade Rewards have been merged into Points & Money Rewards™. With the Points & Money Rewards™ slider, Members are still able to use Points to book upgraded room types.

25. Can I still buy Points?

Yes, you can still buy Points the same ways as before – via, on the reservation check out page or by calling our customer care department.

Points Pooling FAQs

1. What is Points Pooling?

Points Pooling will allow Hilton Honors Members to combine their Points with family and friends to book a stay. With this perk, a Member (and up to 10 others) will now be able to combine their Points. For example, if a group of friends are taking a trip together and individually don’t have enough Points to cover their entire stay, they will now be able to combine their Points, free of charge, into one account to unlock new redemption opportunities.

2. Is there a fee to participate in the Points Pooling program?

No, there is no fee to participate in Points Pooling.

3. How many people can contribute to Points Pooling?

A total of 11 Hilton Honors Members can pool their Points together. One Member initiates the pooling and up to 10 other Members can contribute.

4. Do I need to create a new "pooled" account?

No. Members can use their existing account.

5. How many Points Pools can I be in?

There is no limit on the number of pools a member can be in at a given time.

6. Can you use Pooled Points for just room rates or can it be used for non-room rewards including shopping and experiences?

Yes, once Points are pooled, they can be used for any room or non-room reward product, including the experiences available on the Hilton Honors auction platform, Hilton Honors Shopping Mall and any other non-room reward products.

7. Can you combine Pooled Points with money?

Once Points are pooled they can be used for any room reward product, including a Points & Money Rewards™ reward reservation.

8. What is the minimum/maximum number of Points that can be pooled?

A Member can transfer a minimum of 1,000 Points and a maximum of 500,000 Points into a pool in a calendar year. A Member can receive up to 2 million Points in a calendar year.

9. Are there particular qualifications you must meet to be able to pool Points?

To use Points Pooling, you must be an active Member, be in the program for 30 days, and have a minimum Points balance of 1,000 Points.

10. When will Points Pooling be available?

Points Pooling is now available. Start pooling your Hilton Honors Points here.

11. When will the Points be shown in the other Member’s account and be ready for use?

The transferred or pooled Points will be available for use at the time of transfer, but please allow up to 24 hours for pooled Points to show up when you log in to your account

12. Where and how do I Points Pool once I have a group of Members that want to combine Points?

All Points Pooling activities will be transacted online via

13. Where do I go to transfer my Points to the Points Pool initiator?

The Points contributor must access the transfer page through the Points Pool invitation email sent on behalf ot the Points Pool initiator.

14. What’s the difference between Points Pooling and Points Transfer?

Points Transfer is a 1:1 transaction, while Points Pooling allows for combining Hilton Honors Points with up to 10 other people (11 including yourself).

15. After I send Points to a friend for Pooling, what happens if he/she cancels the trip? How can I get my Points back?

If your friend has to cancel his/her trip, he/she can simply transfer the Points back to your account for free.

Amazon Shop with Points FAQs

1. What is Amazon Shop with Points?

Hilton Honors is joining forces with Amazon – one of the world’s largest retailers – as the first-ever hotel partner to participate in Amazon Shop with Points. Shop with Points gives Members the ability to pay for purchases of just about anything on using their Hilton Honors Points.

2. How do I use Hilton Honors Points to pay for an order?

To use Hilton Honors Points to pay for part or all of your purchase, you must first link your Hilton Honors account to your Amazon account. Once you are ready to purchase, proceed to checkout through your Shopping Cart. When you choose your payment method for the purchase, you can choose the amount of Points you wish to apply.

3. Are there any products I can't buy using Shop with Points?

With Shop with Points, you can buy millions of products on – including everything from extravagant gifts to everyday household items.

4. What is the Points to dollar ratio?

We’ll share more on this closer to launch in the spring, but we are committed to offering the best possible value for our Members.

5. Are any other hotel or airline loyalty programs offering the ability to use their program’s Points on Amazon?

No, Hilton is the first hotel partner to participate in Amazon Shop with Points.

6. Is there a fee for using Hilton Honors Points for purchases?

No. Using Hilton Honors Points on does not require a fee.

7. When will Amazon Shop with Points using Hilton Honors Points become available?

Members will be able to redeem their Hilton Honors Points for purchases on beginning in late spring of 2017.

