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DoubleTree by Hilton Quzhou

Private Dining Room with Round Table and Lounge Seating

Dining and drinks

Lobby Lounge Area

Cha-hua Lounge

The lounge is a traditional tea house with a modern twist. The space is inspired by the spring blossoms with transition into a modern secre garden, an area where guest can feel at home. Cha-hua Lounge transforms from day to night where guests. A signature of the lounge is the sweet Osmanthus tea infused drink that extends to cakes and hot dishes. Also, offering guests fresh pastries, local snacks and a selection of classic lounge menu items. The perfect meeting space for socializing and also afternoon tea. In the evening guests can enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages and light snacks.

Grill Pot Specialty Restaurant


Fresh produce displayed for all guests to see, touch and smell; where sounds merge together and create a beautiful symphony of chatter and food. Organic materials are used in the space to create warmth with ambient lighting creating a focal point on key displays. Warm tones of color are used to symbolize home and a sense of belonging. A casual dining space fit for all, an interactive experience. Unique menu items include Mushroom served in soil / on wood, with a pair of traditional scissors, seafood paste served in bamboo holders and carved whole abalone in shell. Platters are served in assortment of meat / seafood /vegetables and comes in sizes of personal platter or sharing platter (for 4 persons) These platters are suitable for both hotpot and grill. Marinated meat and vegetables as signature gri

 Qingya Chinese Restaurant


A Chinese Garden was a place where joyous celebrations were held, however in this particular garden - ‘The Scholar Garden,’ the mastery of the 4 arts: The Zither, Painting, Calligraphy and the game of Wei Qi was encouraged as this garden inspired creativity. This is what then inspired our Hilton Worldwide Chinese Restaurant Qing Ya. The signature of Qing Ya is the bronze sculpture of a Pen Zai tree which welcomes guests to the restaurant. A second signature of Qing Ya is the art of tea. e serve Cantonese and local food in Qingya. The signature dish will be the Peking Duck and 10 mandatory Qing Ya specialties which include: • Monk Jumps Over the Wall • Bird’s Next Crabmeat & Roe • King Prawn Hot Plate • Sautéed Pomfret Prepared in Two Ways • Free Range Egg with Scallop and Crabmeat • Deep-Fried Chicken with Ham & Walnuts • Sweet & Sour Pork with Candied Hawthorn • Duo of Cantonese Style Steamed Pork • Beef with Ginger & Spring Onions • Braised Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Mushrooms.

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