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Embassy Suites by Hilton Hampton Convention Center

Ballroom Classroom
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Meetings and events

Our hotel is connected to the Hampton Roads Convention Center offering 35 event spaces including three exhibit halls and a multi-configurable grand ballroom. All of our meeting rooms have business center access, A/V equipment, and on-site planners.

  • Total event space
    161,974sq. ft.
  • Largest room setup
    102,600sq. ft.
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guest rooms

Capacity chart

Chart displays number of guests per room layout.

Event Room NameBanquetConferenceReceptionSchool RoomTheatre
Grand BallroomSquare Feet: 28,0781860-389013902790
Grand Ballroom A,B,C,DSquare Feet: 16,2631070-21508001600
Grand Ballroom A, B, CSquare Feet: 11,815720-14505901180
Grand Ballroom E, F, GSquare Feet: 11,815720-14505901180
Chesapeake Conference RoomsSquare Feet: 7,080460-990340690
Grand Ballroom ASquare Feet: 5,950360-770290590
Grand Ballroom GSquare Feet: 5,950360-770290590
Chesapeake Conference Rooms A, B, CSquare Feet: 5,369340-710260520
Chesapeake Conference Rooms B, C, DSquare Feet: 5,25114-710260520
Grand Ballroom DSquare Feet: 4,448150----
Chesapeake Conference Rooms A & BSquare Feet: 3,599230-460170340
Chesapeake Conference Rooms B & CSquare Feet: 3,540230-460170340
Chesapeake Conference Rooms C & DSquare Feet: 3,481230-460170340
Grand Ballroom FSquare Feet: 3,010180-350140290
Grand Ballroom BSquare Feet: 2,940180-350140290
Grand Ballroom CSquare Feet: 2,940180-350140290
Grand Ballroom ESquare Feet: 2,940180-350140290
Mercury BallroomSquare Feet: 2,184100----
Conference Room ASquare Feet: 1,829100----
Conference Room BSquare Feet: 1,770100----
Conference Room CSquare Feet: 1,770100----
Conference Room DSquare Feet: 1,711100----
Boardroom ASquare Feet: 720820--20
Raptor BoardroomSquare Feet: 5101010---
Boardroom BSquare Feet: 26688--20
Exhibit Hall A, B, CSquare Feet: 102,600--9900--
Exhibit Hall B & CSquare Feet: 75,420--7260--
Exhibit Hall A & BSquare Feet: 61,560--5830--
Exhibit Hall CSquare Feet: 41,040--4180--
Exhibit Hall BSquare Feet: 34,200--3300--
Exhibit Hall ASquare Feet: 27,360--2750--
Grand Ballroom F & GSquare Feet: 8,960--776--
Grand Ballroom A & BSquare Feet: 8,890--776--
Grandball Room E & FSquare Feet: 5,950--710--
Grand Ballroom B & CSquare Feet: 5,880--710--
Meeting Rooms 201 & 202Square Feet: 1,770--215--
Meeting Rooms 203 & 204Square Feet: 1,770--215--
Meeting Rooms 102 & 103Square Feet: 2,400---165-
Meeting Rooms 104 & 105Square Feet: 2,400---165-
Meeting Room 106Square Feet: 1,395---90-
Meeting Room 107Square Feet: 1,395---90-
Meeting Room 108Square Feet: 1,395---90-
Meeting Room 109Square Feet: 1,350---90-
Meeting Room 101Square Feet: 1,200---72-
Meeting Room 102Square Feet: 1,200---72-
Meeting Room 103Square Feet: 1,200---72-
Meeting Room 104Square Feet: 1,200---72-
Meeting Room 105Square Feet: 1,200---72-
Mercury Ballroom BSquare Feet: 1,092---40-
Mercury Ballroom CSquare Feet: 1,092---40-
Mercury Ballroom ASquare Feet: 1,053---40-
Meeting Room 202Square Feet: 900---50-
Meeting Room 204Square Feet: 900---50-
Meeting Room 201Square Feet: 840---50-
Meeting Room 203Square Feet: 840---50-
Meeting Room 205Square Feet: 840---50-
Meeting Room 208Square Feet: 756---40-
Meeting Room 209Square Feet: 756---40-
Meeting Room 207Square Feet: 672---32-
Meeting Room 210Square Feet: 672---32-
Meeting Room 206Square Feet: 336---16-
Meeting Room 211Square Feet: 336---16-
Meeting Rooms 106 & 107Square Feet: 2,745----296
Meeting Rooms 108 & 109Square Feet: 2,745----296


Personalize your wedding day with the guidance of our planning specialists, experienced in a range of traditions and cultures. Our packages include cake cutting, a complimentary suite for the newlyweds, and discounted room rates and free parking for the wedding party.

Small Reception

Special Events

Our planning staff are experienced in hosting elegant receptions, prom nights, birthday parties, and quinceañeras. Personalize the perfect menu for the day, and celebrate in one of our flexible function rooms, suited to events of any size.

Meeting Room