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Canopy by Hilton Atlanta Midtown

Xhibit Studio Kitchen & Bar with Tables, Chairs, and Room Technology

Dining and drinks

Xhibit Studio Kitchen & Bar offers breakfast and all-day dining cooked with fresh local produce. Our cuisine, varied drinks selection, and décor are inspired by the local arts community.

Artisanal Breakfast Area with Meat and Fruits on Counter

Xhibit Studio Kitchen & Bar

Enjoy authentic cuisine made from fresh local ingredients for breakfast and dinner daily. In the evening, you can find great cocktails, wine and craft beers. Inspired by local culture, the menu will tantalize the senses with eclectic simplicity. Try our specialties including Shrimp & Grits, Southern Buttermilk Pie and a selection of local cheese, beer and wines. Art is the inspiration for Xhibit Studio Kitchen & Bar with local art highlighted throughout our food and beverage offerings.

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