8. How will this affect the Hilton Honors Shopping Mall?

When the Amazon partnership goes live in the spring, Hilton Honors Members will be able to purchase goods with their Points on While the Hilton Honors shopping mall will not be active in the U.S. as of this date, it will remain active in all other countries.

9. Do I need an Amazon account to participate?

Yes, you must have both Amazon and Hilton Honors accounts to participate.

10. Can I utilize this benefit if I live outside of the U.S.?

Yes, this benefit is something that can be used by all Hilton Honors Members via the site. At this time, this partnership does not apply to other Amazon sites like or If a Member outside of the U.S. chooses to use this benefit on, they should keep in mind that they will need to pay the shipping fees from the U.S. to their location.

11. Is this similar to the partnership Amazon has with credit card reward programs?

Yes, the mechanics and user experience of this partnership are very similar. Once a Member’s Amazon and Hilton Honors accounts are linked, the option to pay for purchases with Hilton Honors Points will always automatically populate during check out as long as a Member has Hilton Honors Points in their account.

Diamond Status Extension FAQs

1. What is the Diamond Status Extension benefit?

This benefit allows Hilton Honors Diamond Members who meet the criteria below to extend their Diamond status for an additional year beyond when it would have otherwise expired, should they be unable to qualify for any reason.

2. Who is eligible for the new Diamond benefit?

Members who meet the following criteria are eligible for the new Diamond benefit: Must currently be a Diamond Member that has earned Diamond status for at least 3 years, however, the years do not need to be consecutive AND have completed stays totaling at least 250 nights, paid or reward OR have accumulated 500,000 Base Points or more since joining Hilton Honors. Essentially, there are two (2) combinations that will qualify a Member for the New Diamond Benefit:3+ years at Diamond, currently at Diamond with at least 250 lifetime nights (paid or reward) 3+ years at Diamond, currently at Diamond with at least 500,000 lifetime Base Points Please note, this benefit is valid once throughout the lifetime of the Hilton Honors account.

3. Do Bonus Points count towards achieving the criteria?

No, similar to the criteria for achieving Diamond status, only base points are eligible. Points earned via bonuses, promotions and/or co-branded credit cards do not count toward meeting the criteria.

4. How many times can I use this benefit?

Qualifying Members may enact this benefit once throughout the lifetime of their membership.

5. Am I eligible if I previously had Diamond status?

To take advantage of this benefit, a Member must meet the criteria and currently be a Diamond Member.

6. Does the Diamond Status Extension benefit count towards my Lifetime Diamond requirements?

Yes, all qualifying activity achieved during the Diamond Status Extension period will count towards the requirements for achieving Lifetime Diamond.

7. If I did a status match, does that year of Diamond status count towards this benefit?

Yes, any time-period in which a member held Diamond status will count in regards towards eligibility of the Diamond Status Extension benefit.

8. How long does the Diamond status granted by this benefit last?

If a Member elects to use this benefit, their Diamond status extends for one additional year beyond when it would have otherwise expired.

9. What happens at the end of the status year when I have applied this benefit?

Upon conclusion of the extension, members will need to complete the requirements to maintain Diamond status pursuant to the standard Hilton Honors Terms & Conditions. If Diamond qualifications are not met, members will be placed in the appropriate tier pursuant to the standard Hilton Honors Terms & Conditions.

10. When can members take advantage of this benefit?

The submission timeframe runs from February through March 28 before a Member’s status is updated on April 1st in accordance with their qualifying activity from the previous year. Outside of this submission timeframe, members can fill out a form through (link) to request an email reminder to inform them of their eligibility; if eligible, the email will invite members to submit the extension request during the subsequent submission timeframe. Members who qualify and wish to use the benefit can click here for more information. Members can also call 1-800-4HONORS or visit this link to contact us with any questions on how to use this benefit.

11. How do I find my program-to-date years at Diamond, nights and base points?

Members who wish to know their program-to-date years at Diamond, nights, and base points can call 1-800-4HONORS or visit this link to contact us.

12. What if I decide that I want to save this benefit for a later time, but I have already elected to use my one-time extension?

Once a Member elects to use this one-time offer and the extension is processed, this action is considered non-reversible and final. Please determine the best time to use this benefit according to your personal travel situation before submitting your request through the online form or by telephone. Remember, you can only use your Diamond Status Extension once, so use it when you really need it.