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Hilton Taizhou

Hotel Dining Area

Dining and drinks


Zhejiang cuisine originates from the rich eastern province of Zhejiang, known for its elegance in flavours. Celebrating fresh ingredients, the restaurant offers a seafood zone where guests can take their pick of the freshest catch on the market and choose the style of cooking. Open for lunch and dinner during weekdays, ARCH aims to provide sophisticated delicacies made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. On weekends, ARCH will serve dim sum brunch paired with premium tea or wine selection.
Hotel Restaurant Entrance


Welcoming guests into the warm and relaxing space, HE aspires to create a stylish and interactive venue for all occasions. Savor a coffee in the morning, enjoy a light lunch and unwind with an afternoon tea or after work drinks. Relax in the comfortable lounge setting with direct connection to the main dining area – HUAN.
Hotel Lobby Lounge


Open throughout the day, HUAN celebrates the art of dining with an array of international dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
Hotel Dining Area
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