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Get on Island Time from Resorts in La Romana

White sand beaches, swaying palms and turquoise surf make La Romana an idyllic getaway destination. La Romana is also known for its many beaches, including Playa Bonita, Playa Doña Ana, Playa Caribe, Playa Los Cocos, Playa Caleta de Cataño and Playa Cayacoa. These beaches are among some of the best in all of the Dominican Republic and reachable from most resorts in La Romana!

Enjoy Culinary Delights from Top Resorts in La Romana

Foodies aren’t at a shortage for any options when staying at a resort in La Romana. The city has its own culinary history that started with the arrival of newcomers in the 16th century. Their influence on Dominican cuisine is still seen today. The most popular dish in La Romana is called "mangu", which is made out of corn flour and served with meat or seafood and interpretations are often found onsite and near resorts in La Romana.

Another must-try in La Romana is the "papa rellena", or mashed plantains stuffed with meat and vegetables. It's very filling and delicious and something to look for on the menu of any top resort in La Romana!

Explore the Art of the Islands from the Best Resorts in La Romana

If you are looking for art, La Romana is home to the National Museum of Art of the Dominican Republic. The museum hosts a variety of exhibits including paintings, sculptures, and photographs from all over the world. Also worth a visit is the Museo del Hombre Dominicano, founded in 1965 by then-President Juan Bosch Gaviño. With artifacts from pre-colonial times until today's era in order to educate people on Dominican history and culture while encouraging them to preserve their heritage. Often resorts in La Romana will feature artwork from local artists so keep an eye out!

History buffs will love the many sites to visit in La Romana. Not to be missed is the Columbus Lighthouse. This lighthouse was built by Christopher Columbus himself in 1494 and offers views of the Caribbean Sea. Another interesting historical site is Fortaleza Ozama which was constructed in 1503 by Christopher Columbus' brother Bartolomeo as part of his campaign against French pirates who were attacking Spanish ships during this time period.

When leaving your resort in La Romana if you want to escape the crowds at the beach, consider a hike through the island terrain. Keep your eyes peeled for monkeys and peacocks at Parque Municipal San Vicente Ferrer. Nearby, there are two interesting caves: Cueva de los Indios and Cueva de los Moros. These caves are open to the public, so you can explore them without any special equipment.

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